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Reply #50: How true. [View All]

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20score Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-02-09 07:09 AM
Response to Reply #11
50. How true.
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  -Why Should Simple Empathy Have To Be Taught To Supposed Adults? 20score  Mar-01-09 08:46 PM   #0 
  - Why is Ethics 101 no longer a Business degree requirement?  Idealism   Mar-01-09 08:48 PM   #1 
  - Most programs don't have some type of ethics course requirement? n/t  ihavenobias   Mar-01-09 09:28 PM   #13 
     - They used to.  Idealism   Mar-01-09 09:29 PM   #14 
        - I have a course book from my college dayz "an ethics for the affluent" was ONLY in paperback  Mind_your_head   Mar-01-09 10:44 PM   #32 
           - Of course, but the mere fact that it is completely absent from the Business debate  Idealism   Mar-01-09 10:47 PM   #33 
              - Yes, you're correct, but whom can we trust to teach ethics anymore?  Mind_your_head   Mar-01-09 11:28 PM   #44 
                 - That is why this will be a global depression  Idealism   Mar-01-09 11:37 PM   #45 
                    - Hmmm........ n/t  Mind_your_head   Mar-01-09 11:46 PM   #46 
  - empathy has to be taught, only to children  Xipe Totec   Mar-01-09 08:49 PM   #2 
  - Exactly!  20score   Mar-01-09 08:56 PM   #5 
  - The thing is, empathy is easily observed in young children ...  surrealAmerican   Mar-02-09 08:52 AM   #51 
  - "Why should empathy have to be taught to adults?"  DURHAM D   Mar-01-09 08:53 PM   #3 
  - Have you listened to right-wing hate radio lately?  CoffeeCat   Mar-01-09 08:54 PM   #4 
  - In short, they exist to rationalize avarice. n/t  Qutzupalotl   Mar-02-09 05:56 PM   #66 
  - I don't really know, but...  liberalmuse   Mar-01-09 08:56 PM   #6 
  - Dude these are the same people that stand there watching their drunk neighbor beat the snot out of  mrcheerful   Mar-01-09 09:07 PM   #7 
  - I have been trying to research and learn about this for years now  MedleyMisty   Mar-01-09 09:10 PM   #8 
  - A good start down that path  conscious evolution   Mar-01-09 10:28 PM   #31 
  - Being a high-function autistic who suposedly "has no empathy" I'm always telling people that...  Odin2005   Mar-01-09 09:20 PM   #9 
  - I don't know much about this, but  pnwmom   Mar-01-09 09:42 PM   #17 
  - Odin2005, you really should get out more often. Join a Democratic county group,  bertman   Mar-01-09 09:47 PM   #20 
  - I think you are mixing up compassion and sympathy with empathy, which are different things.  Odin2005   Mar-01-09 11:01 PM   #37 
     - Agreed. n/t  janx   Mar-01-09 11:22 PM   #42 
     - Not really. Many of those folks I described do those compassionate deeds BECAUSE they  bertman   Mar-01-09 11:27 PM   #43 
  - I'm sending you a PM  janx   Mar-01-09 10:51 PM   #34 
     - Please do!  Odin2005   Mar-01-09 10:58 PM   #36 
  - so few teachers?  dweller   Mar-01-09 09:22 PM   #10 
  - Because we haven't really evolved very far from animals.  tabasco   Mar-01-09 09:25 PM   #11 
  - How true.  20score   Mar-02-09 07:09 AM   #50 
  - Overpopulation: the elephant in the room no one talks about. nt  cabluedem   Mar-02-09 01:05 PM   #65 
  - It's the same reason humanity created a "Vengeful God"  TahitiNut   Mar-01-09 09:27 PM   #12 
  - I think Tahiti Nut is on to something  Lydia Leftcoast   Mar-01-09 09:31 PM   #15 
  - Good observation and I agree. n/t  Odin2005   Mar-01-09 11:05 PM   #38 
  - #1 Is Spot On  iamjoy   Mar-01-09 10:12 PM   #27 
  - Because no one helped them learn it when they were young. n/t  pnwmom   Mar-01-09 09:32 PM   #16 
  - if you knew my ex you wouldn't have to ask that question  Triana   Mar-01-09 09:43 PM   #18 
  - It is part of what is called the "mirror Gene". Dogs have it. Some cats have it. Some people  BrklynLiberal   Mar-01-09 09:43 PM   #19 
  - BrklynLiberal, the study you site certainly jives with what I have experienced in a number  bertman   Mar-01-09 09:54 PM   #22 
  - Good info. Thanks.  20score   Mar-01-09 10:52 PM   #35 
  - They are grouping us autistics with puke assholes? Fuck that!  Odin2005   Mar-01-09 11:08 PM   #39 
  - It's too diverse a pool to feel empathy for ALL of them.  MercutioATC   Mar-01-09 09:53 PM   #21 
  - a little balance to the guilt-tripping is nice. thank you. nt  tomp   Mar-01-09 09:58 PM   #23 
  - Yeah, wouldn't want you to feel bad.  20score   Mar-01-09 10:10 PM   #26 
     - don't be a jerk , ok? where's your empathy? nt.  tomp   Mar-02-09 06:09 AM   #48 
        - Why do some people's empathy come with such rigid strings...  annabanana   Mar-02-09 08:59 AM   #52 
           - who's judging whom?  tomp   Mar-02-09 11:56 AM   #62 
  - I understand that not all of this group deserves compassion. You can always find a few people  20score   Mar-01-09 10:07 PM   #25 
  - Both extremes (in fact, all extremes) are silly.  MercutioATC   Mar-01-09 10:16 PM   #28 
  - I Feel Empahty For Them  iamjoy   Mar-01-09 10:27 PM   #29 
  - Would we have gone "there"?  cilla4progress   Mar-01-09 10:00 PM   #24 
  - Perception management...  stillcool   Mar-01-09 10:27 PM   #30 
  - Perceptive post  omega minimo   Mar-01-09 11:13 PM   #41 
  - Reaganism  omega minimo   Mar-01-09 11:11 PM   #40 
  - the banks that push mortgages they know can never be repaid . . .  OneBlueSky   Mar-02-09 04:49 AM   #47 
  - My Republican coworkers are like this.  Berry Cool   Mar-02-09 06:37 AM   #49 
  - Empathy vs Sympathy  NashVegas   Mar-02-09 09:12 AM   #53 
  - I know the difference. You seem a little pissed. Did you read the post?  20score   Mar-02-09 09:39 AM   #54 
     - I Have a Tendency To Be That Way  NashVegas   Mar-02-09 10:29 AM   #60 
        - You rock!!  20score   Mar-02-09 11:15 AM   #61 
  - Wow. The person with Empathy can't figure out why other's don't have empathy.  slampoet   Mar-02-09 09:53 AM   #55 
  - I don't think he saying there aren't assholes.  punkin87   Mar-02-09 09:55 AM   #56 
  - Empathy  Profprileasn   Mar-02-09 09:59 AM   #57 
  - What amazes me more is how many supposed Christians  AllentownJake   Mar-02-09 10:04 AM   #58 
  - I feel sorry for most of them. We all do stupid things, sometimes.  fed_up_mother   Mar-02-09 10:14 AM   #59 
  - It's not about empathy. The Corporate media was just worried that we might start blaming the rich,  anonymous171   Mar-02-09 12:02 PM   #63 
  - because we are mostly morally bankrupt  noiretextatique   Mar-02-09 12:05 PM   #64 
  - Except it's not just 'RW blogs'; it's DU too. Certain pieces of human garbage here were all too  Edweird   Mar-02-09 06:01 PM   #67 
  - Television, the drug of our nation. Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.  Greyhound   Mar-02-09 06:11 PM   #68 

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