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Reply #59: I read the whole rant but....... [View All]

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sellitman Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-20-08 08:17 PM
Response to Reply #52
59. I read the whole rant but.......
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  -Well, you all have a solution for the Auto maker's crisis, here's mine DainBramaged  Nov-19-08 08:15 PM   #0 
  - K&R  jmauller   Nov-19-08 08:24 PM   #1 
  - I really like your thinking.  FormerRushFan   Nov-19-08 08:25 PM   #2 
  - Yup, GM=Chevy, Cadillac and maybe Pontiac, Ford is Ford, Chrysler is well, absorbed  DainBramaged   Nov-19-08 08:29 PM   #4 
  - Nationalize healthcare. Get the cost off the backs of employers and workers.  alfredo   Nov-19-08 11:22 PM   #24 
  - Where do you get that?  JVS   Nov-19-08 11:13 PM   #23 
     - I read it like this  spoony   Nov-20-08 02:57 AM   #33 
  - Great Rant! and it has the virtue of being right!  rtassi   Nov-19-08 08:28 PM   #3 
  - Everything you have stated is valid  MadMaddie   Nov-19-08 08:34 PM   #5 
  - Getting rid of the CEO's is just a given  DainBramaged   Nov-19-08 08:39 PM   #6 
     - I agree with you... except.  sentelle   Nov-20-08 07:17 AM   #43 
        - Nardelli being in charge of Chrysler, is he going to use  DainBramaged   Nov-20-08 09:33 AM   #47 
  - Great post, the republicans are trying to kill all unions,  erinlough   Nov-19-08 08:44 PM   #7 
  - bingo on the tariffs.  leftofthedial   Nov-19-08 08:47 PM   #8 
  - I Like Your Thinking - Do You Think We Could Get a Small w. Manual Tranny?  we can do it   Nov-19-08 08:49 PM   #9 
  - The Cruize in 2010, 142 HP turbo with 6 speed, 45+MPG projected.  DainBramaged   Nov-19-08 08:50 PM   #10 
     - How much will it cost? I will be looking for a vehicle by then. I want to pay  alfredo   Nov-19-08 11:25 PM   #25 
        - I know it will not be expensive (if we survive)  DainBramaged   Nov-20-08 03:01 AM   #34 
           - Employees should be given a piece of the company. Profit sharing would  alfredo   Nov-20-08 10:54 AM   #48 
  - But what about Fireball Roberts? Six?  DemoTex   Nov-19-08 08:51 PM   #11 
  - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  DainBramaged   Nov-19-08 08:54 PM   #12 
  - I agree on almost everything...  PM7nj   Nov-19-08 08:55 PM   #13 
  - Like I said if it ain't built here it ain't sellin here  DainBramaged   Nov-19-08 08:59 PM   #14 
  - Well said!  NV Whino   Nov-19-08 09:05 PM   #15 
  - Wow! k+r, n/t  ColbertWatcher   Nov-19-08 09:25 PM   #16 
  - I said the exact same thing to my husband about GMC/Chevy trucks  WakeMeUp   Nov-19-08 09:26 PM   #17 
  - I don't know anywhere near enough about the vehicles themselves,  grannylib   Nov-19-08 10:38 PM   #18 
  - The U.S. government should start its own auto company  aint_no_life_nowhere   Nov-19-08 10:41 PM   #19 
  - I disagree about the Suburban - mine have been working trucks  csziggy   Nov-19-08 11:04 PM   #20 
  - You can't buy a Suburban as a work truck anymore  DainBramaged   Nov-20-08 02:32 AM   #29 
     - Yep - that is why my current one was bought off lease  csziggy   Nov-20-08 05:04 PM   #54 
  - Gee. It sounds like someone wants GM to have a monopoly. What a surprise.  JVS   Nov-19-08 11:08 PM   #21 
  - I do hope s/he gets paid in cash and not GM stock for posting this garbage  RGBolen   Nov-19-08 11:13 PM   #22 
     - Off topic  JVS   Nov-20-08 07:43 AM   #46 
  - So, what the starting wage for a lineworker?  progressoid   Nov-20-08 01:01 AM   #26 
  - Please correct me anyone if I'm wrong,  amandabeech   Nov-20-08 01:12 AM   #27 
     - Some jerk off on Tweety's show was touting the Volkswagen plant in his state  DainBramaged   Nov-20-08 02:42 AM   #30 
  - I agree with a whole lot of what you say.  amandabeech   Nov-20-08 01:30 AM   #28 
  - The innards of the Buick are the innards of the Chevy are the innards of the Pontiac  DainBramaged   Nov-20-08 02:46 AM   #31 
     - I looked at Cosumer Reports, which normally lists clones together,  amandabeech   Nov-20-08 03:51 AM   #37 
  - Great points.  spoony   Nov-20-08 02:47 AM   #32 
  - Get rid of the CEOs and Board of Directors  Jack Sprat   Nov-20-08 03:08 AM   #35 
  - Get rid of the CEOs and Board of Directors  Jack Sprat   Nov-20-08 03:08 AM   #36 
  - I agree...  Hubert Flottz   Nov-20-08 04:08 AM   #38 
  - I'd like to see Chevy make an affordable baby vette  Waiting For Everyman   Nov-20-08 04:13 AM   #39 
  - the base model Vette goes for $50k, and it can run with cars costing twice that much  LSK   Nov-20-08 05:03 PM   #53 
  - Saturn was good when it was in Spring Hill  Blue Gardener   Nov-20-08 05:40 AM   #40 
  - Bravo! Bravo ten times over!  JNelson6563   Nov-20-08 06:24 AM   #41 
  - I agree with most of that  IAmJacksSmirkingRevenge   Nov-20-08 06:37 AM   #42 
  - Cheers to you and to the UAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Marrah_G   Nov-20-08 07:22 AM   #44 
  - You've got some good points, but what's this about a "living wage"?  MadHound   Nov-20-08 07:25 AM   #45 
  - Great rant but remind me never to meet you in a Taco Bell.  sellitman   Nov-20-08 02:07 PM   #49 
  - Thanks for reading the whole rant!  DainBramaged   Nov-20-08 02:13 PM   #52 
     - I read the whole rant but.......  sellitman   Nov-20-08 08:17 PM   #59 
  - K & R ...  AzDar   Nov-20-08 02:11 PM   #50 
  - Right on, right on, right on, right on. From your post to the world's ears.  ogneopasno   Nov-20-08 02:13 PM   #51 
  - Too bad we're in the minority. Save your money, stash food.  DainBramaged   Nov-20-08 08:05 PM   #57 
     - I'm sorry to see you changed your avatar and sig line.  ogneopasno   Nov-20-08 08:10 PM   #58 
  - Some very good points and I totally agree. However, the hybrids are a red herring...  Turborama   Nov-20-08 05:24 PM   #55 
  - Error: You've already recommended that thread.  mike_c   Nov-20-08 08:03 PM   #56 
  - 1 minute too late to recommend.  SmileyRose   Nov-20-08 08:20 PM   #60 

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