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Reply #37: Yup, no early retirement to the stud farm for Mind That Bird. [View All]

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bklyncowgirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-02-09 06:06 PM
Response to Reply #34
37. Yup, no early retirement to the stud farm for Mind That Bird.
Like Funny Cide he'll race for quite a few years barring injury.

When his racing days were over, Funny Cide's trainer kept him as a stable pony for a while. Because of back injuries that interfered with his duties as a pony he was retires last year to the Kentucky Horse Park where he's spoiled by visitors.

I envision a similar future for Mind that Bird.
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  -"RIDERS UP!" A HERETIC I AM  May-02-09 05:12 PM   #0 
  - COME ON, GENERAL QUARTERS. (lump in my throat now)  Booster   May-02-09 05:14 PM   #1 
  - I'll echo your sentiment for a safe race.  MissB   May-02-09 05:15 PM   #2 
  - Sloppy track, grey sky, scratching favorite  elleng   May-02-09 05:18 PM   #3 
  - RIght here watching  malaise   May-02-09 05:19 PM   #4 
  - Happy Derby Day!  kywildcat   May-02-09 05:25 PM   #5 
  - they're off !!!!  spanone   May-02-09 05:27 PM   #6 
  - ANNND They're off!  A HERETIC I AM   May-02-09 05:29 PM   #7 
  - Yaaahooo! The fifty-to-one shot wins it!  A HERETIC I AM   May-02-09 05:32 PM   #12 
  - c'Mon Hold Me Back!!!  Debi   May-02-09 05:30 PM   #8 
  - Mine that Bird  malaise   May-02-09 05:31 PM   #9 
     - Not for anyone who bet on him!  Debi   May-02-09 06:06 PM   #38 
  - 50 to 1 longshot  merh   May-02-09 05:32 PM   #10 
  - I'm always so happy when an under-horse wins!  spiderpig   May-02-09 05:34 PM   #13 
     - Here you go  merh   May-02-09 05:39 PM   #21 
        - Thanks, merh! I'm a total ignoramus when it comes to horse racing  spiderpig   May-02-09 05:51 PM   #27 
           - I just got teary eyed when the current horse trainer took the time  merh   May-02-09 05:57 PM   #31 
              - You're not alone being weepy.  spiderpig   May-02-09 06:02 PM   #35 
                 - The trainer is just a good guy  merh   May-02-09 06:07 PM   #39 
                    - Me too. And Sam Shepard can play him in the movie!  spiderpig   May-02-09 06:24 PM   #41 
                       - Isn't Sam Shepard too old  merh   May-02-09 06:27 PM   #44 
                          - You''re right. Sam's older than I am!  spiderpig   May-02-09 06:38 PM   #45 
                             - Clooney could pull it off  merh   May-02-09 06:44 PM   #46 
  - That was amazing!  Glimmer of Hope   May-02-09 05:32 PM   #11 
  - They won both the Oaks and the Derby  malaise   May-02-09 05:34 PM   #14 
     - Love the fact that it's sort of a Cinderella story...  A HERETIC I AM   May-02-09 05:36 PM   #18 
     - Really sweet  malaise   May-02-09 05:38 PM   #20 
     - Not bad for a $9,500 horse.  Glimmer of Hope   May-02-09 05:36 PM   #19 
  - i love an upset like this!!!!!!!!!!!  spanone   May-02-09 05:35 PM   #15 
  - 50 TO 1 - DAMN.  Booster   May-02-09 05:35 PM   #16 
  - That is the same jockey that rode the filly that was on Rachel's show last night  kentuck   May-02-09 05:36 PM   #17 
  - Yep - Oaks and Derby  malaise   May-02-09 05:40 PM   #22 
  - That's the happiest jockey I've ever seen. No pretense with him. What a kick!  TahitiNut   May-02-09 06:04 PM   #36 
     - Dang - this whole event made my day. My week!  spiderpig   May-02-09 06:25 PM   #43 
     - Gotta root for Calvin's ride, no matter who it is  havocmom   May-02-09 06:55 PM   #47 
  - He's a GELDING!!!  elleng   May-02-09 05:41 PM   #23 
  - Did you see that rerun, ALL ALONG THE RAIL!  elleng   May-02-09 05:48 PM   #24 
  - That was Calvin Bo Rail!  bklyncowgirl   May-02-09 05:57 PM   #32 
  - I had a vasectomy!  panader0   May-02-09 05:49 PM   #25 
  - LOL Saddle up!  havocmom   May-02-09 06:56 PM   #48 
  - Can you imagine the millions in stud fees they'll lose out on?  TahitiNut   May-02-09 06:01 PM   #34 
     - Yup, no early retirement to the stud farm for Mind That Bird.  bklyncowgirl   May-02-09 06:06 PM   #37 
  - WOW. On the overhead replay, it looked like that horse had another gear...  A HERETIC I AM   May-02-09 05:49 PM   #26 
  - Yeah those other horses were backing up. Great race! nt  bklyncowgirl   May-02-09 06:08 PM   #40 
  - Holy Shit! $9,000 horse. Trainer drove him himself from New Mexico to Kentucky.  bklyncowgirl   May-02-09 05:53 PM   #28 
  - Incredible story!  Elwood P Dowd   May-02-09 05:57 PM   #30 
  - That's while I still love horse racing.  bklyncowgirl   May-02-09 06:01 PM   #33 
  - With a trainer with a broken ankle  malaise   May-02-09 06:25 PM   #42 
  - Good and decent...  Cirque du So-What   May-02-09 05:55 PM   #29 
  - It always makes me think of Hunter S. Thompson.  Forkboy   May-02-09 06:57 PM   #49 
  - My husband picked Mine that Bird!  nonconformist   May-02-09 07:08 PM   #50 

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