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POR Donating Member (34 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-02-09 10:15 AM
Response to Reply #131
142. Same thing here
The Cheif Tech Officer at the company I work announced that only 15% of employees could be rated as "Exceeds Goals" on their yearly evaluation. In a 10 person person meant that only 1.5 people were eligible for the maximum raise and merit bonus. He went on to say that it was mandatory that 33% of employees were rated as "Does not Meet Goals", which immediately earmarked these employees for probation.

The problem is that corporations are no longer managed to make superior products (if they ever were), they are only managed to show a "profit" every 4 months, so that their quarterly numbers look good to Wall Street. Since most execs have no training in anything other than being executive, their best trick is squeezing every dime out of their employees salaries and delivering it to the stockholders. If I managed my home finances like corporations do I would be called a numbers wizard for asking my wife and kids to move out of the house every time I needed to cut expenses to support my mistress (I really don't have a mistress it just filled out the analogy).
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  -Well I quit my job today TwixVoy  Apr-01-09 04:32 PM   #0 
  - Best of luck to you. I've found your insights fascinating.  ogneopasno   Apr-01-09 04:34 PM   # 
  - I'd be very happy to see a 3.5% raise  slackmaster   Apr-01-09 04:34 PM   #1 
  - Yeah, me too. I work for a local government and we're all foregoing raises  ChimpersMcSmirkers   Apr-01-09 06:49 PM   #53 
  - You actually just opened a door...  RiverStone   Apr-02-09 06:59 AM   #118 
  - Hah!  Lucky Luciano   Apr-01-09 08:32 PM   #68 
  - To be honest  Horse with no Name   Apr-01-09 04:34 PM   #2 
  - This shit has beeng going on LONG before this "recession" started  TwixVoy   Apr-01-09 04:35 PM   #3 
  - Exactly  NikolaC   Apr-02-09 05:24 AM   #107 
  - I remember one of my bosses once telling me that they were REQUIRED to have SOMETHING  BrklynLiberal   Apr-02-09 08:06 AM   #131 
  - Same thing here  POR   Apr-02-09 10:15 AM   #142 
     - Yep. i remember tha t "normal bell curve" that everyone had to fall into.  BrklynLiberal   Apr-02-09 11:23 AM   #154 
  - When I worked retail in the eighties and early nineties, the best raise I ever recieved was  1monster   Apr-02-09 03:55 PM   #168 
  - I think he quit to save his soul  tavalon   Apr-01-09 06:42 PM   #51 
  - Good luck. That was a brave thing to do given our current economic situation  WI_DEM   Apr-01-09 04:36 PM   #4 
  - You're a remarkable human being.............  Tangerine LaBamba   Apr-01-09 04:36 PM   #5 
  - Not to second-guess the OP's decision, but there's a flip side, too.  MercutioATC   Apr-01-09 04:43 PM   #10 
  - That's true,  Tangerine LaBamba   Apr-01-09 04:46 PM   #16 
  - Agreed. Sometimes, making a stand is the only moral option.  MercutioATC   Apr-01-09 04:48 PM   #18 
     - I don't know about that .......  Tangerine LaBamba   Apr-01-09 04:52 PM   #20 
        - That's why I put them in quotes.  MercutioATC   Apr-01-09 04:58 PM   #27 
  - True and that what makes it a tough decision.  MindPilot   Apr-01-09 04:59 PM   #28 
  - The employees might quit too, out of loyalty to the OP.  Deja Q   Apr-02-09 05:45 PM   #170 
  - I have to agree, TLB. Best of luck and life to you, Twix. And, please,  Subdivisions   Apr-01-09 04:55 PM   #24 
  - I have been there, you did the right thing.  rwheeler31   Apr-01-09 04:38 PM   #6 
  - Good luck. That took a lot of guts and honesty.  anigbrowl   Apr-01-09 04:40 PM   #7 
  - I understand your frustration and need to cleanse yourself of corporate control. . .  Journeyman   Apr-01-09 04:40 PM   #8 
  - Sometimes ya just gotta take a stand.  Stinky The Clown   Apr-01-09 04:43 PM   #9 
  - Congratulations on making a terribly hard decision.  lpbk2713   Apr-01-09 04:43 PM   #11 
  - I hear ya man.  newscott   Apr-01-09 04:43 PM   #12 
  - Even a beginning laborer gets more from me.  panader0   Apr-01-09 04:43 PM   #13 
  - The CEO probably makes more during lunch than the front-line  Norquist Nemesis   Apr-02-09 01:15 AM   #98 
  - Whatcha complaining about. There is still as yet no law saying that  truedelphi   Apr-01-09 04:43 PM   #14 
  - I fear you speak truth. nt  tbyg52   Apr-01-09 05:54 PM   #44 
  - Your post brings back so many memories for me.  AndyA   Apr-01-09 04:44 PM   #15 
  - I'm losing mine tommorrow  gizmo1979   Apr-01-09 04:47 PM   #17 
  - Good luck, honey ....  Tangerine LaBamba   Apr-01-09 04:53 PM   #22 
     - Thanks  gizmo1979   Apr-02-09 06:38 PM   #171 
  - That took shit loads of integrity to yourself and beliefs...  MajPayne2   Apr-01-09 04:48 PM   #19 
  - I wish you the best TwixVoy  Blue Diadem   Apr-01-09 04:53 PM   #21 
  - You did the right and courageous thing. You will not regret it. Life  Raven   Apr-01-09 04:54 PM   #23 
  - I wish you all the best. I quit a job many years ago out of disgust  PA Democrat   Apr-01-09 04:56 PM   #25 
  - This crap has been going on a long time.. it was happening when I was at Kroger in the late 80's  ddeclue   Apr-01-09 04:56 PM   #26 
  - doesnt krogers have a union?  iamthebandfanman   Apr-01-09 08:00 PM   #62 
     - yeah but it seemed pretty toothless  ddeclue   Apr-02-09 12:09 AM   #88 
  - I worked at JCPenney's in the '90s as a visual associate -- my first eye-opening  pacalo   Apr-01-09 05:00 PM   #29 
  - Good for you  MissDeeds   Apr-01-09 05:01 PM   #30 
  - so- is it or isn't it target?  dysfunctional press   Apr-01-09 05:01 PM   #31 
  - that was a gutsy thing to do  barbtries   Apr-01-09 05:01 PM   #32 
  - I am sure that these conditions meet with the full approval of the people  HysteryDiagnosis   Apr-01-09 05:02 PM   #33 
  - The other managers, republican no doubt. The GOP  Fire1   Apr-01-09 05:03 PM   #34 
  - you know the guy from AIG? The one who resigned????  Raine1967   Apr-01-09 05:03 PM   #35 
  - It's not just retail  sui generis   Apr-01-09 05:03 PM   #36 
  - My boss is that way, too--  KatyaR   Apr-01-09 06:37 PM   #49 
  - Good for You!  MindPilot   Apr-01-09 05:04 PM   #37 
  - My company laid-off a bunch of people yesterday - a manager with  Crabby Appleton   Apr-01-09 05:05 PM   #38 
  - i'd rather live under a bridge than work retail management.  KG   Apr-01-09 05:08 PM   #39 
  - You have a conscience. eom  bluesmail   Apr-01-09 05:09 PM   #40 
  - Wow....  Dorian Gray   Apr-01-09 05:11 PM   #41 
  - Millions for the execs, pennies for the workers.  Phoebe Loosinhouse   Apr-01-09 05:25 PM   #42 
  - I suspect the "401K-ing" of retirement packages has a hand in the whole situation...  JHB   Apr-02-09 07:03 AM   #119 
  - Any raise that doesn't meet a COLA is shit. It's NOT a raise.  Phoebe Loosinhouse   Apr-01-09 05:37 PM   #43 
  - Good for you, and good luck.  Berry Cool   Apr-01-09 06:21 PM   #45 
  - I wish you well.  peacefreak   Apr-01-09 06:28 PM   #46 
  - My dear dear TwixVoy...I am so happy you made that decision.  dixiegrrrrl   Apr-01-09 06:35 PM   #47 
  - I learned it does not matter how hard you work...  and-justice-for-all   Apr-01-09 06:35 PM   #48 
  - This country needs a LIVING WAGE law.  New Dawn   Apr-01-09 06:38 PM   #50 
  - "I walked out of two jobs in my life, and I been broke, but I ain't never been sorry."  Sal Minella   Apr-01-09 06:44 PM   #52 
  - "Ya see that road, kid?"  Mopar151   Apr-01-09 07:13 PM   #58 
     - Good advice sticks with us, looks like -- we were lucky.  Sal Minella   Apr-01-09 09:43 PM   #77 
     - damn, I wish I'd heard that 25 years ago  nilram   Apr-02-09 12:48 AM   #92 
  - I got my usual..  sendero   Apr-01-09 06:50 PM   #54 
  - My best to you ...  Myrina   Apr-01-09 06:53 PM   #55 
  - I commend you for your courage and integrity, TwixVoy. And I hope good things  bertman   Apr-01-09 06:55 PM   #56 
  - I walked out of a job more than thirty years ago over very similar issues..  Fumesucker   Apr-01-09 07:03 PM   #57 
  - Good for you. Congratulations on a difficult move.  Catshrink   Apr-01-09 07:19 PM   #59 
  - Good for you. Welcome to class Warfare.  sarcasmo   Apr-01-09 07:25 PM   #60 
  - Leaving a job in respect of ethics is quite liberating.  Grinchie   Apr-01-09 07:31 PM   #61 
  - another post I wish I could nominate  NMDemDist2   Apr-02-09 10:41 AM   #147 
  - Good luck out there.  juno jones   Apr-01-09 08:05 PM   #63 
  - I hope you find something soon. My husband gave up the  Fire1   Apr-01-09 08:13 PM   #64 
  - good for you  varelse   Apr-01-09 08:17 PM   #65 
  - The most expensive thing in life is integrity.  Waiting For Everyman   Apr-01-09 08:28 PM   #66 
  - Excellent post. I think that should become a cliche: The most expensive thing in life is integrity.  sinkingfeeling   Apr-02-09 09:10 AM   #136 
  - Capitalism is harsh...  WestSeattle2   Apr-01-09 08:28 PM   #67 
  - Our friend works at Woodinville Costco  Missy Vixen   Apr-02-09 12:21 AM   #89 
     - Golden Rule Capitalism...  WestSeattle2   Apr-02-09 09:17 AM   #137 
  - Good for you Twix  GiveMeFreedom   Apr-01-09 08:48 PM   #69 
  - Congrats ! Like you my wife works with the Public  SlingBlade   Apr-01-09 08:53 PM   #70 
  - Now you know where the $30 penalty goes  Wednesdays   Apr-01-09 10:10 PM   #79 
     - Don't you love the banks' overdrawn checks scheme?  CubicleGuy   Apr-01-09 11:07 PM   #84 
  - Good luck  high density   Apr-01-09 09:04 PM   #71 
  - Strength and Honor. Blessings.  WheelWalker   Apr-01-09 09:10 PM   #72 
  - Here's what our raises have looked like the past three years:  smoogatz   Apr-01-09 09:12 PM   #73 
  - A big K and R  femrap   Apr-01-09 09:18 PM   #74 
  - "I truly believe we are living The Decline of the American Empire. "  raccoon   Apr-02-09 07:56 AM   #125 
     - Since January of 1980, to be precise. n/t  Occulus   Apr-02-09 11:24 AM   #155 
     - I think it started w/ Raygun....  femrap   Apr-02-09 01:03 PM   #164 
  - An honest man/woman . . .!!!  defendandprotect   Apr-01-09 09:19 PM   #75 
  - I was once management. Once. I was also told that I was too generous  XOKCowboy   Apr-01-09 09:35 PM   #76 
  - Retail is absolute hell.  rosesaylavee   Apr-01-09 09:59 PM   #78 
  - Twixvoy God speed to you.  mackerel   Apr-01-09 10:14 PM   #80 
  - Now that you are not going to be their employee why don't you write  Maraya1969   Apr-01-09 10:28 PM   #81 
  - Best of luck TwixVoy! Freedom is grand isn't it!  lonestarnot   Apr-01-09 10:46 PM   #82 
  - what company were you working for ?  JI7   Apr-01-09 10:49 PM   #83 
  - May you spend your life doing something you love.  roody   Apr-01-09 11:30 PM   #85 
  - How about starting a water catchment system business?  roody   Apr-01-09 11:34 PM   #86 
  - I wish I had that option . . . I just need a job, any job!  DollyM   Apr-02-09 12:06 AM   #87 
  - I hear you.  diamidue   Apr-02-09 01:06 AM   #95 
  - unemployment is at 12 percent here . . .  DollyM   Apr-02-09 10:19 AM   #144 
  - me too.  mnmoderatedem   Apr-02-09 11:35 AM   #156 
     - just a question . . .  DollyM   Apr-03-09 06:02 PM   #173 
  - TwixVoy, I hope you find something you love doing  Missy Vixen   Apr-02-09 12:22 AM   #90 
  - We must work for the same company....  guruoo   Apr-02-09 12:28 AM   #91 
  - Well I was hoping this was just an April Fools joke but I did not see a punch line anywhere  sce56   Apr-02-09 12:56 AM   #93 
  - Double lucky Rec #77  Iwillnevergiveup   Apr-02-09 01:04 AM   #94 
  - If only there were more people with character like yours. K&R  20score   Apr-02-09 01:09 AM   #96 
  - The Ghost of Tom Joad lives  rufus dog   Apr-02-09 01:12 AM   #97 
  - after all is said and done  HCE SuiGeneris   Apr-02-09 01:27 AM   #99 
  - It's a rock and a hard place, Twix  Norquist Nemesis   Apr-02-09 01:28 AM   #100 
  - NASA employees got a 3.5 raise  johncoby2   Apr-02-09 02:34 AM   #101 
  - i don't know, bud. in this economy? your company is not laying off employees? but giving raises?  1   Apr-02-09 02:42 AM   #102 
  - Retail has always seemed to me to be a miserable industry to work in . . .  MrModerate   Apr-02-09 03:16 AM   #103 
  - Why are people of conscience so rare in the corporate environment?  Number23   Apr-02-09 04:07 AM   #104 
  - IMO it's the nature of the beast. Bullies and assholes get ahead.  raccoon   Apr-02-09 07:59 AM   #127 
  - K&R!  Omaha Steve   Apr-02-09 05:21 AM   #105 
  - I Wish You The Best of Luck  NikolaC   Apr-02-09 05:22 AM   #106 
  - My husband's company, once you reach top pay that is where you stay  verdalaven   Apr-02-09 05:32 AM   #108 
  - Those poor workers under you- now they'll NEVER have someone who gives a fuck...  stlsaxman   Apr-02-09 05:44 AM   #109 
  - A noble gesture, and may save your soul, but  JustABozoOnThisBus   Apr-02-09 05:47 AM   #110 
  - No unemployment for you  pnutbutr   Apr-02-09 05:59 AM   #111 
  - Having worked in Retail for 36 years, I understand and applaud your principles  Sherman A1   Apr-02-09 06:20 AM   #112 
  - These are tough times to be looking for a new position.  crim son   Apr-02-09 06:22 AM   #113 
  - choosing integrity over convenience...  whoopingcrone   Apr-02-09 06:30 AM   # 
  - choosing integrity over convenience...  whoopingcrone   Apr-02-09 06:30 AM   #114 
  - What A Stupid, Stupid Reason To Quit A Job.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Apr-02-09 06:34 AM   #115 
  - What a stupid, stupid thing to post.  RandomKoolzip   Apr-02-09 10:51 AM   #152 
     - There Was Not A Thing Stupid About My Post.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Apr-02-09 11:36 AM   #157 
        - Right. You're the only normal one around here, and everyone else on DU is  RandomKoolzip   Apr-02-09 12:27 PM   #159 
           - Settle Down Francis. Your Overreaction Caused You To Misread Context.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Apr-02-09 12:37 PM   #160 
              - Wow, you're really good at math.  RandomKoolzip   Apr-02-09 12:40 PM   #161 
                 - Better Than You I'd Wager; Though I Fail To See What That Has To Do With Any Of This.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Apr-02-09 12:47 PM   #163 
  - While many seem to question your decision, I applaud you.  Vinca   Apr-02-09 06:39 AM   #116 
  - Kudos!'s not many who actually walk the walk instead of just talking the talk  Echo In Light   Apr-02-09 06:54 AM   #117 
  - i work on commission  melm00se   Apr-02-09 07:05 AM   #120 
  - Congratulations on 2 fronts - one, sticking to your principles even while  BR_Parkway   Apr-02-09 07:17 AM   #121 
  - You make me appreciate that I took the mfg. path.  4_TN_TITANS   Apr-02-09 07:22 AM   #122 
  - I hope you find employment that is real meaningful to you, Twixvoy.  raccoon   Apr-02-09 07:45 AM   #123 
  - You won't get unemployment if you quit....nt  MADem   Apr-02-09 07:54 AM   #124 
  - Can you tell us, now, who you worked for?  Kalyke   Apr-02-09 07:57 AM   #126 
  - The best of luck to you. Good karma toward you.............nft  freemarketer6   Apr-02-09 08:00 AM   #128 
  - I'll never take another management job ever  graywarrior   Apr-02-09 08:03 AM   #129 
  - Wow. I hope that you arer able to find something more satisfying.  BrklynLiberal   Apr-02-09 08:04 AM   #130 
  - Same thing happened to me years ago  Uben   Apr-02-09 08:14 AM   #132 
  - You're right  EC   Apr-02-09 08:37 AM   #133 
  - I hope you have plans for a new job that will allow you to live your values.  mnhtnbb   Apr-02-09 08:54 AM   #134 
  - I congratulate you. I did the same type of thing back in 1992. Was a 'first-line' manager for a very  sinkingfeeling   Apr-02-09 09:00 AM   #135 
  - a born-again socialist.....welcome  dcsmart   Apr-02-09 09:18 AM   #138 
  - I would have taken a 2% raise  Robyn66   Apr-02-09 09:26 AM   #139 
  - My girlfriend's manager had to downgrade my gf review even though she was basically running the  Evoman   Apr-02-09 09:33 AM   #140 
  - that's great! -nt  nilram   Apr-02-09 01:22 PM   #165 
  - Retail work is a joke. I say it loud and I say it often.  YOY   Apr-02-09 09:41 AM   #141 
  - I Commend you for refusing to buy into this.  sandyj999   Apr-02-09 10:18 AM   #143 
  - Congratulations!  moondust   Apr-02-09 10:27 AM   #145 
  - Good for you to take an ethical stand.  earth mom   Apr-02-09 10:30 AM   #146 
  - Maybe there is one more thing you can do to help those left behind...  MrMickeysMom   Apr-02-09 10:42 AM   #148 
  - Reading all of these stories about CEOs making millions while regular employees suffer  Zodiak   Apr-02-09 10:44 AM   #149 
  - Best wishes finding something that better suits your ethics.  FedUpWithIt All   Apr-02-09 10:45 AM   #150 
  - Man thing usually get just enough of a raise to cover  Epiphany4z   Apr-02-09 10:47 AM   #151 
  - In an interview I was once asked why I quit a job.  Turbineguy   Apr-02-09 10:57 AM   #153 
  - I've followed your many previous posts on your workplace...  RhodaGrits   Apr-02-09 11:49 AM   #158 
  - Oh, And In Addition;  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Apr-02-09 12:43 PM   #162 
  - Keep good notes on your situation here for future reference... You could be the MOST valuable later  cascadiance   Apr-02-09 02:28 PM   #166 
  - Middle management is probably a bad match for you  Alcibiades   Apr-02-09 03:23 PM   #167 
  - That story sounds like Sears Fuckstik Roebuck to me.  TWiley   Apr-02-09 03:56 PM   #169 
  - My boyfriend, who works for a restaurant chain, says the same thing you do.  Kat45   Apr-02-09 11:14 PM   #172 

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