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Reply #11: I don't believe in abortion, unless the mother's life is at risk. [View All]

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Th1onein Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-11-09 10:09 PM
Response to Reply #4
11. I don't believe in abortion, unless the mother's life is at risk.
Edited on Thu Jun-11-09 10:10 PM by Th1onein
I don't believe in capital punishment, either. Or in war. For all of the same reasons. I believe that these values are consistent with how I feel about the sanctity of life.

I think that if you are going to legislate against murderer, you should legislate against abortion, except, as I said previously, when the mother's life is at risk.

However, I believe in a woman's right to use birth control, too. I think that they are two different issues.

Oh, and by the way, I am not religious in ANY way. I'm not even sure I believe in God, so that has nothing to do with these issues.
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  -Dear Anti-Choicers: Brigid  Jun-10-09 05:24 PM   #0 
  - You paint anti-choicers with a broad brush.  Th1onein   Jun-10-09 06:49 PM   #1 
  - You speak as if there are GOOD anti-choicers. A most odd allegation. Please elaborate. -nt  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   Jun-10-09 06:55 PM   #4 
  - I don't believe in abortion, unless the mother's life is at risk.  Th1onein   Jun-11-09 10:09 PM   #11 
  - Deservedly so. OP is right. Blood on their hands.  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 07:02 PM   #5 
  - No, not deservedly so.  Th1onein   Jun-11-09 10:15 PM   #13 
     - It is amazing how intolerant some liberals can be.  Fire_Medic_Dave   Jun-11-09 11:03 PM   #20 
        - It's a shame.  Th1onein   Jun-11-09 11:27 PM   #21 
  - and?  uppityperson   Jun-11-09 12:05 AM   #8 
     - And it is illogical to do so.  Th1onein   Jun-11-09 10:12 PM   #12 
        - Truth.  Dramarama   Jun-11-09 10:18 PM   #14 
        - What you write is true, I see the OP as a rant against those who are.  uppityperson   Jun-11-09 10:38 PM   #17 
  - They are forced birthers  proud2BlibKansan   Jun-10-09 06:51 PM   #2 
  - they did not win. I heard another doctor is taking over for Dr. Tiller  demigoddess   Jun-10-09 06:54 PM   #3 
  - read here  greenbriar   Jun-10-09 07:05 PM   #6 
     - .  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 11:48 PM   #7 
  - k&r  uppityperson   Jun-11-09 12:05 AM   #9 
  - The forced-birthers refuse to deal with the reality of what Dr. Tiller was doing.  Just Saying   Jun-11-09 12:16 AM   #10 
  - I am an anti-choicer, yet I think that, for the most part, Dr. Tiller was doing good work.  Th1onein   Jun-11-09 10:19 PM   #15 
  - I don't agree.  Just Saying   Jun-12-09 01:01 AM   #22 
  - Thank you, and welcome to DU  MountainLaurel   Jun-11-09 10:25 PM   #16 
     - It's heartbreaking what those women go through.  Th1onein   Jun-11-09 10:54 PM   #19 
     - I'm sorry about your friend.  Just Saying   Jun-12-09 01:10 AM   #23 
  - +1  gratuitous   Jun-11-09 10:43 PM   #18 

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