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Reply #12: In the 60s, kids worked in the lunch room [View All]

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sandnsea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Feb-28-09 12:27 PM
Response to Reply #2
12. In the 60s, kids worked in the lunch room
to get a free lunch. Everybody else had to pay or bring one from home. We got one hot lunch a year on Thanksgiving. It was my parents special treat to us. The rest of the year we got a bologna sandwich, 4 cookies, and milk in a thermos. Lots and lots of us grew up being humiliated with a sandwich at lunch. :crazy:

Also, in the 60s, there wasn't any food stamps, or WIC, or free breakfast and lunch. I imagine the implementation of some of these other programs probably changed the way they did the lunch program.
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  -School lunches- Who thought THAT was a good idea??? underpants  Feb-28-09 11:37 AM   #0 
  - thanks for the history -- hard to understand why there are folks here who think  fishwax   Feb-28-09 11:40 AM   #1 
  - A little more here-another post by me :-)  underpants   Feb-28-09 12:04 PM   #5 
  - It's even harder to identify those folks  lumberjack_jeff   Feb-28-09 12:14 PM   #7 
     - The only dissension I see  sandnsea   Feb-28-09 12:28 PM   #13 
     - Exactly. I see no one suggesting that kids getting meals is a bad idea.  tanngrisnir3   Feb-28-09 12:30 PM   #15 
     - yes, people have suggested just that  fishwax   Feb-28-09 02:10 PM   #28 
        - Fine, the extreme minority. Nevertheless, it's not really an issue.  tanngrisnir3   Feb-28-09 02:12 PM   #30 
     - not just free and reduced lunch, but all lunch programs  fishwax   Feb-28-09 02:09 PM   #27 
  - When did we start charging students for school lunchs instead of using taxes  stray cat   Feb-28-09 11:42 AM   #2 
  - School lunches were subsidized but we still had to pay  Warpy   Feb-28-09 12:15 PM   #9 
  - Sounds like you went to a Catholic School  norepubsin08   Feb-28-09 12:37 PM   #16 
     - I went to Catholic School in 1st grade  sandnsea   Feb-28-09 12:43 PM   #18 
  - In the 60s, kids worked in the lunch room  sandnsea   Feb-28-09 12:27 PM   #12 
     - I used to work in the lunchroom, but it was a privilege for working hard in class.  cherokeeprogressive   Feb-28-09 12:30 PM   #14 
     - Like being a hall monitor  sandnsea   Feb-28-09 12:40 PM   #17 
        - Nah. I'm 47, went to elementary school in the 60's, and was by all accounts a geek.  cherokeeprogressive   Feb-28-09 01:09 PM   #22 
           - Well we're all geeks now, lol  sandnsea   Feb-28-09 02:04 PM   #26 
     - When I was in school, almost everyone brought their own lunch  WolverineDG   Feb-28-09 09:12 PM   #33 
  - Yep, sounds like communism to me... jsut like  Numba6   Feb-28-09 11:45 AM   #3 
  - They don't like anything their friends can't make money from plus they're phony Christians.  Metta   Feb-28-09 11:46 AM   #4 
  - Truman was a Democrat. All this does, sadly, is prove to the Republics that  kestrel91316   Feb-28-09 12:11 PM   #6 
  - Then we should tell them about Nixon.  Cerridwen   Feb-28-09 12:15 PM   #8 
  - that's fine -- let 'em argue that school lunches are a socialist plot, and see how  fishwax   Feb-28-09 02:11 PM   #29 
  - Truman wanted to feed the children in order to make them better suited to be soldiers? n/t  cherokeeprogressive   Feb-28-09 12:17 PM   #10 
  - That was one justification given.  Cerridwen   Feb-28-09 12:26 PM   #11 
  - A long winded answer  underpants   Feb-28-09 01:09 PM   #23 
  - The only bad ideas about school lunches,  MadHound   Feb-28-09 12:50 PM   #19 
  - Food choices mostly stem from what the USDA subsidizes  underpants   Feb-28-09 01:00 PM   #20 
     - Oh I understand that,  MadHound   Feb-28-09 01:06 PM   #21 
     - I would too  underpants   Feb-28-09 01:11 PM   #24 
     - We CAN buy from local farmers. The problem is supply.  donco6   Mar-01-09 10:47 AM   #36 
  - "by 1975 breakfast was being offered to all children"  hfojvt   Feb-28-09 01:21 PM   #25 
  - My kids' schools rarely offered breakfast  sandnsea   Feb-28-09 02:22 PM   #31 
  - In initial draft, nearly 40% were rejected because of effects from malnutrition. nt  Captain Hilts   Feb-28-09 09:00 PM   #32 
  - Great, great history thanks but...  blueworld   Mar-01-09 10:16 AM   #34 
  - Thank you for this valuable post. n-t  Toucano   Mar-01-09 10:32 AM   #35 

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