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Reply #54: Not at all. The same here. When I can do something about it.... there is no [View All]

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Joe Chi Minh Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-19-08 09:21 AM
Response to Reply #53
54. Not at all. The same here. When I can do something about it.... there is no
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  -EXCELLENT Holiday Slide Show with audio--**Please Watch**!! bobbolink  Dec-17-08 03:46 PM   #0 
  - Huge K&R. It's heartbreaking, but it's reality and we must.....  timeforarevolution   Dec-17-08 04:04 PM   #1 
  - "there but for the grace of God go I"  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 04:08 PM   #2 
     - Some of the comments on the Post site are breathtakingly ignorant.  JeffR   Dec-17-08 04:28 PM   #10 
        - Yes, It hurts to read them. THAT'S why JUSTICE is so important... and education!  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 04:31 PM   #11 
  - Thank you, bobbolink  oktoberain   Dec-17-08 04:08 PM   #3 
  - "I beg all of you, please take the time out of your day to take the actions suggested "  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 04:12 PM   #6 
  - k and r  Wetzelbill   Dec-17-08 04:10 PM   #4 
  - Thanks for posting this Bobbie. Merry Christmas to you!  Beaverhausen   Dec-17-08 04:11 PM   #5 
  - It's an excellent series this photojournalist has been doing and deserves a wide audience.  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 04:19 PM   #7 
  - K & R  JeffR   Dec-17-08 04:21 PM   #8 
  - "This is required viewing." That's what I think... this is right out of Barbara Ehrenreich!  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 04:25 PM   #9 
     - Glad I got to see this today, Bobbie  JeffR   Dec-17-08 04:33 PM   #13 
  - Thank you Bobbolink. K and R  saracat   Dec-17-08 04:32 PM   #12 
  - Thanks saracat! Good to see you again!  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 04:34 PM   #14 
  - kick  Blue_In_AK   Dec-17-08 04:56 PM   #15 
  - King's Inn motel at LaGuardia.  trof   Dec-17-08 05:00 PM   #16 
  - Beautifully written, trof! This is what many cities are doing... "Outsourcing" homelessness!  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 06:31 PM   #21 
     - Done and done. Thanks for your post.  trof   Dec-18-08 06:01 PM   #50 
        - Thanks so much for taking the step for action!!  bobbolink   Dec-18-08 06:04 PM   #51 
  - K&R !  G_j   Dec-17-08 05:03 PM   #17 
  - When I travel to Yuma I stay in a cheap motel where there are families  grantcart   Dec-17-08 05:05 PM   #18 
  - Good idea. I wrote a suggestion for building green low income  midnight   Dec-17-08 05:16 PM   #19 
  - Thank you for writing to the Transition Team!  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 09:35 PM   #34 
  - Kicking and Recommending  Delphinus   Dec-17-08 06:15 PM   #20 
  - Kick.  JeffR   Dec-17-08 06:45 PM   #22 
  - An artist as a journalist! And, one with a heart.  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 07:11 PM   #24 
     - You're right. They both deserve huge plaudits for this.  JeffR   Dec-17-08 07:31 PM   #26 
  - Beautifully done, Bobolink ...  NanceGreggs   Dec-17-08 07:00 PM   #23 
  - Thanks, Nance.... it wasn't me.. I was just the one who was determined to see the photos  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 07:54 PM   #28 
  - K&R  MartyL   Dec-17-08 07:24 PM   #25 
  - I've been thinking about you today, bobbolink.  intheflow   Dec-17-08 07:38 PM   #27 
  - Your kind words come at a really important time... Thank you!  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 08:47 PM   #31 
     - Don't sell yourself short, bobbolink.  intheflow   Dec-17-08 09:04 PM   #33 
  - K&R for the many  JNelson6563   Dec-17-08 08:14 PM   #29 
  - YEs, many people are "hidden" and others don't know they are homeless.  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 09:43 PM   #35 
  - I'm afraid that one day, this will all "hit" me at once and I'll start screaming  varelse   Dec-17-08 08:15 PM   #30 
  - Yes, that is indeed one of the best kept secrets.... it needs to be fought!  bobbolink   Dec-18-08 12:06 PM   #45 
     - I can't help but wonder  varelse   Dec-18-08 07:57 PM   #52 
  - A kick.  Old Crusoe   Dec-17-08 08:54 PM   #32 
  - Kicking again.  JeffR   Dec-17-08 09:47 PM   #36 
  - Thanks for kicking for the night crew...  bobbolink   Dec-17-08 09:48 PM   #37 
     - I hope so!  JeffR   Dec-17-08 10:12 PM   #38 
  - As someone who was homeless and felt that staying in a cheap hotel was a good day,  Just A Yeller Dawg   Dec-17-08 10:34 PM   #39 
  - Thanks  JNelson6563   Dec-18-08 05:07 AM   #40 
  - Thank you, Yeller Dawg!! Your voice is important!!  bobbolink   Dec-18-08 11:07 AM   #43 
  - Kick!  undeterred   Dec-18-08 08:36 AM   #41 
  - Thanks for posting this. K&R  tishaLA   Dec-18-08 10:07 AM   #42 
  - Good work here bobbo.  asdjrocky   Dec-18-08 11:24 AM   #44 
  - Thanks for watching it... please share it with others!  bobbolink   Dec-18-08 02:12 PM   #47 
  - k&r nt  bananas   Dec-18-08 01:17 PM   #46 
  - Kicking again  JeffR   Dec-18-08 03:16 PM   #48 
  - To depressing to contemplate, Bobbo. I can't bring myself to watch  KCabotDullesMarxIII   Dec-18-08 04:16 PM   #49 
  - I understand completely. What's important is taking the action!  bobbolink   Dec-18-08 09:16 PM   #53 
     - Not at all. The same here. When I can do something about it.... there is no  KCabotDullesMarxIII   Dec-19-08 09:21 AM   #54 
  - WOW!  tosh   Dec-22-08 10:16 AM   #55 

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