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Warren DeMontague Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-22-09 04:13 PM
Response to Reply #2
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  -"Ma'am-Gate"...Chuck DeVore calls Senator's salutation preference "liberal-military confrontation" Amerigo Vespucci  Jun-22-09 03:50 PM   #0 
  - I hope that Chuck DeVore puts his own money into the race.  Eric J in MN   Jun-22-09 03:52 PM   #1 
  - You call your boss whatever he or she tells you to. Period.  Ian David   Jun-22-09 03:56 PM   #2 
  - Why, what happened on Voyager? NT  Eric J in MN   Jun-22-09 04:05 PM   #5 
  - Her instructions were something like, "Call me Captain, or Ma'am in a pinch, but don't call me Sir"  Ian David   Jun-22-09 04:09 PM   #7 
     - Nice reference  dorkulon   Jun-22-09 04:16 PM   #13 
        - True. n/t  Ian David   Jun-22-09 04:18 PM   #15 
  - *  Warren DeMontague   Jun-22-09 04:13 PM   #11 
  - Of all the senate races I've ever seen, I can't recall ever seeing  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 04:29 PM   #20 
     - She had no way of knowing that a 16 second video of that exchange would be made...  Eric J in MN   Jun-22-09 04:38 PM   #21 
     - The multitude of cameras in the room should have been a clue. nt  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 06:05 PM   #38 
     - There are usually cameras during hearings.  Eric J in MN   Jun-23-09 11:25 AM   #81 
     - Why wouldn't she? C-Span is not exactly a secret organization. n/t  Raineyb   Jun-23-09 04:17 PM   #95 
     - Aside from your projections and misinterpretion, does it ever occur to you to support one our best  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 05:47 PM   #28 
        - As the Patrick Swayze character said in the movie "Roadhouse",  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 06:04 PM   #36 
           - Bullshit.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:08 PM   #42 
              - No, I have not been "ma'amed". But in my 28 years in the Navy I  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 06:20 PM   #46 
                 - You call your commanding officer as "Sir" or "Ma'am" as the default, unless otherwise instructed.  Selatius   Jun-22-09 06:27 PM   #53 
                 - It's difficult for some males and some military folks to expand their point of view to think  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:28 PM   #54 
                    - It is difficult for some people, male, female, military, civilian to  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 07:46 PM   #65 
                       - His attitude isn't the point. Her preference is. That's it. He dealt with it. So can everybody else.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 08:04 PM   #68 
                          - Her attitude is the point. Rather than addressing her 'preference'  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 09:07 PM   #73 
                             - The senator and the general and the people with common sense are fine with it.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 09:18 PM   #75 
                                - I thought she came across a bit too strong  MrsMatt   Jun-23-09 12:11 PM   #84 
                                   - It is helpful to "have a complete grasp of what constitutes courtesy in the" Congressional culture  omega minimo   Jun-23-09 12:37 PM   #85 
                                   - I don't think he was discourteous  MrsMatt   Jun-23-09 03:01 PM   #92 
                                      - Please try to understand IT DOES NOT MATTER if he was "discourteous"  omega minimo   Jun-23-09 03:10 PM   #93 
                                   - If you want to look like a jerk,  subcomhd   Jun-23-09 01:04 PM   #86 
                                      - Not a popular opinion. nt  Obamanaut   Jun-23-09 01:27 PM   #89 
                                      - Oh, I think it's probably pretty popular.  subcomhd   Jun-23-09 01:39 PM   #90 
                                         - Tried to warn you. But I agree with you. nt  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 01:43 PM   #106 
                                            - sometimes the outrage is downright Palinesque  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 01:48 PM   #107 
                                      - From what you're claiming, it's clear you did not watch the hearing. She was called  omega minimo   Jun-23-09 06:01 PM   #98 
                                         - and in what universe is ma'am an insult?  subcomhd   Jun-23-09 10:32 PM   #99 
                                            - Hey there dude from redneckistan!! Read the thread, there's lots of good discussion  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 12:08 AM   #100 
                                               - yes ma'am there sure is  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 11:06 AM   #101 
                                                  - and yet you still don't get the concept  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 11:17 AM   #102 
                                                     - I get the concept  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 12:06 PM   #103 
                                                     - Nope, still don't got it  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 12:07 PM   #104 
                                                     - Get What? Paleo-Feminist High Dudgeon?  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 01:59 PM   #108 
                                                     - How's the weather in Redneckistan today? Hot nuff for ya?  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 02:01 PM   #109 
  - I saw this on HuffPost  purplecat1   Jun-22-09 04:01 PM   #3 
  - Or the TITTLE, which is what she asked  nadinbrzezinski   Jun-22-09 04:04 PM   #4 
  - He was being nice. She wasn't.  dorkulon   Jun-22-09 04:12 PM   #10 
  - She didn't say it was derisive to say "ma'am," just that she prefers Senator.  Eric J in MN   Jun-22-09 04:39 PM   #22 
  - Thank you. That's it  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 05:58 PM   # 
  - If you don't see how gender enters into it, that's already a problem.  EFerrari   Jun-22-09 05:48 PM   #29 
  - Do you know if the general was  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:00 PM   #32 
     - I don't but I trust Barbara. She is not a drama queen. She's my best Senator.  EFerrari   Jun-22-09 06:11 PM   #45 
        - The ONLY one who contested the bogus Ohio vote count that reinstalled Bushco in 2004  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:26 PM   #52 
  - It doesn't have to be "derisive." She expressed her preference and her reason. Doesn't matter what  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 05:58 PM   #30 
     - I still don't get it.  dorkulon   Jun-22-09 06:09 PM   #43 
        - They are called both Senator and "Sir." I'll bet that's what the General did that day and on other  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:25 PM   #51 
           - You may be right.  dorkulon   Jun-22-09 07:07 PM   #60 
              - I'm watching it too. Very interesting, inc. that it's Army Corps, regarding delays in NOLA projects  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 08:01 PM   #67 
  - People don't get it. They don't get that bringing up a women's gender  EFerrari   Jun-22-09 04:13 PM   #12 
     - I just think this is silliness  purplecat1   Jun-22-09 05:42 PM   #25 
        - Sexism is mostly a matter of context and you were not in that room.  EFerrari   Jun-22-09 05:46 PM   #27 
        - The Brigadier General isn't the one making an issue of this  purplecat1   Jun-22-09 05:58 PM   #31 
        - That's right. The RW nutcases are. n/t  EFerrari   Jun-22-09 06:03 PM   #35 
        - .  fascisthunter   Jun-22-09 06:40 PM   #58 
        - I believe the senator from California did. It could have been done  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 07:50 PM   #66 
           - The senator from California expressed a preference  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 03:59 PM   #122 
        - He handled it better than all the stufffy sorts who don't get the concept. "Even on DU"  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:05 PM   #37 
        - #1. Please have some respect. #2 She wasn't "condescending." #3 Have some respect.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:01 PM   #33 
        - Respect and social mores dictate...  LanternWaste   Jun-22-09 06:02 PM   #34 
           - Respectfully and well put  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:06 PM   #39 
           - Your are correct  Thothmes   Jun-22-09 07:15 PM   #63 
           - But, it is not totatlly improper to...  EndersDame   Jun-22-09 08:16 PM   #70 
           - Reverends and doctors in particular are never "off work."  Maru Kitteh   Jun-23-09 01:15 PM   #87 
           - The general WAS being respectful. It was Senator Boxer who was being rude in this case.  Raineyb   Jun-23-09 04:24 PM   #96 
              - I imagine we all interpret to one extent or another...  LanternWaste   Jun-24-09 03:10 PM   #113 
              - Raineyb, she didn't scold him. "Nicer tone"? Come on. If you haven't watched the tape, it really  omega minimo   Jun-25-09 03:39 PM   #162 
  - It's different when you're one of only HOW MANY women in The Senate? n/t  Ian David   Jun-22-09 04:10 PM   #8 
  - Yes, it's uncivilized when someone who blows up stuff for a living has their speech corrected.  Warren DeMontague   Jun-22-09 04:17 PM   #14 
  - so what!  shanti   Jun-22-09 06:46 PM   #59 
  - Uh huh  bluestateguy   Jun-22-09 04:09 PM   #6 
  - What if Gen. Pataeus first winked and said, "You can call me Dave." n/t  Ian David   Jun-22-09 04:11 PM   #9 
  - Did anyone call her "Barbara"?  dorkulon   Jun-22-09 04:18 PM   #16 
  - I think this is sort of an age thing, too.  LuvNewcastle   Jun-22-09 04:25 PM   #17 
  - Goodness, but Republican teapots are prone to tempests  gratuitous   Jun-22-09 04:27 PM   #18 
  - If people think that was rude and condescending they really need to get out more.  madmom   Jun-22-09 04:29 PM   #19 
  - I watched it without the sound. She even LOOKED pleasant.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 05:45 PM   #26 
     - Barbara Bush had a pleasant demeanor when she spoke of  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 06:08 PM   #41 
        - Your snide lack of support for one of the best reps Democrats have is = your credibility.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 06:11 PM   #44 
           - See post 36 - "As the Patrick Swayze character..." nt  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 06:24 PM   #49 
  - Sucks when we make it this easy for the right to attack us  NeedleCast   Jun-22-09 04:42 PM   #23 
  - Sucks when people can't support a simple, rightful request. The RW will attack ANYTHING &you know it  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 04:48 PM   #24 
  - LOL. Like the right ever needs an occasion. n/t  EFerrari   Jun-22-09 06:07 PM   #40 
  - The general referred to Male Senators as "Senator" and to Senator Boxer as "Ma'am"  WeDidIt   Jun-22-09 07:16 PM   #64 
     - "He was a sexist mysoginistic bastard"  dorkulon   Jun-23-09 05:55 PM   #97 
  - In the military it seems like "sir/ma'am" is fine in reply to an order  bluedawg12   Jun-22-09 06:23 PM   #47 
  - In the military it seems like "sir/ma'am" is fine in reply to an order  bluedawg12   Jun-22-09 06:23 PM   #48 
  - In the marine corps  subcomhd   Jun-23-09 01:24 PM   #88 
  - When I was in the Army it was a mortal sin not to salute a passing officer.  wroberts189   Jun-22-09 06:24 PM   #50 
  - Ma'am or Sir, if delivered without an eye roll, is proper respect.  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 06:34 PM   #57 
     - I doubt she bruised the General's ego. nt  wroberts189   Jun-22-09 07:09 PM   #61 
     - "The point was to belittle the general." That's completely false. SHE HAS THE RIGHT  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 08:15 PM   #69 
        - She has the right. OK. But she didn't have the common courtesy  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 09:15 PM   #74 
           - That's not up to you.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 09:19 PM   #76 
              - Nor you. nt  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 09:36 PM   #77 
                 - You're the one making demands of her! Gotta be "right" even tho you're wrong!!  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 09:40 PM   #78 
                    - You said "That's not up to you" Response "Nor you" Not that hard  Obamanaut   Jun-22-09 10:01 PM   #79 
                       - I never said it was up to me or demanded as you did. How fucking bizarre.  omega minimo   Jun-22-09 10:20 PM   #80 
  - And if a male senator asked to be referred to as Senator...  joeybee12   Jun-22-09 06:30 PM   #55 
  - No, if it were a Democrat we would  Hello_Kitty   Jun-22-09 08:26 PM   #72 
  - did the general address the male senators as Senator or Sir?  alfredo   Jun-22-09 06:34 PM   #56 
  - Both (nt)  dorkulon   Jun-22-09 07:12 PM   #62 
  - Yes he did...  trumad   Jun-22-09 08:21 PM   #71 
     - The only correct way to address a Senator...  hayu_lol   Jun-23-09 12:08 PM   #82 
        - Actually, that is not the only correct way to address a senator. On  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 03:52 PM   #118 
  - Jim DeMint is a fool.  Arkana   Jun-23-09 12:09 PM   #83 
  - I stand by my position on a previous post.  Beacool   Jun-23-09 02:20 PM   #91 
  - .  omega minimo   Jun-23-09 03:12 PM   #94 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-24-09 12:36 PM   #105 
  - Aside from your intentionally disgusting term, the gen. called her "Madame Chair" throughout his  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 02:12 PM   #110 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-24-09 02:56 PM   #111 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-24-09 03:16 PM   #115 
  - Yeah, that's logical.  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 03:00 PM   #112 
     - Didn't say that.  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 03:14 PM   #114 
        - yes you did and you contradict yourself  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 03:46 PM   #116 
           - Fighting is stupid, esp. when you're wrong  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 06:42 PM   #151 
  - This exchange took place in the Senate, not in combat  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 03:56 PM   #119 
     - He brought up her crotch?  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 03:57 PM   #120 
     - I'm saying that bringing up a woman's gender in a public setting  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:00 PM   #123 
        - he didn't bring up her gender, again  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 04:04 PM   #125 
           - Yes, he brought up her gender when he called her "Ma'am".  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:07 PM   #126 
              - entonces  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 04:16 PM   #130 
              - You know, it's just like someone calling you "Sweetie" too many times  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:20 PM   #133 
                 - Sweety = Ma'am?  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 04:32 PM   #139 
                    - LOL. They would have had to carry him out, I think.  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:42 PM   #142 
              - If you didn't learn English until school, you write it extremely well.  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 04:19 PM   #132 
                 - I dropped out at Cal before I finished my English dissertation because the money  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:23 PM   #134 
                    - My 40 yr old daughter just earned her master's this year - one class  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 04:38 PM   #140 
                       - Good for her! Congratulations!  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:42 PM   #143 
     - Being addressed previously as 'Madame Chair' is fairly gender specific,  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 03:58 PM   #121 
        - Did she rebuke him? She asked him to call her "Senator".  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:02 PM   #124 
           - yes, it was a rebuke  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 04:08 PM   #127 
           - That's probably right. n/t  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:09 PM   #128 
           - Well, gee. Here we have a general calling a woman "ma'am" and  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 04:14 PM   #129 
              - What a pantload. LOL! The great part of this over the top crap  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:18 PM   #131 
                 - ok  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 04:29 PM   #135 
                 - Women = bullies, Men = Commanding  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:39 PM   #141 
                    - en realidad  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 04:49 PM   #144 
                       - I'm trying to think of a movie scene. But they do it all the time.  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 05:00 PM   #146 
                          - OK  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 05:05 PM   #147 
                             - My racist brother in law used to call me "our little interpreter"  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 05:07 PM   #148 
                 - One would think that a senator would be less fragile as well. Surely,  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 04:30 PM   #136 
                    - 'Way too much drama.  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 04:31 PM   #137 
                       - Thanks to you and subcomhd, I really enjoyed the last part of this  Obamanaut   Jun-24-09 05:43 PM   #149 
                          - It is refreshing to be able to just talk to other DUers.  EFerrari   Jun-24-09 06:35 PM   #150 
                          - I just noticed your Galeano quote.  subcomhd   Jun-25-09 12:14 AM   #156 
                             - If you like him, here is a great interview he just did on BookTv:  EFerrari   Jun-25-09 12:25 AM   #158 
                                - Gracias EF!  subcomhd   Jun-25-09 03:25 PM   #160 
                                   - Placer es mio. Come by the Latin America forum sometime.  EFerrari   Jun-25-09 03:33 PM   #161 
                          - you are welcome  subcomhd   Jun-25-09 12:15 AM   #157 
  - Let's see... How dare she? Who does this woman think she is? Is she trying to  Liquorice   Jun-24-09 03:52 PM   #117 
     - bingo. n/t  Fleshdancer   Jun-24-09 04:32 PM   #138 
     - Why do old school feminists love that word?  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 05:00 PM   #145 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-24-09 06:52 PM   #152 
     - And from a Palin apologist! LOL  subcomhd   Jun-24-09 07:11 PM   #154 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-24-09 07:15 PM   #155 
     - Well, I don't know anything about "old school feminists." The reason  Liquorice   Jun-25-09 01:52 AM   #159 
        - Old School wasn't a reference to your age.  subcomhd   Jun-25-09 04:22 PM   #163 
     - Good thing you used the :sarcasm:  omega minimo   Jun-24-09 06:53 PM   #153 

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