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Reply #7: "distortion of their relationship" [View All]

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johnnie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-03-09 06:45 PM
Response to Original message
7. "distortion of their relationship"
They hardly even kissed dammit!!!
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  -Sarah Palin Lashes Out at Levi Johnston for Sex Talk on Tyra RamboLiberal  Apr-03-09 06:40 PM   #0 
  - "Advocating abstinence?????"  Merlot   Apr-03-09 06:42 PM   #1 
  - Yes, her position was WIDEly SPREAD across this country for all of us to hear her POSITION! eom  Divine Discontent   Apr-03-09 06:43 PM   #2 
  - Her handlers are desparately trying to keep her the darling of the snake-lickers.  Wapsie B   Apr-03-09 06:44 PM   #5 
  - "Darling of the snake lickers"! I have got to find opportunities  Critters2   Apr-03-09 06:56 PM   #23 
  - Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week.  Wapsie B   Apr-03-09 07:09 PM   #37 
  - That might be the name of my next album..  paparush   Apr-03-09 07:37 PM   #54 
  - If she had kept to *licking* snakes, there'd be no baby  REP   Apr-04-09 01:53 AM   #83 
  - I swear I thought that said "avoiding abstinence"  ashling   Apr-03-09 06:52 PM   #18 
  - I loled when I read that  grytpype   Apr-03-09 06:55 PM   #22 
  - I thought she said abstinence was not realistic  Ocracoker16   Apr-03-09 07:41 PM   #55 
  - Isn't it like closing the barn door after the cows have gone?  LisaL   Apr-03-09 10:34 PM   #76 
  - OMG! "Advocating Abstinence" indeed. What a hypocrite  SpiralHawk   Apr-04-09 07:36 AM   #88 
  - Well sure Bristol was advocating abstinence when she was having sex.  Botany   Apr-04-09 07:40 AM   #89 
  - Uh....Sarah...  47of74   Apr-06-09 12:01 AM   #119 
  - She better watch it, or he's liable to spill the beans  SoCalDem   Apr-03-09 06:43 PM   #3 
  - "Bristol's focus will remain on raising Tripp, completing her education, and advocating abstinence,"  lunatica   Apr-03-09 06:43 PM   #4 
  - Wasn't Tripp Sarah's spawn? Or am I out of the whacky name circle.  glowing   Apr-03-09 06:54 PM   #20 
     - No, "Trig" was Sarah's  ProudToBeBlueInRhody   Apr-03-09 07:09 PM   #35 
        - I knew it. I just can't keep up with the Hill Billy soap opera up there in Alaska  glowing   Apr-03-09 09:01 PM   #70 
        - I'd imagine we might find out for certain now, if Bristol tries to get him to support the child  DeschutesRiver   Apr-04-09 11:36 AM   #103 
  - "in a quest for fame, attention, and fortune"  uppityperson   Apr-03-09 06:45 PM   #6 
  - Sarah, she don't like competition in that department.  Sal Minella   Apr-03-09 07:29 PM   #50 
  - "distortion of their relationship"  johnnie   Apr-03-09 06:45 PM   #7 
  - LMAOROTF  lunatica   Apr-03-09 09:03 PM   #71 
  - Once again, I'm just left feeling sorry for Bristol. nt  Barack_America   Apr-03-09 06:45 PM   #8 
  - Me too. Maybe Levi can join the Octo Mom.  JeanGrey   Apr-04-09 08:44 AM   #94 
  - Food fight!  Happyhippychick   Apr-03-09 06:45 PM   #9 
  - Waaah, waaah, waaaah....  Blue_In_AK   Apr-03-09 06:46 PM   #10 
  - But she isn't advocating abstinence.  Maru Kitteh   Apr-03-09 06:47 PM   #11 
  - Shows how much Sarah actually LISTENS to anything Bristol says.  Sal Minella   Apr-04-09 08:43 AM   #93 
  - It says a lot about Momma Sarah.  lynnertic   Apr-04-09 08:51 AM   #95 
  - "advocating abstinence"  barbtries   Apr-03-09 06:48 PM   #12 
  - The hateful glee is not being aimed at Bristol  RamboLiberal   Apr-03-09 06:50 PM   #14 
  - Has it even aired yet?  MiniMe   Apr-03-09 06:49 PM   #13 
  - It airs Monday  RamboLiberal   Apr-03-09 06:51 PM   #15 
  - gee Sarah, fornication has a price - what does YOUR bible say about it? nt  msongs   Apr-03-09 06:51 PM   #16 
  - The look on Palin's face in that pic is absolutely priceless  Aqaba   Apr-03-09 06:51 PM   #17 
  - Yes that deserves to be posted  malaise   Apr-03-09 07:21 PM   #45 
  - +1  Aqaba   Apr-03-09 07:25 PM   #47 
  - yeah, it looks like the botox injections are fading faster than anticipated.  notadmblnd   Apr-03-09 07:25 PM   #48 
  - Sarah - "The Trailer Trash of American Politics"  FreakinDJ   Apr-03-09 06:52 PM   #19 
  - I want to see Sarah explain letting 2 high schoolers who are dating  RamboLiberal   Apr-03-09 06:56 PM   #24 
  - It really is a trashy family, isn't it?  mwb970   Apr-03-09 06:59 PM   #28 
  - Sure is giving Alaska a bad name isn't it  FreakinDJ   Apr-03-09 07:52 PM   #59 
  - That's an insult to trailer trash. They are primordial scum. nt  gulfcoastliberal   Apr-04-09 10:47 AM   #98 
  - So I guess the marriage is off then?  Crunchy Frog   Apr-03-09 06:54 PM   #21 
  - Just before I got the  Tangerine LaBamba   Apr-03-09 07:01 PM   #32 
  - Why are some still talking about these people?  bigwillq   Apr-03-09 06:57 PM   #25 
  - Because Sarah refuses to go away and has her eyes on 2012  RamboLiberal   Apr-03-09 07:09 PM   #36 
  - This made me laugh  NeedleCast   Apr-03-09 06:58 PM   #26 
  - yea so they only had sex just the one time and Bristol really didn't want to  greenbriar   Apr-03-09 06:59 PM   #27 
  - Here's the proof!  Aqaba   Apr-03-09 07:00 PM   #30 
  - These two families are a reality show waiting to happen. n/t  alsame   Apr-03-09 07:00 PM   #29 
  - Levi sure hasn't grown any more brain cells  RamboLiberal   Apr-03-09 07:01 PM   #31 
  - The best part about that quote is he apparently couldn't even be bothered to register to vote in  beac   Apr-03-09 09:26 PM   #72 
  - Wonder what he'll do about the tattoo of Bristol's name on his ring finger (ouch)?  MADem   Apr-03-09 07:03 PM   #33 
  - I have a sneaking suspicion that the "tattoo" was made by one of Sarah's  beac   Apr-03-09 09:38 PM   #73 
     - If so, that makeup artist is probably worth the price he or she charges!  MADem   Apr-04-09 06:38 AM   #87 
        - That tattoo is so little it could easily be lasered away.  Quantess   Apr-04-09 05:07 PM   #114 
  - Maybe Palin didn't care if Levi was sharing the same bed with her daughter....  Kansas Wyatt   Apr-03-09 07:05 PM   #34 
  - Well, she is a mom  ProudToBeBlueInRhody   Apr-03-09 07:11 PM   #38 
  - "seeking fame, attention, fortune, engaging in lies..." Pot doesn't meet kettle,  flvegan   Apr-03-09 07:11 PM   #39 
  - The more they talk the better the chance someone will get naked.  MrPerson   Apr-03-09 07:15 PM   #40 
  - The war of the white trash factions of Wasilla...  hlthe2b   Apr-03-09 07:16 PM   #41 
  - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  malaise   Apr-03-09 07:17 PM   #42 
  - "advocating abstinence"???  Raine   Apr-03-09 07:18 PM   #43 
  - NY Daily News has sharing the room story a bit different  RamboLiberal   Apr-03-09 07:18 PM   #44 
  - Interesting. So Levi was living on the taxpayer's dime too?  Contrary1   Apr-03-09 08:10 PM   #63 
  - Uh oh!!  CoffeeCat   Apr-03-09 07:23 PM   #46 
  - White trash in the Alaskan  Cha   Apr-03-09 07:26 PM   #49 
  - They are Cashing In- It is the American Way. Palin is being anti-American. nt  terisan   Apr-03-09 07:34 PM   #51 
  - Wait..wait..Didn't these two get MARRIED??  paparush   Apr-03-09 07:36 PM   #52 
  - "the child"? isn't it HIS child?????????????  walkaway   Apr-03-09 07:36 PM   #53 
  - My money's on Levi.  Blue_In_AK   Apr-03-09 10:10 PM   #74 
  - Dear Sarah-  Texasgal   Apr-03-09 07:42 PM   #56 
  - This perhaps will not be popular here, but I think Bristol should  Obamanaut   Apr-03-09 07:47 PM   #57 
  - Regardless of his fame  tammywammy   Apr-03-09 07:49 PM   #58 
  - I have some experience with ex son-in-laws, and it sounds a lot  Obamanaut   Apr-03-09 08:12 PM   #64 
  - Fame dosn't always translate  Stevenmarc   Apr-03-09 08:24 PM   #65 
  - I understand that fame does not necessarily the coffers fill, but one  Obamanaut   Apr-03-09 08:48 PM   #69 
  - Does Levi even have a job?  Control-Z   Apr-04-09 02:53 PM   #106 
     - Here's what I've seen happen. Judge declares an amount for child  Obamanaut   Apr-04-09 03:10 PM   #109 
        - If the father does not have  Control-Z   Apr-04-09 03:32 PM   #111 
           - I honestly don't know how the dollar amount is determined. I'm in  Obamanaut   Apr-04-09 04:00 PM   #112 
  - Yeah, that Bristol -- she's the poster girl for abstinence! n/t  pnwmom   Apr-03-09 07:59 PM   #60 
  - Shame on you Levi!!  SalmonChantedEvening   Apr-03-09 08:04 PM   #61 
  - I KNOW!  Blue_In_AK   Apr-03-09 10:11 PM   #75 
  - Ha! Sarah Palin's about to pop her cork over LEVI!  TexasObserver   Apr-03-09 08:09 PM   #62 
  - I believe that ever since the day that Caribou Barbie lost the election to be VP  Urban Prairie   Apr-03-09 08:31 PM   #66 
  - can't bristol speak for herself?! shut up, governor. nt   Apr-03-09 08:35 PM   #67 
  - Maybe Levi was with Sarah? You know... the MILF thing?  lib2DaBone   Apr-03-09 08:42 PM   #68 
  - I don't know, maybe Levi ought to shut up lest he has an accident  davidpdx   Apr-03-09 10:58 PM   #77 
  - "... in a quest for fame, attention, and fortune ...."  area51   Apr-03-09 11:39 PM   #78 
  - "advocating abstinence" - like the women who want to criminalize abortions  NYC Liberal   Apr-03-09 11:44 PM   #79 
  - Not practicing abstinence. She'll be ADVOCATING abstinence.  TexasObserver   Apr-04-09 01:37 AM   #81 
     - Ah. You're right...there's the distinction. They have no trouble being hypocrites.  NYC Liberal   Apr-04-09 01:51 AM   #82 
        - She left Bristol a lot of wiggle room.  TexasObserver   Apr-04-09 02:48 AM   #86 
  - Please let this all end up in a mud wrestling pit.  callous taoboy   Apr-04-09 12:11 AM   #80 
  - Advocating Abstinence???  thelordofhell   Apr-04-09 01:56 AM   #84 
  - Levi's Comin', hide your heart ... great song by Three Dog Night  TexasObserver   Apr-04-09 02:37 AM   #85 
  - One of my favorite Three Dog Night songs  livetohike   Apr-04-09 07:52 AM   #90 
  - Yep, me too. Shambala, Mama Told Me, Easy to be Hard.  TexasObserver   Apr-04-09 08:04 AM   #91 
     - Three Dog Night was my first major concert (1970) and I have  livetohike   Apr-04-09 08:14 AM   #92 
  - It's "Eli's Coming" and was written by the great Laura Nyro  Beaverhausen   Apr-04-09 01:06 PM   #105 
  - Yes it is  Control-Z   Apr-04-09 02:59 PM   #108 
  - Yeah, she wrote some great songs in the 60s.  TexasObserver   Apr-04-09 03:31 PM   #110 
  - Right you are  Control-Z   Apr-04-09 02:58 PM   #107 
  - "Bristol's focus will remain on ... advocating abstinence,"  adamuu   Apr-04-09 09:39 AM   #96 
  - I can't stand that woman. Yuck. Oh, and what about father's rights?  krabigirl   Apr-04-09 10:35 AM   #97 
  - OMG Sarah Palin is just getting nuttier and nuttier  cherish44   Apr-04-09 10:52 AM   #99 
  - God Bless Sarah Palin  NNN0LHI   Apr-04-09 10:58 AM   #100 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Apr-04-09 10:59 AM   #101 
  - Well Sarah, aren't you willing to pay the price for your grab for fame?  lunatica   Apr-04-09 10:59 AM   #102 
  - "Bristols focus remains on raising Trip and Trig"  lies and propaganda   Apr-04-09 11:38 AM   #104 
  - poor Bristol... nobody in her life has her best interests at heart  renate   Apr-04-09 05:03 PM   #113 
  - Sounds like meth talking.  Downwinder   Apr-04-09 07:45 PM   #115 
  - "Keep talking Levi!?" I'm not fan of Palin but Levi is just an immature jerk.  WI_DEM   Apr-04-09 08:01 PM   #116 
  - I love how Levi has gone from supposed marriage material to mistake in a matter of months  high density   Apr-04-09 09:05 PM   #117 
  - Waaah waaah waaaah Levi's not bending over for backwards for me and my family  47of74   Apr-05-09 11:52 PM   #118 
  - This is like a Jerry Springer episode that doesn't end  fujiyama   Apr-06-09 12:05 AM   #120 
  - in a quest for fame, attention, and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and  DS1   Apr-06-09 12:09 AM   #121 
  - My personal fav  CitizenPatriot   Apr-06-09 12:20 AM   #122 
  - The Palins and their kin should be on Jerry Springer. Can't help but love the unfolding story.  David Zephyr   Apr-06-09 12:32 AM   #123 

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