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Reply #107: You could start with a list of those.... [View All]

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bvar22 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-08-09 04:06 PM
Response to Reply #101
107. You could start with a list of those....
...who voted AGAINST Bankruptcy "Reform".

Next, cross reference that with a list of those who voted AGAINST the IWR,

then cross reference with those who voted AGAINST the Patriot Act,

then cross reference with those who voted AGAINST CAFTA,

then cross reference with a list of those who voted AGAINST Immunity for Telecoms,

then cross reference with a list of those who voted AGAINST the Bailout for Failed Bankers.

Those whose names appear on ALL the lists are the ones working for us.

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  -Were Screwed and I think you know it. rhett o rick  Apr-07-09 04:22 PM   #0 
  - Well, if you want to feel that way, that's your choice.  Deja Q   Apr-07-09 04:25 PM   #1 
  - Tell that to the people living in cars and tents. Tell that to the millions losing their retirements  rhett o rick   Apr-07-09 04:32 PM   #5 
  - The "Greatest" generation saddled...  yowzayowzayowza   Apr-07-09 05:04 PM   #19 
  - Yeah - we are all ever so happy to be in this position - The poster said none of those things  debbierlus   Apr-08-09 04:18 PM   #108 
     - Thank you and well said. We have a major problem right here in Democratic-River City  rhett o rick   Apr-08-09 05:26 PM   #112 
  - I don't agree with your premise. Legislators represent their constituents.  MADem   Apr-07-09 04:27 PM   #2 
  - But who are their constituents?  RufusTFirefly   Apr-07-09 04:32 PM   #6 
  - Look, you can fiddle with verbiage all day. The point I make, in plain language, is that  MADem   Apr-07-09 04:39 PM   #10 
  - Sorry, but you're still missing the point  RufusTFirefly   Apr-07-09 04:48 PM   #15 
  - We agree on something. THAT's INERTIA.  MADem   Apr-07-09 05:00 PM   #17 
  - The public does not give a shit  BeFree   Apr-07-09 06:03 PM   #32 
     - Naaah. My glass is half full. We, The People just need to be made sufficiently  MADem   Apr-07-09 06:11 PM   #34 
     - And they'll do what?  BeFree   Apr-07-09 06:29 PM   #37 
        - People got pretty uncomfortable in the 1930's.  MADem   Apr-07-09 06:53 PM   #39 
           - Enjoy?  BeFree   Apr-07-09 07:00 PM   #40 
              - My comment was conditional. IF (see that word, if??) that shoe fits, you go on and wear it.  MADem   Apr-07-09 07:25 PM   #47 
                 - Ha  BeFree   Apr-07-09 10:42 PM   #63 
                 - Wow, that's some interesting reinvention of very recent history.  MADem   Apr-07-09 10:52 PM   #64 
                    - Gross  BeFree   Apr-08-09 09:19 AM   #75 
                       - I am not "offering" anything. All I am saying is you can run around like a chicken with your  MADem   Apr-08-09 11:48 AM   #82 
                          - Whoa, nelly!  BeFree   Apr-08-09 01:56 PM   #94 
                          - "And what is your answer? Follow Obama."  MADem   Apr-08-09 02:25 PM   #95 
                             - You don't attack anyone?  BeFree   Apr-08-09 05:47 PM   #113 
                                - You have a problem with comprehension, I see.  MADem   Apr-08-09 08:07 PM   #118 
                                - Note observed behaviors?  BeFree   Apr-08-09 08:18 PM   #120 
                                - Yes--I note observed behaviors.  MADem   Apr-08-09 08:36 PM   #122 
                                - Sweet Dreams, sugarpie.  BeFree   Apr-08-09 09:05 PM   #125 
                          - Ir wasn't Desert Storm. It was holding the hostages.  Cetacea   Apr-08-09 02:36 PM   #97 
                             - DESERT ONE--not DESERT STORM. DESERT ONE.  MADem   Apr-08-09 08:11 PM   #119 
                 - Great post  get the red out   Apr-08-09 03:47 PM   #106 
     - I believe the public does care. We cared enough to believe  yy4me   Apr-08-09 04:36 PM   #109 
        - Yeah  BeFree   Apr-08-09 06:06 PM   #114 
  - I understand your point.  Andy823   Apr-07-09 05:30 PM   #24 
     - Two words: Campaign financing  RufusTFirefly   Apr-07-09 07:03 PM   #42 
        - yup  kenfrequed   Apr-08-09 03:13 PM   #105 
  - It is not that simple.  bvar22   Apr-07-09 06:28 PM   #36 
     - "The voters ARE GIVEN...." See--you're one of the "passive ones."  MADem   Apr-07-09 07:08 PM   #43 
     - I can see you've never been nose-to-nose....  bvar22   Apr-07-09 07:32 PM   #48 
        - Hahahahahaha!  MADem   Apr-07-09 07:38 PM   #50 
           - Actually, I had the honor of working on Wellstone's last campaign.  bvar22   Apr-07-09 07:45 PM   #51 
           - Ok, so what are you telling me--party bosses killed Wellstone?  MADem   Apr-07-09 07:48 PM   #53 
           - OK . I can understand how those of you....  bvar22   Apr-08-09 10:58 AM   #79 
              - Dean was "shut out" because Obama didn't want him. Winning has consequences.  MADem   Apr-08-09 11:55 AM   #83 
                 - Obama showed up in Iowa with $100Million, a political machine,  bvar22   Apr-08-09 12:16 PM   #85 
                    - You're just determined to turn him into Boss Tweed, aren't you?  MADem   Apr-08-09 12:56 PM   #86 
                       - There you go again with the preaching.  bvar22   Apr-08-09 01:31 PM   #90 
                          - "Those of us who know better"---and you call me "preaching?"  MADem   Apr-08-09 01:33 PM   #91 
           - As much...  kenfrequed   Apr-08-09 03:09 PM   #103 
           - Sometimes I wish Paul had stayed home.  truedelphi   Apr-07-09 10:23 PM   #62 
              - So do I. I wish he'd hauled out that old green bus instead. NT  MADem   Apr-08-09 11:57 AM   #84 
     - Exactly Bvar  dflprincess   Apr-08-09 02:42 PM   #98 
  - And therein lies the crux of the matter  TechBear_Seattle   Apr-07-09 04:43 PM   #11 
     - And they do it on BOTH sides of the aisle.  Deny and Shred   Apr-09-09 06:17 PM   #139 
  - I get your point. But I don't agree with your premise.  Democracyinkind   Apr-07-09 04:37 PM   #9 
  - Pull the string, and you SEE the constituents--they're the damned VOTERS.  MADem   Apr-07-09 04:45 PM   #13 
     - Agreed, but the fact that their interest goes no further than you have stated  Democracyinkind   Apr-07-09 05:46 PM   #25 
        - It all starts with the voters, though. Without them, you're screwed.  MADem   Apr-07-09 05:51 PM   #28 
           - Imagine, I'm a man and I totally agree. Although the women that tend to get voted in today  Democracyinkind   Apr-07-09 06:02 PM   #31 
           - Its not who votes, its who counts the votes  the other one   Apr-08-09 07:21 AM   #73 
              - Sure, Mister Stalin. Another "hopeless" post.  MADem   Apr-08-09 01:00 PM   #87 
  - Congress-critters represent constituents by definition only.  rhett o rick   Apr-07-09 06:31 PM   #38 
  - Enough of them vote to put the person in the seat, though.  MADem   Apr-07-09 07:36 PM   #49 
     - "if the electorate gets off their asses and works for a change", is definitely what we  rhett o rick   Apr-08-09 09:29 AM   #77 
        - The Lieberman example is bullshit. Sorry. Lamont fucked up.  MADem   Apr-08-09 01:06 PM   #88 
           - I disagree. Lamont defeated Lieberman in the primary, which is extremely rare.  rhett o rick   Apr-08-09 05:07 PM   #110 
              - YES---and Lamont was sitting in the catbird seat. But as the campaign progressed,  MADem   Apr-08-09 08:31 PM   #121 
                 - I am not sure where you are going with this line of argument.  rhett o rick   Apr-08-09 11:17 PM   #126 
                    - Where I am going is this-- "It CAN be done."  MADem   Apr-09-09 12:41 AM   #127 
  - "Legislators represent their constituents."  leftofthedial   Apr-07-09 09:26 PM   #61 
  - Who votes them in, then, Santy Claus?  MADem   Apr-07-09 10:56 PM   #65 
     - we "vote" them in,  leftofthedial   Apr-07-09 11:14 PM   #66 
        - That's all I'm saying. WE are "the problem."  MADem   Apr-07-09 11:25 PM   #67 
  - I think you're dead wrong on this.  Dr.Phool   Apr-08-09 02:53 PM   #100 
     - I agree of course. nm  rhett o rick   Apr-08-09 05:09 PM   #111 
     - OK Dr. ran a campaign. Just supposing you got a whole lotta  MADem   Apr-08-09 08:56 PM   #124 
  - I'm pretty sure we're doomed and they're doing all the wrong things to stop it  librechik   Apr-07-09 04:31 PM   #3 
  - Yeah, I know. That's why I take Xanax. Best drug to ride out the end of the world with  shadowknows69   Apr-07-09 04:32 PM   #4 
  - Vodka  rhett o rick   Apr-07-09 04:33 PM   #7 
  - yep, pretty much agree. nt  Mari333   Apr-07-09 04:35 PM   #8 
  - Here's what I got from your OP:  redqueen   Apr-07-09 04:43 PM   #12 
  - I'm walking on air today and not all the "we're doomed" posts in the world  cali   Apr-07-09 04:46 PM   #14 
  - I am happy for you (no sarcasm intended). nm  rhett o rick   Apr-07-09 05:55 PM   #29 
  - Life isn't perfect.  Boomerang Diddle   Apr-07-09 05:58 PM   #30 
  - The Democratic leaders are in a dangerous position  leftstreet   Apr-07-09 04:53 PM   #16 
  - good post.  Mari333   Apr-07-09 05:02 PM   #18 
  - Agree. Too many examples of astonishing, frustrating, mystifying behavior by  wiggs   Apr-07-09 05:08 PM   #20 
  - Common ground between right and left  RufusTFirefly   Apr-07-09 05:24 PM   #23 
  - You'll be pretty frustrated with reactions to this view up to the day that the empire comes crashing  Democracyinkind   Apr-07-09 05:48 PM   #27 
  - Dodd will probably be gone..  girl gone mad   Apr-07-09 05:16 PM   #21 
  - i'm 48, with no kids, retired due to permanent disability...  dysfunctional press   Apr-07-09 05:21 PM   #22 
  - There's a seven year old boy named...  LanternWaste   Apr-07-09 05:47 PM   #26 
  - I totally agree that life in these United States is better than a good share of the world.  rhett o rick   Apr-07-09 06:21 PM   #35 
  - Talk about PERSPECTIVE. If I could recommend a post, I'd recommend yours.  MADem   Apr-07-09 07:50 PM   #54 
  - Yes, we are  BeFree   Apr-07-09 06:08 PM   #33 
  - My wife and I decided to quit.  bvar22   Apr-07-09 07:02 PM   #41 
  - 4-11 is start -- and it's just around the corner. nt  xchrom   Apr-07-09 07:17 PM   #44 
  - UR right rhett o rick  jemma   Apr-07-09 07:19 PM   #45 
  - There aren't ten actual Democrats in DC.  leftofthedial   Apr-07-09 07:19 PM   #46 
  - And that is a really good point. n/t  TBF   Apr-07-09 08:16 PM   #58 
  - Ponies for everyone!  balantz   Apr-07-09 07:48 PM   #52 
  - Ohh - Pretty pony ...  waiting for hope   Apr-07-09 08:06 PM   #55 
     - You two crack me up... I know you're making those  TBF   Apr-07-09 08:15 PM   #57 
        - A spy in our Belize compound!  balantz   Apr-07-09 08:30 PM   #59 
        - Production is a bitch - let me tell you.  waiting for hope   Apr-07-09 08:40 PM   #60 
  - The ruling class... and the rest of us -  TBF   Apr-07-09 08:12 PM   #56 
  - As Michael Moore put it: Face It, You'll Never Be Rich  FiveGoodMen   Apr-08-09 02:32 PM   #96 
     - And he wrote that in 2003 - a very good article.  TBF   Apr-09-09 07:32 AM   #132 
  - campaign finance reform  dreamnightwind   Apr-08-09 12:03 AM   #68 
  - free cable & network time.  Hannah Bell   Apr-08-09 12:17 AM   #70 
  - it should help, not a complete fix though  dreamnightwind   Apr-08-09 05:11 AM   #71 
  - "paying our reps a ton of money, huge salaries" ... have we learned  TBF   Apr-08-09 07:04 AM   #72 
  - sounds like we've learned different things  dreamnightwind   Apr-09-09 04:45 AM   #128 
  - Campaign finance reform, Universal Single Payer Health Care, all the big issues  truedelphi   Apr-08-09 01:27 PM   #89 
  - the way things are currently structured it will never happen  dreamnightwind   Apr-09-09 04:56 AM   #129 
     - Thank you for the compliment. I fear that I am far too  truedelphi   Apr-09-09 02:55 PM   #137 
  - Here's my take on reform..  twitomy   Apr-08-09 03:08 PM   #102 
     - Easy pickings  dreamnightwind   Apr-09-09 05:08 AM   #130 
  - well, i know we're screwed around here:  orleans   Apr-08-09 12:11 AM   #69 
  - I've known it for a long time, and you are correct. nt  LWolf   Apr-08-09 07:24 AM   #74 
  - The primary concern of politicians is to get re-elected. Serving the country is a slogan.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Apr-08-09 09:27 AM   #76 
  - K&R-- I agree with you 100 percent....  mike_c   Apr-08-09 10:46 AM   #78 
  - ditto  Last Stand   Apr-08-09 11:01 AM   #80 
  - They prostrated themselves before Dubya  Jack Sprat   Apr-08-09 03:13 PM   #104 
  - Oh Mr.Nader Your Ignorant Little Wah Wah Rants Never Cease To Be Hilarious!  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Apr-08-09 11:29 AM   #81 
  - Some of us have railed against the corporatists for years  nolabels   Apr-08-09 01:52 PM   #92 
  - pls read C. Wright Mills: The Power Elite  amborin   Apr-08-09 01:54 PM   #93 
  - Thanks for the recommendation but, will it make me feel better or worse?  rhett o rick   Apr-08-09 08:03 PM   #116 
     - difficult to say  amborin   Apr-08-09 08:05 PM   #117 
  - Senator B. Everett Jordan lost his Senate seat by being defeated in the primary  Freddie Stubbs   Apr-08-09 02:48 PM   #99 
  - Do you support the blue dog Democrats Freddie?? nm  rhett o rick   Apr-09-09 09:32 AM   #134 
  - Freddie, please tell us if you support the blue dog Democrats. nm  rhett o rick   Apr-09-09 04:41 PM   #138 
  - Honestly, you make a good case.  Jack Sprat   Apr-08-09 03:00 PM   #101 
  - You could start with a list of those....  bvar22   Apr-08-09 04:06 PM   #107 
  - I rate your post as one of the top 10 ever written here at DU  wundermaus   Apr-08-09 06:21 PM   #115 
  - Thanks very much. The important thing here tho is to understand:  rhett o rick   Apr-08-09 08:55 PM   #123 
  - Defeatist Hyperbole  ProfessorGAC   Apr-09-09 05:15 AM   #131 
     - Now that's some strange logic. I should root for a dictatorship because I think  rhett o rick   Apr-09-09 09:30 AM   #133 
     - Ok rhett  BeFree   Apr-09-09 10:59 AM   #136 
     - If I had to guess...  BeFree   Apr-09-09 10:24 AM   #135 

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