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Reply #36: You're not paying attention. [View All]

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wtmusic Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-19-08 06:47 PM
Response to Reply #32
36. You're not paying attention.
Those are not war crimes as defined by the ICC.
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  -FACT: No Member of the Bush Regime Will EVER Be Tried for War Crimes IWantAnyDem  Oct-19-08 04:00 PM   #0 
  - Maybe, But I For One Will Never Get Over It nt  lligrd   Oct-19-08 04:03 PM   #1 
  - I won't either. To the Hague with them  dkofos   Oct-19-08 04:20 PM   #14 
  - Yes! And while they're at Hague we start IMPEACHMENT  blowtorchwilke   Oct-20-08 09:18 AM   #66 
  - Maybe they will never stand trial, but....  bvar22   Oct-20-08 09:58 AM   #71 
  - Send Them to the Hague! The International Criminal Court Does Not Accept Presidential Pardons  AndyTiedye   Oct-19-08 04:04 PM   #2 
  - Will. Not. HAppen.  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:05 PM   #3 
     - Only a short sided person would ever believe that we can overlook the Crimes against Nature and Huma...  Vincardog   Oct-19-08 04:09 PM   #5 
        - I wish we wouldn't overlook them  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:18 PM   #11 
           - Well we do know that Bush is an absolute lazy fool  Vincardog   Oct-19-08 04:44 PM   #27 
           - Wouldn't they have to be convicted before they could  dgibby   Oct-20-08 08:39 AM   #56 
  - No other president was as guilty as W is  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 04:09 PM   #4 
  - Are you so sure  MH1   Oct-19-08 04:10 PM   #6 
  - Put it this way.  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 04:14 PM   #9 
  - I think you have a very naive view of history. n/t  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:13 PM   #7 
  - How would war crimes charges open the door to illegitimate  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 04:17 PM   #10 
     - The irst thing that will happen is it will be decried as a political witch hunt  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:19 PM   #13 
        - There is zero allegiance to W anymore from Democrats or Republicans  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 04:27 PM   #18 
           - You cannot prosecute somebody who is pardoned  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:29 PM   #19 
              - There is nothing in the Constitution which explicitly condones  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 04:37 PM   #22 
                 - Two Words  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:42 PM   #24 
                    - Iran-Contra? What war crimes were involved? nt  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 04:47 PM   #28 
                       - Yeah, no crimes in selling weapons to an avowed enemy  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:56 PM   #32 
                          - You're not paying attention.  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 06:47 PM   #36 
                          - The bald reality is that that was not a crime as viewed by the international system,  14thColony   Oct-20-08 08:20 AM   #53 
  - I would take issue with the statement  Thothmes   Oct-19-08 07:46 PM   #39 
     - There are many who agree with you  wtmusic   Oct-19-08 10:31 PM   #43 
        - Again I would disagree with the statement  Thothmes   Oct-20-08 07:07 AM   #50 
           - The situation was murkier in Vietnam  wtmusic   Oct-20-08 10:37 AM   #81 
              - Yes murkier, should never have happend.  Thothmes   Oct-20-08 06:15 PM   #84 
  - BushCo has dirt on almost everyone in power  melody   Oct-19-08 04:13 PM   #8 
  - Bingo  marions ghost   Oct-20-08 10:23 AM   #77 
     - You win the prize  machI   Oct-21-08 04:48 AM   #90 
        - So that's all reason for us not to even try?  Independent_Liberal   Oct-21-08 05:20 PM   #91 
           - We will never get Bush, but that doesn't mean we can't make them pay  machI   Oct-21-08 05:43 PM   #93 
  - You go ahead and give up. I will hound these people to their graves.  arcadian   Oct-19-08 04:19 PM   #12 
  - Once the pardons are granted, it's a done deal  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:20 PM   #15 
  - "some people ARE ABOVE THE LAW" And THIS is the mindset that has to change  Donnachaidh   Oct-19-08 04:25 PM   #16 
  - Every criminal in this current adminsitration will be pardoned  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:27 PM   #17 
     - I'd be willing to bet that at least some of the pardons are already written. n/t  Fumesucker   Oct-19-08 04:32 PM   #20 
  - Your claim will be vindicated when the Pardon list comes about  notalemming   Oct-19-08 04:36 PM   #21 
  - Yep, it will read like a Who's Who of the Bush Adminsitration  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:41 PM   #23 
     - Tom DeLay goes on teevee, happy as a fuckin' clam. Indicted ain't what it used to be...  notalemming   Oct-19-08 04:48 PM   #30 
  - IT is not necessary for us all to adopt your beliefs on this, nor do I think we should  eowyn_of_rohan   Oct-19-08 04:42 PM   #25 
  - IF you cannot alter the inevitible, why be concerned about it?  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:44 PM   #26 
     - oops-i was too slow - please see my edited post above  eowyn_of_rohan   Oct-19-08 04:48 PM   #29 
        - Then please explain, how do you overcome the fact that each and every member  IWantAnyDem   Oct-19-08 04:55 PM   #31 
           - I don't think we can overcome that because it is an historical fact  eowyn_of_rohan   Oct-19-08 05:51 PM   #33 
           - You must not have read world opinion when Johnson was President.  bamalib   Oct-19-08 08:28 PM   #40 
           - You think it was as bad as what it is today? No way.  eowyn_of_rohan   Oct-19-08 11:08 PM   #49 
           - posted wrong place  eowyn_of_rohan   Oct-19-08 11:05 PM   #47 
           - Simple. Go Global.  bvar22   Oct-20-08 10:12 AM   #75 
  - I'm afraid you're right.  DavidD   Oct-19-08 05:55 PM   #34 
  - Oh, well thanks for letting us know. We can stop caring now.  WritersBlock   Oct-19-08 06:04 PM   #35 
  - crimes and pardons  Poseidan   Oct-19-08 07:28 PM   #37 
  - As much as people would like to believe otherwise, you are right  onenote   Oct-19-08 07:33 PM   #38 
  - I truly believe that nothing will happen and most people do understand that  YankmeCrankme   Oct-19-08 08:43 PM   #41 
  - OK, so what does that mean we should do?  sampsonblk   Oct-19-08 09:57 PM   #42 
  - And that's okay with you?  proud2Blib   Oct-19-08 10:38 PM   #44 
  - Another one who can't distinguish between 'fact' and 'opinion'.  TahitiNut   Oct-19-08 10:46 PM   #45 
  - My sentiments exactly, TN. nt  Independent_Liberal   Oct-21-08 05:23 PM   #92 
  - Wrong - just wait til they get up to Heaven  serrano2008   Oct-19-08 11:05 PM   #46 
  - They won't be going to heaven. They'll be headed straight to hell. n/t  RebelOne   Oct-20-08 11:02 AM   #83 
  - Maybe this will work!  Gore1FL   Oct-19-08 11:06 PM   #48 
  - If they are not prosecuted in the U.S.,  1awake   Oct-20-08 07:25 AM   #51 
  - It Ain't Over Until They Are All DEAD  Demeter   Oct-20-08 07:54 AM   #52 
  - obama signaled as much by praising powell after the endorsement.  tomp   Oct-20-08 08:27 AM   #54 
  - First, it is not clear that blanket pardons for unsuspected  fasttense   Oct-20-08 08:28 AM   #55 
  - You are wrong. Just read Vincent Bugliosi"s book, "The Prosecution  rainy   Oct-20-08 08:45 AM   #57 
  - Retired Pres. Augusto Pinochet was thinking along these very same lines.  sheeptramp   Oct-20-08 08:48 AM   #58 
  - Well said Sheep Tramp. n/t  fasttense   Oct-20-08 08:50 AM   #59 
  - You're Right, Of Course. There's A Greater Chance Of Gary Coleman Being Elected President.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Oct-20-08 08:52 AM   #60 
  - You claim that the long arm of law will never  fasttense   Oct-20-08 09:04 AM   #61 
     - The Evidence Is All Found In Simple Common Sense.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Oct-20-08 09:08 AM   #64 
        - And simple common sense says you have no evidence for your statements. n/t  fasttense   Oct-20-08 09:12 AM   #65 
        - The Evidence Is All Around You.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Oct-20-08 09:29 AM   #67 
           - Again you provide no evidence.  fasttense   Oct-20-08 09:49 AM   #68 
              - You Won't Have It. Not In A Million Years. And Do You Mind Providing Any Reason To Believe  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Oct-20-08 09:53 AM   #70 
                 - I laid out my argument in post #55, before you posted.  fasttense   Oct-20-08 09:59 AM   #72 
        - Common sense?  sheeptramp   Oct-20-08 10:24 AM   #78 
           - Yes, Common Sense.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Oct-20-08 10:27 AM   #80 
              - Say it again  sheeptramp   Oct-20-08 10:49 AM   #82 
  - Since you can predict the future, what are this week's Powerball numbers?  IAmJacksSmirkingRevenge   Oct-20-08 09:05 AM   #62 
  - no one is above the law....history will some day 'try' these criminals  spanone   Oct-20-08 09:05 AM   #63 
  - maybe not in this country  seemslikeadream   Oct-20-08 09:52 AM   #69 
  - Fuck no...some of them are even going to be offered cabinet spots.  tjwash   Oct-20-08 10:00 AM   #73 
  - OPERATIONMINDCRIME...  mrbarber   Oct-20-08 10:08 AM   #74 
  - That is one DU poster whio should change his user name.  sheeptramp   Oct-20-08 10:12 AM   #76 
  - It's Awesome! I'd Recommend It To Anyone. Tons Of Fun And Easy On The Stomach!  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Oct-20-08 10:25 AM   #79 
  - "Fact?"  Swamp Rat   Oct-20-08 06:19 PM   #85 
  - Al Gore will neveer win the Nobel Peace Prize.  Bornaginhooligan   Oct-20-08 06:24 PM   #86 
  - Just like the concentration camp victims WWII never thought they'd see justice for what was done to  Independent_Liberal   Oct-20-08 08:37 PM   #88 
  - Yeah, let's give up. Surrendering is the patriotic thing do.  Independent_Liberal   Oct-20-08 08:26 PM   #87 
  - Can you imagine Patrick Henry, Washington, Madison, George Mason, etc.  autorank   Oct-22-08 05:25 AM   #95 
  - My crystal ball doesn't work as well as yours.  Laelth   Oct-20-08 11:06 PM   #89 
  - Precedent - the first bailout bill - defeated  autorank   Oct-22-08 04:53 AM   #94 

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