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Reply #28: If Saudi Arabia's government drastically changed within a week, don't you think the US would care? [View All]

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Oregone Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-03-08 04:52 AM
Response to Reply #24
28. If Saudi Arabia's government drastically changed within a week, don't you think the US would care?
Edited on Wed Dec-03-08 04:53 AM by Oregone
Being that a lot of oil come from there....I think the US would call that "epic".

Any idea how much oil, natural gas, minerals, metals, etc, comes from Canada?

A month after an election handed a Bush-lite (on everything from fiscal policy, trade, climate change) leader the country, a week of screw ups is going to change the government to a center-left coalition (in which all the parties on the left form a government and get rid of the conservatives). I would think that would be a big deal.
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  -Supposedly your country is worried about Canada's politcal.... uh... donnybrook? HEyHEY  Dec-03-08 12:58 AM   #0 
  - We don't care.  JVS   Dec-03-08 12:59 AM   #1 
  - Well, you fucking should cause we're your biggest trading partner  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 01:31 AM   #5 
  - I'm sure Canada has everyone's best wishes.  JVS   Dec-03-08 04:42 AM   #24 
  - If Saudi Arabia's government drastically changed within a week, don't you think the US would care?  Oregone   Dec-03-08 04:52 AM   #28 
     - Don't worry....  Oregone   Dec-03-08 05:05 AM   #35 
  - It's this kind of provincial thinking that makes Americans  Cleita   Dec-03-08 01:36 PM   #45 
  - Playing devil's advocate...  Bornaginhooligan   Dec-03-08 02:57 PM   #71 
     - AUto bailout, the cost of resources, instability causing a stall in stock market trading...  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 03:00 PM   #74 
        - Explain a little more in depth please.  Bornaginhooligan   Dec-03-08 03:05 PM   #79 
        - In terms of the Auto bailout  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 03:12 PM   #83 
        - Don't forget we get most of our petroleum from Canada, not Alaska,  Cleita   Dec-03-08 03:21 PM   #86 
  - You can speak for yourself  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 01:33 AM   #7 
  - I agree. Sophisticated countries with parliamentary systems are way over our heads...  Oregone   Dec-03-08 04:41 AM   #23 
     - Is this going to change the borders? Will Quebec suddenly be independent?  JVS   Dec-03-08 04:43 AM   #25 
        - What was the big fucking deal about the US election? Border change?  Oregone   Dec-03-08 04:47 AM   #26 
           - Who we elect often effects whether countries get invaded or not  JVS   Dec-03-08 04:51 AM   #27 
              - Alright...  Oregone   Dec-03-08 05:03 AM   #34 
              - Ok. This all seems reasonable and unalarming.  JVS   Dec-03-08 05:07 AM   #37 
                 - I hope so, to be honest.  Oregone   Dec-03-08 05:10 AM   #38 
              - For starters, we're to be part of this auto bailout  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:46 PM   #63 
                 - yeah sure draw the picture, whatever.  JVS   Dec-03-08 02:51 PM   #67 
                    - His brother, Doug?  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:58 PM   #72 
  - That gosh darned Mulroney.  Truth2Tell   Dec-03-08 01:06 AM   #2 
  - CBC says it's got documents re-opening the AirBus scandal  TrogL   Dec-03-08 01:32 PM   #44 
     - Man. And I was joking.  Truth2Tell   Dec-03-08 02:27 PM   #49 
  - If it helps our neighbor to the south is 'bout to become a failed state  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 01:08 AM   #3 
  - Hey and as hubby pointed out, DC is not too worried about Iraq  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 01:22 AM   #4 
  - And they should  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 01:33 AM   #6 
     - Hey ignore a G-8, or a G-20 member  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 01:36 AM   #8 
        - Well, he visited us ONE TIME in eight years  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 01:38 AM   #9 
           - I think he keeps it, the honor of a former president  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 01:41 AM   #10 
           - You can't get into Canada with a DUI?  JonLP24   Dec-03-08 04:54 AM   #31 
              - I honestly don't think they really run backgrounds on the way in  Oregone   Dec-03-08 05:06 AM   #36 
  - Unless there's blood or sex involved, the American media doesn't give a shit  depakid   Dec-03-08 01:45 AM   #11 
  - Yeah, there is... PROUDLY in some cases, which is leading to the downfall. n/t  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 01:47 AM   #12 
     - Nah that provincialism is part of the national DNA  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 01:49 AM   #13 
        - The real shame in this case is that when the USA is in decline  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 01:55 AM   #14 
           - Oh, not to worry- they'll want oil, natural gas and water.. and electricity  depakid   Dec-03-08 02:16 AM   #18 
           - The US is in decline? (I know better but)  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 01:29 PM   #42 
              - IMHO, US influence was at its peak in about 1950, when the decline began.  IntravenousDemilo   Dec-04-08 06:02 AM   #88 
  - yo, heyhey... how many threads are you going to start about this?  CasualWatcher9   Dec-03-08 01:56 AM   #15 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Dec-03-08 02:01 AM   #17 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-03-08 02:26 AM   #19 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-03-08 02:32 AM   #20 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-03-08 02:33 AM   #21 
           - "HUGE insult?" how so? pointing out how many threads you have started on this one topic?  CasualWatcher9   Dec-03-08 02:48 AM   #22 
              - Evidently Canada is up to something so HUGH that to even try to explain it would be ridiculous.  JVS   Dec-03-08 04:52 AM   #29 
                 - If people would just read media from outside their country, it wouldn't be so complicated  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:32 PM   #52 
                    - Or you could just post links about what you want people to know about.  JVS   Dec-03-08 02:34 PM   #55 
                    - Try reading the posted article, if you don't get it I can't help you  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:36 PM   #59 
                       - I don't need your help. The article you post is not even about the "event"  JVS   Dec-03-08 02:44 PM   #61 
                          - Well, I've posted other threads about the event  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:51 PM   #66 
                             - So I didn't see your threads. Kill me.  JVS   Dec-03-08 02:53 PM   #68 
                                - It's this damned Italian coffee, it's too strong  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:56 PM   #70 
                                   - Pause for a minute and think about what you posted.  JVS   Dec-03-08 03:10 PM   #81 
                    - I Prefer Sch*eppes  zorahopkins   Dec-03-08 02:35 PM   #57 
  - That's why you come to DU  Hekate   Dec-03-08 01:58 AM   #16 
  - Word to the wise: The less the USA knows about your country the better  CreekDog   Dec-03-08 04:56 AM   #32 
  - When we learn about a country is when we get stabby!  JVS   Dec-03-08 04:59 AM   #33 
  - Probably true...  Oregone   Dec-03-08 05:14 AM   #39 
  - Well, this is Canada's business.  terrya   Dec-03-08 06:02 AM   #40 
  - Also, we're to be part of this auto bailout as well  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:43 PM   #60 
  - Sounds as though a different coalition in Parliament may be taking over?  Orsino   Dec-03-08 09:56 AM   #41 
  - First coalition in ninety years  Posteritatis   Dec-03-08 01:52 PM   #47 
  - Most Americans could not name the capitol of Canada  XemaSab   Dec-03-08 01:31 PM   #43 
  - CNN routinely says it's Toronto (nt)  Posteritatis   Dec-03-08 01:52 PM   #48 
     - You mean they are wrong? (It's Otawa kiddies)  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 02:29 PM   #50 
        - Ottawa?  Bornaginhooligan   Dec-03-08 02:33 PM   #53 
           - It's Not Montreal?  zorahopkins   Dec-03-08 02:45 PM   #62 
           - Fuck, I wish. We'd have the most rockin' Capital in the world.  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:48 PM   #64 
              - Instead, You Have A Capital *ith All The Excitement Of......  zorahopkins   Dec-03-08 02:50 PM   #65 
              - Trust me DC is boring too  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 03:04 PM   #77 
                 - Really?  zorahopkins   Dec-03-08 03:06 PM   #80 
                    - Yeah but mexico city is a cosmopolitan city with culture going back  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 03:11 PM   #82 
           - I thought you were kidding  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 03:13 PM   #84 
  - Our "news" sucks but you know that. I watch BBC news and they have  Cleita   Dec-03-08 01:38 PM   #46 
  - Really? I musta missed it  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:35 PM   #58 
     - Sure. Look at the link below.  Cleita   Dec-03-08 03:18 PM   #85 
  - Italy All Over  zorahopkins   Dec-03-08 02:29 PM   #51 
  - Oh, are your condos leaking again?  Bornaginhooligan   Dec-03-08 02:34 PM   #54 
  - Keep reaching for that rainbow.. one day you'll stop hating yourself.  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 02:35 PM   #56 
  - Given the last eight years, it's hard to get our attention  new_beawr   Dec-03-08 02:54 PM   #69 
     - Michalle Jean is very attractive though  new_beawr   Dec-03-08 03:01 PM   #75 
        - If she had balls, THAT'D be a news story.  HEyHEY   Dec-03-08 03:03 PM   #76 
           - Thanks for the damn mental!  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-03-08 03:05 PM   #78 
  - What is a canada?  deaniac21   Dec-03-08 03:25 PM   #87 

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