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Reply #11: It's ok if you eat it. [View All]

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deaniac21 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jan-08-09 09:40 PM
Response to Reply #3
11. It's ok if you eat it.
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  -Maybe I'm being too hard on Sarah, but... Blue_In_AK  Jan-08-09 09:24 PM   #0 
  - She needs to get over herself...I'm over her for sure!!!!  FLyellowdog   Jan-08-09 09:25 PM   #1 
  - No, you're not being too hard on Mrs. Mooseburger.  ocelot   Jan-08-09 09:26 PM   #2 
  - She's wearing another dead animal on her neck.  Genevieve   Jan-08-09 09:29 PM   #3 
  - It's ok if you eat it.  deaniac21   Jan-08-09 09:40 PM   #11 
  - No, it's ok if "you" eat it.  Genevieve   Jan-08-09 09:57 PM   #20 
     - I meant "she".  deaniac21   Jan-08-09 09:58 PM   #22 
  - I don't think I've ever seen fur, a ribbed sweater, and paisley together before. nt  JoeIsOneOfUs   Jan-08-09 09:46 PM   #14 
  - Neither have I!  Genevieve   Jan-08-09 09:58 PM   #21 
  - Ah, fashion police person is it? Does it pay well?  terisan   Jan-08-09 11:42 PM   #32 
  - Why is she giving a speech in her jammies?  tularetom   Jan-08-09 10:28 PM   #27 
  - Sarah *who*?  BlooInBloo   Jan-08-09 09:29 PM   #4 
  - I don't think you can  CC   Jan-08-09 09:31 PM   #5 
  - Me, too, CC.  Blue_In_AK   Jan-08-09 09:32 PM   #6 
     - Having had to survive a  CC   Jan-08-09 09:47 PM   #15 
  - Answer: No  gratuitous   Jan-08-09 09:35 PM   #7 
  - She also wants to be permitted to hit the ball  BerryBush   Jan-08-09 10:23 PM   #25 
  - 'I'll try to find you some and I'll bring them to ya.'  Ichingcarpenter   Jan-08-09 09:35 PM   #8 
  - She's as full of it as a Christmas moose--but seriously,  spindrifter   Jan-08-09 09:38 PM   #9 
  - Quote from article you linked to  RandomThoughts   Jan-08-09 09:40 PM   #10 
  - Guess emailing to tell 'er 'bout herself is a big no-no, eh?  nc4bo   Jan-08-09 09:41 PM   #12 
  - I don't think Republican Spin Machine qualifies as sweet little lies.  RandomThoughts   Jan-08-09 09:53 PM   #19 
  - No - that's about her personal campaign, not Alaska business. nt  JoeIsOneOfUs   Jan-08-09 09:44 PM   #13 
  - Check my link re: email Gov. Palin. The hypocrisy of it all in black, white and yellow. nt  nc4bo   Jan-08-09 09:48 PM   #16 
     - seriously, she should get in trouble for it. When does her term end anyway? nt  JoeIsOneOfUs   Jan-08-09 09:49 PM   #18 
        - 2010.  Blue_In_AK   Jan-08-09 10:04 PM   #23 
  - Until she gets her sorry ass out of politics, it's impossible to be too hard on her  Paint It Black   Jan-08-09 09:49 PM   #17 
  - That release reads like it was written by Irena Briganti of Fox News.  BerryBush   Jan-08-09 10:21 PM   #24 
  - You might be interested in this follow-up ...  Blue_In_AK   Jan-08-09 10:37 PM   #28 
  - she's a sick, twisted puppy.  spanone   Jan-08-09 10:24 PM   #26 
  - Palin is under the mistaken assumption that she and Obama were comparable candidates.  Marr   Jan-08-09 10:41 PM   #29 
  - i really , really HATE her  JI7   Jan-08-09 10:50 PM   #30 
  - I think Sarah Palin is accomplished & non-elitist +she is definitely not some hypocritical  terisan   Jan-08-09 11:40 PM   #31 
  - Would you say your love of the monkey is exceeded by your love for the ho from Wasilla, or  ConsAreLiars   Jan-09-09 04:21 AM   #35 
     - That Monkey outsmarted you, me, and the in-office Democrats for eight years  terisan   Jan-09-09 09:02 AM   #37 
  - No it doesn't  merh   Jan-08-09 11:52 PM   #33 
  - She seems to think that Alaska is her very own little Duchy  SoCalDem   Jan-09-09 01:24 AM   #34 
  - She is trying to stay in the public eye and not be forgotten for 2012. And that has no  OmmmSweetOmmm   Jan-09-09 04:59 AM   #36 

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