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Reply #9: Jon is sooooo good! [View All]

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moc Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-20-07 10:27 PM
Response to Original message
9. Jon is sooooo good!
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  -John Bolton on The Daily Show right now! LiberalVoice  Mar-20-07 10:18 PM   #0 
  - Every word he speaks is a lie.  baldguy   Mar-20-07 10:21 PM   #1 
  - John Bolton isn't worth a pitcher of warm spit  Glorfindel   Mar-20-07 10:22 PM   #2 
  - He ain't worth a freshly baked loaf of baboon shit, either.  Kurovski   Mar-20-07 10:49 PM   #24 
  - Stewart's giving it to him.  Goblinmonger   Mar-20-07 10:23 PM   #3 
  - YES! nt  babylonsister   Mar-20-07 10:26 PM   #7 
  - Jon speaks and the crowd cheers.  rebel with a cause   Mar-20-07 10:26 PM   #8 
  - Bolton "has no sense of humor", he's more into anonymous sex orgies  Kurovski   Mar-20-07 10:48 PM   #23 
  - "Historically wrong on Lincoln"  PDittie   Mar-20-07 10:24 PM   #4 
  - Bolton is proving on Daily Show is is thick as a brick! Has circular logic!  southerncrone   Mar-20-07 10:25 PM   #5 
  - What a jackhole  Goblinmonger   Mar-20-07 10:26 PM   #6 
  - Jon is giving him a lot of thanks after he showed what an  rebel with a cause   Mar-20-07 10:29 PM   #12 
  - Yeah ... that's the comment that really got me  teriyaki jones   Mar-20-07 10:31 PM   #16 
  - Jon is sooooo good!  moc   Mar-20-07 10:27 PM   #9 
  - I really was expecting Bolton to BOLT! Jon didn't let up!  napi21   Mar-20-07 10:28 PM   #10 
  - Why can't the "real" media be like this?  Goblinmonger   Mar-20-07 10:29 PM   #11 
  - Face it, this IS the "real media" today  Atman   Mar-20-07 10:31 PM   #14 
  - Jon knows if he doesn't do it, his fans will flood him with emails  rebel with a cause   Mar-20-07 10:31 PM   #15 
  - Couric is a dumbell and incapable of it.  Kurovski   Mar-20-07 10:52 PM   #25 
  - The president serves the people who elected him???  Generic Brad   Mar-20-07 10:30 PM   #13 
  - That stuck in my craw too. Jon should have called him on that  live love laugh   Mar-20-07 10:32 PM   #17 
  - that is because you are a denial Bushie vs a loyal Bushie  IChing   Mar-20-07 10:33 PM   #18 
  - Well, we need to remember this when a democrat gets in office.  rebel with a cause   Mar-20-07 10:34 PM   #19 
  - The bushies rule as if we were a Democracy.  OnceUponTimeOnTheNet   Mar-20-07 10:36 PM   #21 
  - Down goes Bolton! Down Goes Bolton! What an ass-whippin'!!!!  IWantAChange   Mar-20-07 10:34 PM   #20 
     - Hey, why didn't the republicans do that when Clinton was prez  rebel with a cause   Mar-20-07 10:38 PM   #22 
        - Because the world revolves around Republican asses!  southerncrone   Mar-20-07 11:01 PM   #26 

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