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Reply #17: Personally I would not retire there RIGHT NOW [View All]

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nadinbrzezinski Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-26-09 02:56 PM
Response to Reply #15
17. Personally I would not retire there RIGHT NOW
the violence is less far from the border, but the risk of kidnappings is way too real, even in small towns away from the "front Lines."

In fact, there are no front lines in this war, just hotter and colder zones.

As to the war on drugs, it needs to stop, not only for their sake, you are seeing the future of the US as well

MI3 is a real threat, so are the Arellanos, the Sinaloa Cartel, the Colima Cartel...

We are just in the way... to profits
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  -US Department of State Traveller Alert for MEXICO nadinbrzezinski  Feb-26-09 01:57 PM   #0 
  - You're not joking... we're not even going to Padre this summer  TBF   Feb-26-09 01:59 PM   #1 
  - I have family in Mexico City  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:01 PM   #2 
     - They are ill-informed. And soon this country is going to look a lot  TBF   Feb-26-09 02:07 PM   #6 
        - It already does, like Mexico did when I worked in EMS in Tijuana fifteen years ago  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:08 PM   #8 
  - arent there a lot of american retirees in Mexico?  Mari333   Feb-26-09 02:04 PM   #3 
  - Mostly they are fine, they live in places like Guadalajara  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:06 PM   #5 
  - I live near Juarez, in Las Cruces NM so we hear about the  NavyDavy   Feb-26-09 02:05 PM   #4 
  - My local news avoids it, and we are smack dab at the border  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:07 PM   #7 
  - I always learn more down here by reading the comments after  TBF   Feb-26-09 02:19 PM   #10 
  - Well I have a direct line... my EMS Partner, he still works down there  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:28 PM   #12 
  - One of the SD stations is actually licensed to Tijuana  KamaAina   Feb-26-09 03:00 PM   #20 
     - You kid me? They are the worst offenders. They stay out of it  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 03:05 PM   #22 
  - I read Mexican papers at the Newseum  Warpy   Feb-26-09 02:54 PM   #16 
     - Actually their news are not as controlled  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 03:06 PM   #24 
  - Thank you my dear, for a most important article on conditions in Mexico.  Bobbieo   Feb-26-09 02:18 PM   #9 
  - SOme of them are here already  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:22 PM   #11 
  - Has Algodones gotten bad?  nichomachus   Feb-26-09 02:59 PM   #19 
  - ANOTHER great thread!  CaliforniaPeggy   Feb-26-09 02:29 PM   #13 
  - Just trying to bring some reality  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:33 PM   #14 
     - From the border area only?  a la izquierda   Feb-26-09 06:35 PM   #39 
        - Read it, it covers the whole country, though it concentrates in the combat zones  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 06:38 PM   #40 
           - Yeah, I read that yesterday. Not shocked.  a la izquierda   Feb-26-09 06:41 PM   #41 
              - I was a medic with the red cross in TJ, so mostly it was military personnel  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 06:44 PM   #42 
  - I love Mexico and have been considering a move there  Warpy   Feb-26-09 02:53 PM   #15 
  - Personally I would not retire there RIGHT NOW  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 02:56 PM   #17 
  - The best thing they can do is declare defeat and legalize drugs  Warpy   Feb-26-09 03:06 PM   #23 
     - I know but the difference is that drugs are illegal in Mexico too  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 03:10 PM   #26 
  - i love mexico too and would be living there if i hadnt got caught in this economy...oh well...nt  xiamiam   Feb-26-09 03:26 PM   #27 
  - Prices are dropping like a rock right now  Warpy   Feb-26-09 03:30 PM   #29 
  - I live in Playas de Tijuana.  silverweb   Feb-26-09 03:30 PM   #28 
     - You also live in what is mostly a neutral zone  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 03:36 PM   #30 
     - I did leave out the limited access to Playas.  silverweb   Feb-26-09 03:57 PM   #34 
        - Again you are sticking to the neutral zones  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 04:01 PM   #36 
           - Working EMS is a horse of a different color.  silverweb   Feb-26-09 04:26 PM   #37 
              - One hundred murders a month insignificant... in what fucking planet?  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 06:29 PM   #38 
                 - DO NOT put words in my mouth.  silverweb   Feb-26-09 07:15 PM   #43 
                    - And I am telling you that this is not laughing matter  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 08:27 PM   #44 
     - The Chron just put up an article about spring break -  TBF   Feb-26-09 03:42 PM   #31 
        - I would worry about kids on spring break.  silverweb   Feb-26-09 03:59 PM   #35 
  - How bad must things get before people *seriously* talk about legalization?  davepc   Feb-26-09 02:57 PM   #18 
  - It won't be long before Canada issues this same release, but  nichomachus   Feb-26-09 03:04 PM   #21 
  - Ten years at most, if things continue to trend the way they are  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 03:09 PM   #25 
     - I was thinking 10 months  nichomachus   Feb-26-09 03:50 PM   #32 
        - Riots, you will see that fairly soon  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-26-09 03:55 PM   #33 
  - Kick for night crew  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-27-09 12:29 AM   #45 
  - Report: Mexican drug violence threatens U.S. security  TBF   Feb-27-09 02:33 PM   #46 

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