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Reply #53: Disgusting [View All]

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wildflowergardener Donating Member (863 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-31-08 01:38 PM
Response to Original message
53. Disgusting
I am curious if you are a man or woman - you don't have to say of course if you don't want to. It was a disgusting comment regardless, but more creepy if you are a woman, in my opinion. I am good at fixing computers, but would not feel safe going into strangers homes to do it - you are bound to run into people like that.

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  -The Contents of this post will Piss-Off every Women here and I hope ..Men also. BlueJazz  Dec-31-08 10:06 AM   #0 
  - Good for you. What an asshole.  tekisui   Dec-31-08 10:08 AM   #1 
  - Was he drunk  dsc   Dec-31-08 10:09 AM   #2 
  - Oh...I would LOVE him to take me to Small-Claims Court...I have a Friend and He tells me..  BlueJazz   Dec-31-08 10:17 AM   #9 
  - You should have worked on his PC long enough to discover his kiddy porn collection  Atman   Dec-31-08 10:10 AM   #3 
  - Nah.  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Dec-31-08 10:14 AM   #7 
     - That Was Funny!  ProfessorGAC   Jan-01-09 09:54 AM   #81 
  - haha laptop in pieces  DS1   Dec-31-08 10:10 AM   #4 
  - Good on you! Well played!  Dangerously Amused   Dec-31-08 10:12 AM   #5 
  - I have to wonder about people sometime, especially in professional situations  unpossibles   Dec-31-08 10:14 AM   #6 
  - Knuckleheads.  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Dec-31-08 10:18 AM   #10 
  - maybe you're right!  unpossibles   Dec-31-08 10:22 AM   #13 
  - That is why I only drink...  awoke_in_2003   Dec-31-08 12:31 PM   #48 
  - I'm sorry, but what is a "hair fag?  Kalyke   Dec-31-08 12:17 PM   #40 
     - his male hairdresser, he proceeded to explain  unpossibles   Dec-31-08 12:19 PM   #42 
        - Thanks for clarifying.  Kalyke   Dec-31-08 12:25 PM   #47 
  - Just curious -- how old was this idiot? n/t  Donnachaidh   Dec-31-08 10:15 AM   #8 
  - About 40-45  BlueJazz   Dec-31-08 10:19 AM   #11 
  - So when is he going to send his wife and/or daughter out  Bluzmann57   Dec-31-08 10:20 AM   #12 
  - Nah, this creep probably doesn't have any real women any where near his life  Withywindle   Dec-31-08 01:44 PM   #55 
  - Good for you  wryter2000   Dec-31-08 10:23 AM   #14 
  - I broke up with a "really nice" christian lawyer after he told me that  Ilsa   Dec-31-08 10:23 AM   #15 
  - What an ignoramus. He could be a prostitute.  ftbc   Dec-31-08 10:24 AM   #16 
  - He's already a prostitute for the Bush-Cheneys and their followers. nt  Ilsa   Dec-31-08 10:26 AM   #18 
  - my thought exactly. he's obviously pissed that he's missing out.  nashville_brook   Dec-31-08 11:33 AM   #38 
  - I think I love you  stillwaiting   Dec-31-08 10:25 AM   #17 
  - Welcome to DU  wryter2000   Dec-31-08 01:19 PM   #50 
  - heh. If I got pissed off every time some dude said something stupid...  bunnies   Dec-31-08 10:28 AM   #19 
  - Passion is good for the soul  Caretha   Dec-31-08 06:04 PM   #72 
  - Good for you. I wouldn't have been able to stay there, either. Not another minute.  TahitiNut   Dec-31-08 10:28 AM   #20 
  - what an example he is  stuntcat   Dec-31-08 10:28 AM   #21 
  - No, they encourage such things--like that idiot at a Palin rally with the  tblue37   Dec-31-08 08:09 PM   #74 
     - Sometimes peoples freedom to speak should be taken away.  Xenotime   Jan-01-09 10:26 AM   #84 
  - You should have asked him if that was what his wife was doing  Sydnie   Dec-31-08 10:29 AM   #22 
  - "she ain't just sittin' on her money- she's sittin' on YOUR money..."  QuestionAll   Jan-01-09 09:54 AM   #80 
  - To be Republican is, at some level, to embrace bad manners  Bucky   Dec-31-08 10:30 AM   #23 
  - Besides an incredibly assinine POV,  Le Taz Hot   Dec-31-08 10:31 AM   #24 
  - PS, just out of curiosity, what kind of computer does Dennis Prager have?  Bucky   Dec-31-08 10:32 AM   #25 
  - Well he has a point...  Ioo   Dec-31-08 10:36 AM   #26 
  - No, because his point was that women can and men can't. And he's wrong.  pnwmom   Dec-31-08 10:47 AM   #30 
  - He's just jealous because he'd fail as a prostitute, It's vagina envy  lunatica   Dec-31-08 10:37 AM   #27 
  - ah, yes, the old standard:  musette_sf   Dec-31-08 01:37 PM   #52 
     - So, in your experience what's your explanation?  lunatica   Dec-31-08 02:45 PM   #58 
        - um, i was AGREEING with your post!  musette_sf   Dec-31-08 05:34 PM   #71 
           - I thought you were being sarcastic  lunatica   Jan-01-09 10:27 AM   #85 
  - Good on you. n/t  Veganistan   Dec-31-08 10:45 AM   #28 
  - And remember The Best Rule of The Services Industry:  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Dec-31-08 10:46 AM   #29 
  - THANK YOU.  Triana   Dec-31-08 10:48 AM   #31 
  - most excellent repsonse  Soilent Brice   Dec-31-08 10:52 AM   #32 
  - I don't know how I would have responded, but an alternative one  question everything   Dec-31-08 10:58 AM   #33 
  - Nicely done! A clear violation of Mindpilot's Third Rule of Life.  MindPilot   Dec-31-08 11:04 AM   #34 
  - Do you work for yourself, or is there be a boss to whom you must answer?  MindPilot   Dec-31-08 11:10 AM   #35 
  - That is sexual harrassment.  Kalyke   Dec-31-08 12:24 PM   #45 
  - No..I'm my own Boss. :) :)  BlueJazz   Dec-31-08 01:29 PM   #51 
  - Wow, that's amazingly stupid.  EstimatedProphet   Dec-31-08 11:25 AM   #36 
  - I am very glad you didn't put up with his B.S.  ThomCat   Dec-31-08 11:31 AM   #37 
  - BlueJazz thanks for sharing  MadMaddie   Dec-31-08 12:02 PM   #39 
  - Good for you!!  Kalyke   Dec-31-08 12:18 PM   #41 
  - You should have reminded him that he *could* suck a dick too.  flvegan   Dec-31-08 12:23 PM   #43 
  - Not only is that mind-numbingly sexist but math impaired.  MPK   Dec-31-08 12:23 PM   #44 
  - I'm sorry.  ceile   Dec-31-08 12:25 PM   #46 
  - He obviously didn't know about this guy:  awoke_in_2003   Dec-31-08 12:35 PM   #49 
  - Disgusting  mbergen   Dec-31-08 01:38 PM   #53 
  - I'm not pissed off.  LWolf   Dec-31-08 01:43 PM   #54 
  - Crisse de mongol !! nt.  Sandrine for you   Dec-31-08 01:54 PM   #56 
  - Thank you for standing up for human rights. We all stand together or we die alone.  yardwork   Dec-31-08 01:56 PM   #57 
  - He's never heard of Jeff Gannon? Typical Republican, they have no idea what their "leaders" do.  glitch   Dec-31-08 03:15 PM   #59 
  - I guess he has to pay for sex, because he is an idiot asshole. Does not realize some people get it  McCamy Taylor   Dec-31-08 03:22 PM   #60 
  - What is wrong with these people?  Usrename   Dec-31-08 03:23 PM   #61 
  - what a jerk! How does he know so much about prostitutes? experience? haha  carlyhippy   Dec-31-08 03:25 PM   #62 
  - Did his name rhyme with Jeff Gannon? n/t  Uncle Joe   Dec-31-08 03:25 PM   #63 
  - You should of asked him if any of his female family members where part of the plan  devilgrrl   Dec-31-08 03:33 PM   #64 
  - I am pissed! Now get back here and reassemble my computer!  zagging   Dec-31-08 03:45 PM   #65 
  - The only thing more I think you could have done was...  Hepburn   Dec-31-08 03:52 PM   #66 
  - You Rule! God it's great to see men who can see it  BlancheSplanchnik   Dec-31-08 03:53 PM   #67 
  - Asshole  ismnotwasm   Dec-31-08 03:56 PM   #68 
  - I see you are your own boss. So bravo!  nomad1776   Dec-31-08 04:16 PM   #69 
  - So, if I lose my job, I should be a whore???  OhioChick   Dec-31-08 05:21 PM   #70 
  - Shoudda said "Well you're not such a bad lookin' fella, ifyaknowhatimean!"  baldguy   Dec-31-08 06:40 PM   #73 
  - Dear Geezus ...  RoyGBiv   Dec-31-08 08:31 PM   #75 
  - Oooo...  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Jan-01-09 10:18 AM   #83 
     - Pretty close actually ...  RoyGBiv   Jan-01-09 02:01 PM   #92 
        - How utterly sad.  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Jan-01-09 08:34 PM   #94 
  - You go Bluejazz! Happy New Year!  robinlynne   Dec-31-08 10:58 PM   #76 
  - Oh... My....God.  Dr_eldritch   Jan-01-09 08:51 AM   #77 
  - Aaah, he was probably upset because he just found out his wife was cheating  rateyes   Jan-01-09 09:43 AM   #78 
  - how would that piss-off prostitutes that like their job...?  QuestionAll   Jan-01-09 09:52 AM   #79 
  - a big hug to you. a man with integrity and true example for all of us.  seabeyond   Jan-01-09 10:00 AM   #82 
  - One Too Many Girls Made Him Feel Inadequate as a Man  fascisthunter   Jan-01-09 10:31 AM   #86 
  - Gack! A walking turd!!!!  davsand   Jan-01-09 10:43 AM   #87 
  - Thank you. I have three daughters.  FedUpWithIt All   Jan-01-09 11:59 AM   #88 
  - hasn't the rocket scientist ever heard of male prostitutes  TEmperorHasNoClothes   Jan-01-09 12:01 PM   #89 
  - damn! I can't recommend your post!  dana_b   Jan-01-09 12:18 PM   #90 
  - You should've confiscated his hard drive  lynyrd_skynyrd   Jan-01-09 12:20 PM   #91 
  - Good for you  varelse   Jan-01-09 02:21 PM   #93 

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