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PhilipShore Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-26-07 12:00 PM
Response to Original message
25. No
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  -Your Honest Opinion - Will Bush Be Impeached ThomWV  Mar-26-07 09:45 AM   #0 
  - The evidence will become overwhelming.  Redbear   Mar-26-07 09:46 AM   #1 
  - Who, among the democrats, will risk their political futures to move on that evidence?  paparush   Mar-26-07 09:47 AM   # 
     - I would prefer the Democrats not risk the party's political future  Kelly Rupert   Mar-26-07 09:50 AM   #6 
        - Maybe..just maybe it will be the Repugs who finally reign their dog in...  paparush   Mar-26-07 07:32 PM   #32 
  - No Guts....No Green Stamps!!  pocoloco   Mar-26-07 09:47 AM   #2 
  - No Balls, No Blue Chips!  hootinholler   Mar-26-07 09:57 AM   #8 
  - if this Congress wants to save their own a$$e$ they will better  alyce douglas   Mar-26-07 09:48 AM   #3 
  - Yes, Congress will do its duty and  Kelly Rupert   Mar-26-07 09:49 AM   #4 
  - So there will be no more disasters in the next 2 years?  ThomWV   Mar-26-07 09:57 AM   #7 
  - No, not rudderless.  Kelly Rupert   Mar-26-07 09:58 AM   #9 
  - Do you honestly think impeachment is about revenge?  hootinholler   Mar-26-07 10:02 AM   #13 
     - There is no such constitutional duty.  Kelly Rupert   Mar-26-07 10:09 AM   #14 
        - So, you agree with me :D  hootinholler   Mar-26-07 10:54 AM   #18 
           - There is no constitutional duty to impeach.  Kelly Rupert   Mar-26-07 01:54 PM   #30 
  - He should more than any other president in our history, but our Congress  Poiuyt   Mar-26-07 09:50 AM   #5 
  - I want to see Bush exposed and humiliated, but Repugs will not ever vote to impeach him  emulatorloo   Mar-26-07 09:58 AM   #10 
  - I don't think they will, and it's really going to piss me off.  Flarney   Mar-26-07 09:59 AM   #11 
  - When hell freezes over.  PelosiFan   Mar-26-07 09:59 AM   #12 
  - I had to vote yes because I want it so bad  Time for change   Mar-26-07 10:13 AM   #15 
  - No, unfortunately  Marie26   Mar-26-07 10:13 AM   #16 
  - No, he will not be impeached.  NCevilDUer   Mar-26-07 10:13 AM   #17 
  - No, it won't happen. Even though it should.  Lil Missy   Mar-26-07 10:57 AM   #19 
  - I have always maintained that Bush and Cheney will be impeached  Jack Rabbit   Mar-26-07 11:05 AM   #20 
  - For every reason you have cited  catmandu57   Mar-26-07 11:14 AM   #21 
  - Support for the GOP shrinks the longer Bush rules. Not a bad trade off for  applegrove   Mar-26-07 11:17 AM   #22 
  - Dissent  Jack Rabbit   Mar-26-07 11:41 AM   #23 
     - Right you are. I'm outside the USA. I guess I just don't know how hard  applegrove   Mar-26-07 12:42 PM   #26 
  - Impeachment: Yes / Removal: No  Jeff In Milwaukee   Mar-26-07 11:59 AM   #24 
  - No  PhilipShore   Mar-26-07 12:00 PM   #25 
  - I think it's going to happen.  Sentinel Chicken   Mar-26-07 12:50 PM   #27 
  - I Sure Hope Congress Does Its Duty  stirlingsliver   Mar-26-07 12:51 PM   #28 
  - The Bad Sleep Well.  genie_weenie   Mar-26-07 12:56 PM   #29 
  - No n/t  Nicole   Mar-26-07 02:29 PM   #31 

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