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RadicalTexan Donating Member (607 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-09-08 12:54 PM
Response to Reply #30
35. Yes
I haven't lived there in more than eleven years (thank Darwin), and when I go back I am always shocked at how backwards it seems to me, even compared to Austin, never mind Europe.

I totally agree with Jim Webb about poor white Southern resentment at entitlement programs for blacks - these two historically disadvantaged and maligned groups should get together and overthrow the white, petty, affluent, religiously pretentious, propertied class who have always really controlled things. But they are all too caught up in their mutual hatred to get organized, and I don't think rallies by the New Black Panther Party will really help that. I was called racist names on the playground by black classmates, particularly during PE. But I don't think all black people are represented by a few mean kids, and I don't think all black people are represented by the Black Panthers, and I don't think all black people are represented by Barack Obama. Likewise, I don't think all white people are represented by the KKK or Chimpy McSmirk. I just wish more people would grow up, realize the historical political forces at work, and form meaningful community associations across color (and socioeconomic and denominational) lines in places like Paris. I'd like to see the New Black Panther Party register voters, help create workable community organizations, provide support for our local schools, and get involved in social reconciliation. But, still, in this situation, because of the possible (probable) hate crime involved, I support them, broadly.

I could go on and on. Point is, not every rural white Southern is a clamoring knuckle-dragging racist - I am proof of that - but it's so, so complicated. Maybe I should've stayed there and tried to make a difference. But I wanted to see a wider world, and having lived in it, can never imagine going back there. I wish all the little kids there, especially the poor kids, and especially the poor black kids, had the opportunity I did, to go somewhere bigger, somewhere with a bigger outlook; to get a college education; to travel. If I had any money, I'd fund scholarships and travel opportunities for these kids.

Anyway, I can't wait for, when Obama is president and I go home for Christmas, and these weirdos are bitching about how he's a "socialist" (ha ha ha) - and I will say, "If you don't like it, you can move to Saudi Arabia!"
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  -Remember the dragging death in Jasper? It happened again. Where is the media? Horse with no Name  Oct-07-08 09:34 PM   #0 
  - kick.  Horse with no Name   Oct-07-08 09:57 PM   #1 
  - Got another link? The story is gone. Thanks!!  Solly Mack   Oct-07-08 09:59 PM   #2 
  - The link is good Solly.  Horse with no Name   Oct-07-08 10:00 PM   #3 
     - Okies!!! I'll keep trying!!  Solly Mack   Oct-07-08 10:06 PM   #7 
  - Horrible news.....again.  cat_girl25   Oct-07-08 10:01 PM   #4 
  - Yes.  Horse with no Name   Oct-07-08 10:02 PM   #5 
  - Where is the media?  HEyHEY   Oct-07-08 10:04 PM   #6 
  - Okay  Horse with no Name   Oct-07-08 10:08 PM   #8 
     - Unless the police say it's a hate crime, or someone proves they're wrong  HEyHEY   Oct-07-08 10:10 PM   #11 
        - ....  Horse with no Name   Oct-07-08 10:12 PM   #13 
        - Dude, the media can't go screaming "HATE CRIME!" With no proof  HEyHEY   Oct-07-08 10:16 PM   #15 
        - This is Texas. No way in Hell they'll call it a hate crime.  Sebastian Doyle   Oct-07-08 10:15 PM   #14 
           - Then that will come out, eventually, but knocking the media before it has proof?  HEyHEY   Oct-07-08 10:17 PM   #16 
           - I see you're from where I want to eventually be from  tavalon   Oct-08-08 07:02 AM   #22 
              - You have proof of that I'm sure.  flstci   Oct-09-08 02:21 PM   #39 
                 - Lived there for over 20 years. Saw first hand  tavalon   Oct-09-08 04:18 PM   #40 
           - Two of the three were exectuted  JonQ   Oct-08-08 07:02 PM   #31 
           - IF this was a hate crime  flstci   Oct-09-08 02:18 PM   #38 
              - Didn't you hear?  JonQ   Oct-10-08 04:14 PM   #41 
  - More info  Horse with no Name   Oct-07-08 10:09 PM   #9 
  - Hell, where are the DUers?!  Zhade   Oct-07-08 10:10 PM   #10 
  - From those stories it doesn't sound hate related yet.  HEyHEY   Oct-07-08 10:12 PM   #12 
  - If this wasn't a hate crime...  SidneyCarton   Oct-07-08 10:54 PM   #17 
  - Damn it! Savages!  lonestarnot   Oct-07-08 10:55 PM   #18 
  - Another kick before bed. n/t  Horse with no Name   Oct-08-08 03:48 AM   #19 
  - They arrested 2 suspects  susanbanks44   Oct-08-08 03:59 AM   #20 
  - K&R  Seldona   Oct-08-08 04:25 AM   #21 
  - People who were born there and are too poor to leave  RadicalTexan   Oct-08-08 04:13 PM   #27 
  - The coverage in the Chicago Tribune is comprehensive. The comments section will sicken you.  94114_San_Francisco   Oct-08-08 02:11 PM   #23 
  - Did they say that right  amber_86   Oct-08-08 03:14 PM   #24 
  - That doesn't make it a hate crime  RadicalTexan   Oct-08-08 04:15 PM   #28 
  - The black panthers are calling for the death penalty in this case  wvbygod   Oct-08-08 03:36 PM   #25 
  - I am from Paris, Texas  RadicalTexan   Oct-08-08 04:06 PM   #26 
  - Thank you for posting this. It always helps when we have  annabanana   Oct-08-08 06:32 PM   #29 
  - thank you  druidity33   Oct-08-08 08:20 PM   #33 
  - FWIW...I don't live far from Paris and I totally agree with the assessment of the former resident  Horse with no Name   Oct-08-08 06:42 PM   #30 
  - Yes  RadicalTexan   Oct-09-08 12:54 PM   #35 
  - Aryan Nation? Somebody should call Todd Palin maybe he has some info. nt  live love laugh   Oct-08-08 07:33 PM   #32 
  - The Jasper Texas victim James Byrd and Gov. G.W. Bu$h  DemoTex   Oct-08-08 08:40 PM   #34 
  - I posted this before  JonQ   Oct-09-08 02:11 PM   #37 
  - In Bush's Amerika, aryans nations is a loose ally of the Imperials, and will be left alone.  tom_paine   Oct-09-08 01:57 PM   #36 

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