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Reply #26: Being a Democrat [View All]

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NashVegas Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-09-08 12:48 PM
Response to Reply #7
26. Being a Democrat
Look, I would never, in 3 zillion years, say what Blago was doing doesn't stink.

But that doesn't mitigate the fact the Justice Department has been abused for 8 years and is continuing to be abused for political purposes.
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  -Yesterday Gov. Rod Blagojevich Attacked Bank of America, Today the Bush DOJ Makes Him Disappear McCamy Taylor  Dec-09-08 12:23 PM   #0 
  - I ask again: how does this help B of A?  Dreamer Tatum   Dec-09-08 12:25 PM   #1 
  - It demoralizes the workers' rights movement. "No one supports us"  McCamy Taylor   Dec-09-08 12:34 PM   #14 
  - From Fitzgerald's shady dealings in the WTC 93 case...  MinM   Dec-09-08 12:45 PM   #23 
  - Blago was late to the banquet in the strike/sit in. He was looking  roguevalley   Dec-09-08 02:06 PM   #55 
  - IF true it is a message to anyone else to not cross the Bankers  Phred42   Dec-09-08 02:56 PM   #79 
  - weren't the RWers pissed off at "Bank of America" a couple of years back,  zbdent   Dec-09-08 12:26 PM   #2 
  - to the barricades!  leftofthedial   Dec-09-08 12:27 PM   #3 
  - Oh bullshit.  originalpckelly   Dec-09-08 12:28 PM   #4 
  - and wordy. pretentious bullshit at that- the smelliest kind.  cali   Dec-09-08 02:22 PM   #65 
  - Fitz had been building a case for three years.  Liberal_Lurker   Dec-09-08 12:30 PM   #5 
  - Don't You Think That's a Bit MUCH?  Crisco   Dec-09-08 12:44 PM   #21 
     - No, I don't.  Liberal_Lurker   Dec-09-08 12:50 PM   #29 
     - do you plan to write to chimpy to ask him to pardon George Ryan  onenote   Dec-09-08 11:47 PM   #99 
  - True, but don't forget  DonCoquixote   Dec-09-08 12:30 PM   #6 
  - "What was Blagojevich's real crime?"  Raskolnik   Dec-09-08 12:30 PM   #7 
  - Being a Democrat  Crisco   Dec-09-08 12:48 PM   #26 
     - You are conflating two essentially unrelated issues.  Raskolnik   Dec-09-08 12:54 PM   #34 
     - Previous Gov, Ryan wasn't a Dem. He's currently doing time for corruption.  Garbo 2004   Dec-09-08 02:16 PM   #58 
        - Ding, ding, ding!  GoneOffShore   Dec-10-08 08:54 AM   #112 
  - I think that is an interesting take on it, actually  LisaM   Dec-09-08 12:31 PM   #8 
  - Didn't take money for this, but he's been taking money for favors  mycritters2   Dec-09-08 12:49 PM   #27 
  - I hope you purchased the industrial sized roll of Tin Foil  Marrah_G   Dec-09-08 12:32 PM   #9 
  - There is a conspiracy here, the one the governor will be charged with...  originalpckelly   Dec-09-08 12:33 PM   #11 
  - Exactly.  Dorian Gray   Dec-10-08 07:51 AM   #108 
  - No conspiricy  blindpig   Dec-09-08 02:34 PM   #74 
  - Blajogevic has been heading for jailt since spring at least  anigbrowl   Dec-09-08 12:32 PM   #10 
  - Amen-thanks for this McCamy-people here don't get it  JennasLiver   Dec-09-08 12:33 PM   #12 
  - and some of us have had dealing with this creep and get it quite clearly. n/t  greyhound1966   Dec-09-08 12:35 PM   #17 
  - hey-I'm not saying he's not a creep..  JennasLiver   Dec-09-08 12:45 PM   #24 
     - It is the "Chicago way". Similar to what Huey Long did, but cheaper.  greyhound1966   Dec-09-08 12:59 PM   #36 
  - Spitzer paid for whores; Blagojevich is a whore  theboss   Dec-09-08 02:12 PM   #56 
  - How arrogant and foolish - YOU don't get it  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-09-08 02:25 PM   #67 
  - They Don't Want To. Nobody Wants to See This May As Well Be 16-18th Century France  Crisco   Dec-09-08 03:00 PM   #82 
  - Dis get what? That Spitzer was a raging corrupt egomaniac only outdone by his hypocrisy?  LostinVA   Dec-10-08 05:15 AM   #105 
  - Oh please, He Had This Coming  maddowfan   Dec-09-08 12:33 PM   #13 
  - Blaggo has been a crook for a long time. His siding with the workers may  greyhound1966   Dec-09-08 12:34 PM   #15 
  - I'm Uuith You!  zorahopkins   Dec-09-08 12:35 PM   #16 
  - Ridiculous.  SteppingRazor   Dec-09-08 12:40 PM   #18 
  - Well Said, Razor!  ProfessorGAC   Dec-10-08 08:58 AM   #114 
  - So...let's sum up. One month after the election that put an IL Dem in the WH  Dreamer Tatum   Dec-09-08 12:42 PM   #19 
  - Where's the proof  JoDog   Dec-09-08 12:44 PM   #20 
  - Thank You  izzie99   Dec-09-08 12:44 PM   #22 
  - Finally an Opening Post using COMMON SENSE!  B Calm   Dec-09-08 12:45 PM   #25 
  - One post to cover some of the responses above.  McCamy Taylor   Dec-09-08 12:49 PM   #28 
  - ever hear of George Ryan?  onenote   Dec-09-08 01:30 PM   #48 
  - I love these people who don't know dick about Illinois politics pontificating about this  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-09-08 02:17 PM   #60 
  - I'm sorry, that's just as loony as the freeper birth certificate crap  cali   Dec-09-08 02:27 PM   #69 
  - Right fuckin' on. n/t  blindpig   Dec-09-08 02:36 PM   #75 
  - That's the difference between the D's and the R's  hogwyld   Dec-09-08 12:50 PM   #30 
  - Fuck that, he's not MY politician  no limit   Dec-09-08 01:20 PM   #43 
  - That's because Ds care about the rule of law and Rs only care about team loyalty  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-09-08 02:19 PM   #61 
  - Beltway D's Only Care About the Rules of Law When  Crisco   Dec-10-08 08:54 AM   #113 
  - what a positively progressive sentiment!  onenote   Dec-09-08 02:21 PM   #63 
  - Blather. nt  sufrommich   Dec-09-08 02:26 PM   #68 
  - "Our" corrupt politician? Fuck that noise.  Telly Savalas   Dec-09-08 06:24 PM   #94 
  - Was it also a conspiracy when they took down Ryan..who also did a good thing?  Tierra_y_Libertad   Dec-09-08 12:52 PM   #31 
  - It was Rahm who sent him up the river to clear the path for candidate 1...the good guys won today  LeviathanCrumbling   Dec-09-08 12:52 PM   #32 
  - Yep I too wondered about the timing  malaise   Dec-09-08 12:54 PM   #33 
  - If you're concerned about timing...  Orsino   Dec-09-08 12:59 PM   #35 
  - Blagojevich is corrupt and a phony populist, nothing more.  smitty   Dec-09-08 01:11 PM   #37 
  - You really have no idea what you are talking about.  AngryAmish   Dec-09-08 01:16 PM   #38 
  - Nope. Blago is just a crooked asshole.  gmudem   Dec-09-08 01:18 PM   #39 
  - Exactly, As a Wisconsite I've been reading about the political  smitty   Dec-09-08 01:31 PM   #49 
  - Yes, they clearly started the wiretap around 8 weeks ago, b/c they knew that yesterday he was going  tammywammy   Dec-09-08 01:18 PM   #40 
  - Bush justice department trying to find something on Obama would  B Calm   Dec-09-08 01:32 PM   #50 
     - No, the most likely story is that Blago is a corrupt politician to the highest degree  tammywammy   Dec-09-08 02:52 PM   #77 
        - No doubt Blago is a corrupt politician. I do think they  B Calm   Dec-10-08 08:44 AM   #109 
  - Chem-trails everywhere this morning. It chills me to the bone.  apocalypsehow   Dec-09-08 01:18 PM   #41 
  - Here I thought that today he was most famous for openly demanding bribes. nt  Occam Bandage   Dec-09-08 01:19 PM   #42 
  - Oh Bullshit  Crabby Appleton   Dec-09-08 01:22 PM   #44 
  - Google logical fallacy  no limit   Dec-09-08 01:22 PM   #45 
  - Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc?  yodermon   Dec-09-08 01:51 PM   #54 
     - Not even that  AngryAmish   Dec-09-08 03:27 PM   #87 
  - no  blogslut   Dec-09-08 01:23 PM   #46 
  - Don't be played by someone's eleventh hour act of charity.  The Backlash Cometh   Dec-09-08 01:26 PM   #47 
  - Let's assume some things  DonCoquixote   Dec-09-08 01:40 PM   #51 
  - Complete, total UTTER horseshit....he is a frigging crook and he got busted...  truebrit71   Dec-09-08 01:42 PM   #52 
  - "I do not care what the Illinois Governor did"  bamalib   Dec-09-08 01:45 PM   #53 
  - PLEASE - this case has been building for YEARS  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-09-08 02:13 PM   #57 
  - Thank you...  MrsGrumpy   Dec-09-08 02:23 PM   #66 
  - You are citing Bloomberg to prop your case against Blago's (justified) detractors. NO SALE.  blondeatlast   Dec-09-08 02:16 PM   #59 
  - Yes, it's remarkable how many truly gullible people there are.  TexasObserver   Dec-09-08 02:20 PM   #62 
  - They've got him on tape ,the gullible here are the ones who  sufrommich   Dec-09-08 02:32 PM   #73 
     - The gullible are those who believe prosecutors before trial.  TexasObserver   Dec-09-08 02:37 PM   #76 
        - Still haven't bothered to actually learn about the investigation, have you?  Raskolnik   Dec-09-08 02:58 PM   #80 
  - Naive  NeedleCast   Dec-09-08 02:21 PM   #64 
  - What is the evidence that the governor was ever a "folk hero of the left?"  yardwork   Dec-09-08 02:31 PM   #70 
  - I'm on the left and in Illinois and this is the first I'd heard of it.  nemo137   Dec-09-08 11:47 PM   #100 
  - Two Words.....Gov. Siegelman and one picture  McCamy Taylor   Dec-09-08 02:31 PM   #71 
  - Yep, the same crew of "but the prosecutors are always just" advocates at work.  TexasObserver   Dec-09-08 03:08 PM   #84 
     - Could you please point to one post that said, or implied, "the prosecutors are always just?"  Raskolnik   Dec-09-08 05:03 PM   #91 
  - Or maybe he's a crass, corrupt scumbag.  terrya   Dec-09-08 02:31 PM   #72 
  - If there were anywhere but Illinois, I would agree with you.  Raskolnik   Dec-09-08 03:01 PM   #83 
  - I Think "Crass" May Be A Key Word  Crisco   Dec-10-08 08:47 AM   #110 
  - So the sit-in worked and the company has been extended credit by BOA  originalpckelly   Dec-09-08 02:55 PM   #78 
  - which completely blows the epically silly tinfoil theory put forth by the OP  cali   Dec-09-08 02:58 PM   #81 
     - nah, it just means that it was a far more complex conspiracy...  onenote   Dec-09-08 03:10 PM   #85 
  - Hmm. I guess the workers won't be picketing BOA tomorrow as they'd planned  leftstreet   Dec-09-08 03:12 PM   #86 
  - They did it to Spitzer, too!  mapleboard   Dec-09-08 04:03 PM   #88 
  - The bigger corruption...  mapleboard   Dec-09-08 04:05 PM   #89 
  - This is bullshit, I heard Rahm gave the lead to investigators. nt  whutgives   Dec-09-08 04:25 PM   #90 
  - What was his real crime? Are you kidding? He tried to sell a Senate seat.  brazenlyliberal   Dec-09-08 05:13 PM   #92 
  - My favorite is the way he tried to shake down a CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.  Withywindle   Dec-10-08 12:10 AM   #102 
     - Really! Children's Memorial, no less  brazenlyliberal   Dec-10-08 07:23 AM   #107 
  - This was funnier when Wonkette posted it.  jane_pippin   Dec-09-08 05:16 PM   #93 
  - Bullshit  Jake3463   Dec-09-08 06:31 PM   #95 
  - a kick for sanity n/t  pat_k   Dec-09-08 11:32 PM   #96 
  - The guy deserves to be in jail, it has nothing to do with BoA nt  Luciferous   Dec-09-08 11:36 PM   #97 
  - yesterday it was chilly in Chicago. Today Blago finally gets what he deserves  onenote   Dec-09-08 11:43 PM   #98 
  - "I do not care what the Illinois Governor did" ... Clearly! (nt)  Posteritatis   Dec-10-08 12:06 AM   #101 
  - You shame every Democrat with your bullshit  donheld   Dec-10-08 12:28 AM   #103 
  - From what I understand...  AngryOldDem   Dec-10-08 03:47 AM   #104 
  - Jesu! Some Dems are corrupt.  Skidmore   Dec-10-08 05:19 AM   #106 
  - I think the message here is we need to get money out of politics. Right  B Calm   Dec-10-08 08:48 AM   #111 
  - The man is a stinking crook  Old Broad   Dec-10-08 09:04 AM   #115 

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