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Reply #33: Last week Clear Channel announced it would lay off 1,850 employees. [View All]

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Cleita Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-26-09 04:42 PM
Response to Original message
33. Last week Clear Channel announced it would lay off 1,850 employees.

Yet, they signed a contract with Limbu$h in July for $400 million dollars. /

What is wrong with this picture? This more than anything begs for us to bring back the high tier IRS tax rate of 90% so dickwads like him won't make those obscene salaries. This is what kept paychecks down back in the sixties for overrated entertainers, executives and other over payed nobodies. No one is worth that kind of money, especially him. It seems to me that his wages could pay to rehire all those laid off employees, who would stimulate the economy by spending their checks. You know Limbaugh can only spend so much and put the rest away in his nameless accounts in the Cayman Islands and Dubai.
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  -What I learned about Rush Limbaugh boobooday  Jan-26-09 03:59 PM   #0 
  - All reasons why it is impossible to get rid of the cockroach  liberal N proud   Jan-26-09 04:01 PM   #1 
  - Cross promotion is one of the perks about being a gigantic media corporation  anonymous171   Jan-26-09 04:01 PM   #2 
  - Yes, my paper was about the consolidation of radio  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:05 PM   #5 
     - sounds very interesting. did you write it for college? high school?  orleans   Jan-27-09 02:44 AM   #74 
  - now would be a good time to offer that paper to the NYT  billybob537   Jan-26-09 04:02 PM   #3 
  - I know. I was thinking of going back to it  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:04 PM   #4 
  - Limpdick sounds like the Britney Spears of talk radio.  bobd0   Jan-26-09 04:06 PM   #6 
  - Ha -- the Britney comparison is perfect.  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:09 PM   #8 
  - Except Britney isn't as much of a coward.  Lastlaughin08   Jan-26-09 04:23 PM   #17 
     - and has more talent.  conscious evolution   Jan-26-09 04:48 PM   #40 
        - That's right. She can dance.  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:50 PM   #43 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jan-26-09 04:09 PM   #7 
  - I didn't say anything about Rush and Obama  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:10 PM   #9 
  - Spell-check is your friend, Freeptard!  Idealism   Jan-26-09 04:13 PM   #10 
  - That's President Obama to you, dittohead!  Catherine Vincent   Jan-26-09 04:13 PM   #11 
  - Making rush the centerpiece of the repubs...  Wildewolfe   Jan-26-09 04:16 PM   #12 
  - Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: proof positive that listening to Rush Limpdick rots your brain!  Aristus   Jan-26-09 04:16 PM   #13 
  - Watch for the pizza delivery guy.  Lastlaughin08   Jan-26-09 04:19 PM   #15 
  - the delivery guy was a gal  maddezmom   Jan-26-09 05:15 PM   #53 
     - Heh, heh. A great disguise, I must say............  Lastlaughin08   Jan-26-09 08:24 PM   #68 
     - LOL  orleans   Jan-27-09 02:47 AM   #75 
  - "Obama is sitting in the Oval office listenning to Rush telling everyone to stop listinning to Rush"  Lex   Jan-26-09 04:28 PM   #20 
  - You're gonna catch hell when Mommy finds out you're using her computer again.  lpbk2713   Jan-26-09 04:35 PM   #27 
  - ROTFLMAO!!!!!!  BrklynLiberal   Jan-26-09 04:49 PM   #41 
  - awesome graphics  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:50 PM   #44 
  - Pwned!  SIMPLYB1980   Jan-26-09 05:11 PM   #52 
  - How many brain cells does it take to spell "listening"  Maven   Jan-26-09 04:36 PM   #28 
  - Two too many for the Freeps.  kgfnally   Jan-27-09 02:50 AM   #76 
  - That's not what Obama said...  JuniperLea   Jan-26-09 04:40 PM   #31 
  - Hmmm...  Shiver   Jan-26-09 04:45 PM   #35 
  - Because it makes fools like you get rocked back on their heels  Ikonoklast   Jan-26-09 04:45 PM   #36 
  - Why the h#ll you let a pedophile junkie think for you?  Dukkha   Jan-26-09 04:52 PM   #46 
  - Pedophile junkie?  eridani   Jan-26-09 09:57 PM   #71 
     - I hear some people are saying that  eShirl   Jan-27-09 01:59 AM   #73 
  - Almost a good point  gratuitous   Jan-26-09 04:54 PM   #48 
     - Love your analysis that Pres. Obama is calling them out  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:56 PM   #49 
  - Kicked and recommended.  Uncle Joe   Jan-26-09 04:16 PM   #14 
  - I will gladly volunteer to be the Liberal counterweight !!!  Moostache   Jan-26-09 04:20 PM   #16 
  - Imagine if you had that kind of media machine behind you!  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:28 PM   #21 
     - but...but...but...randi rhodes works for clear channel  orleans   Jan-27-09 02:55 AM   #77 
  - Was ABC pushing/promoting him when he was KFBK?  Brother Buzz   Jan-26-09 04:23 PM   #18 
  - There is always promotion beyond word of mouth  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:30 PM   #22 
  - I'll bet Keith would love this nugget of gold...n/t  monmouth   Jan-26-09 04:25 PM   #19 
  - Promoted by Big Brother. The media domination by a few neocon interests  Nothing Without Hope   Jan-26-09 04:30 PM   #23 
  - That's Ed Schultz's point, that Rush is sustained by ownership, not ratings.  DailyGrind51   Jan-26-09 04:32 PM   #24 
  - I'm glad to hear that someone is pointing this out!  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:34 PM   #26 
  - Wake up and smell the op-ed, boobooday!  JuniperLea   Jan-26-09 04:34 PM   #25 
  - You inspire me!  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:38 PM   #30 
     - Yay!  JuniperLea   Jan-26-09 04:44 PM   #34 
  - I took another look..  JuniperLea   Jan-26-09 04:37 PM   #29 
  - a couple of quibbles:  onenote   Jan-26-09 04:41 PM   #32 
  - certainly agree that he appeals  ThisThreadIsSatire   Jan-26-09 04:45 PM   #37 
  - Quibbles duly noted, but . . .  boobooday   Jan-26-09 04:46 PM   #38 
  - omg-- i remember that asshole morton downey--what a dick he was! n/t  orleans   Jan-27-09 02:58 AM   #78 
  - Last week Clear Channel announced it would lay off 1,850 employees.  Cleita   Jan-26-09 04:42 PM   #33 
  - thanks. That answer alot of questions for me.  BrklynLiberal   Jan-26-09 04:47 PM   #39 
  - Liberal media, my black ass! He's the highest paid talk show host EVER!  Liberal_Stalwart71   Jan-26-09 04:49 PM   #42 
  - and don't forget that he got out of military service because he had a cyst on his ass!!!  BrklynLiberal   Jan-26-09 04:51 PM   #45 
     - Sorry excuse for a man. He can't get it up so he gets some underaged  Liberal_Stalwart71   Jan-26-09 04:53 PM   #47 
  - just another cronie  ihatehannity   Jan-26-09 05:04 PM   #50 
  - I find him more difficult to listen to than Limbaugh  boobooday   Jan-26-09 05:09 PM   #51 
  - i thought 90 percent of his show went something like this:  orleans   Jan-27-09 03:25 AM   #79 
     - If I hadn't already rec'd this thread I would now for this post. LOL.  lpbk2713   Jan-27-09 08:14 AM   #81 
  - Sorry. There are many gaps in your narriative. It just didn't happen that way.  FormerRushFan   Jan-26-09 05:50 PM   #54 
  - Thanks, this is very thoughtful  boobooday   Jan-26-09 06:07 PM   #57 
     - Maybe he jumped the shark  Brother Buzz   Jan-26-09 09:38 PM   #70 
  - he's dangerous. he's yelling fire in the crowded theater.  spanone   Jan-26-09 05:55 PM   #55 
  - Are you suggesting that Limbaugh is a PSYOPS plant?  Cardiff   Jan-26-09 05:57 PM   #56 
  - I read a book by some professor about propaganda techniques  creeksneakers2   Jan-26-09 06:47 PM   #59 
     - I see your point, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were a PSYOPS thing  Cardiff   Jan-26-09 07:01 PM   #61 
  - How do talk radio stations make any money? I tried listening the other day  likesmountains 52   Jan-26-09 06:13 PM   #58 
  - Often, Rush is doing corporate public relations  creeksneakers2   Jan-26-09 06:49 PM   #60 
  - Your points above have some flaws  maseman   Jan-26-09 07:05 PM   #62 
  - From One Who Saw The "Birth" Of Hate Radio  KharmaTrain   Jan-26-09 07:14 PM   #63 
  - And you didn't even have to mention that he was arrested for trolling for cock at the bus station  mitchum   Jan-26-09 07:21 PM   #64 
  - I don't know the details  CitizenPatriot   Jan-26-09 07:26 PM   #65 
  - And if you're ever in need of a good laugh...  InvisibleTouch   Jan-26-09 07:35 PM   #66 
  - It's always been astonishing to me that people put aside their disbelief to buy his product  stevedeshazer   Jan-26-09 08:18 PM   #67 
     - Oh, I'd never advocate BUYING one of his books.  InvisibleTouch   Jan-26-09 08:59 PM   #69 
        - Didn't mean to suggest that  stevedeshazer   Jan-26-09 11:34 PM   #72 
  - ditto heads  Duppers   Jan-27-09 03:31 AM   #80 
  - It doesn't hurt that Rush is BFFs with Clarence (Me Too) Thomas  nichomachus   Jan-27-09 11:30 AM   #82 

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