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Liberal Dose Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-19-08 03:04 PM
Response to Reply #13
23. ouch!
Can I haz mr plz kthxbai

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  -Obama and Satan... Bigmack  Sep-19-08 02:35 PM   #0 
  - Oh noes, not the minions!!!11!!1!!!!!11!!!  Vickers   Sep-19-08 02:37 PM   #1 
  - Are you serious?  obamaforme   Sep-19-08 02:38 PM   #2 
  - More evidence of the forced lobotomy and humorectomy. nt  Mzztakable   Sep-19-08 02:44 PM   #10 
  - "humorectomy"  Vickers   Sep-19-08 02:45 PM   #13 
     - ouch!  Mzztakable   Sep-19-08 03:04 PM   #23 
  - Here... let me explain it to you...  Bigmack   Sep-19-08 02:58 PM   #20 
  - God's on the phone...  CatBO   Sep-19-08 02:39 PM   #3 
  - Well.... the Freep isn't entirely wrong.  Sebastian Doyle   Sep-19-08 02:40 PM   #4 
  - Cool. I'm a minion.  Kerrytravelers   Sep-19-08 02:40 PM   #5 
  - I believe they do  Sebastian Doyle   Sep-19-08 02:42 PM   #7 
  - Clearly, the state of mental health care in this country is worse.....  marmar   Sep-19-08 02:41 PM   #6 
  - wait ... I thought they WERE praying to Satan ...  zbdent   Sep-19-08 02:43 PM   #8 
  - Yes, humble them Father. n/t  FSogol   Sep-19-08 02:43 PM   #9 
  - They want their god to make Obama to expose himself???  nothingtoofear   Sep-19-08 02:45 PM   #11 
  - ROTFLMAO!!! NICE!! eom  Duke Newcombe   Sep-19-08 03:00 PM   #22 
  - damned we think alike  Paint It Black   Sep-19-08 03:15 PM   #26 
  - Is this where we all fall to the floor and speak in tongues? Don't forget to cue me.  Mzztakable   Sep-19-08 02:45 PM   #12 
  - God even answers the prayers of the misguided.  undeterred   Sep-19-08 02:46 PM   #14 
  - The Freeps really should want him as President then.  kitkat65   Sep-19-08 02:47 PM   #15 
  - Ohmigosh, thanks for that!  PerpetuallyDazed   Sep-19-08 02:52 PM   #18 
     - I think you've got a great bumper sticker there!  kitkat65   Sep-19-08 09:49 PM   #33 
  - Excellent prayer at least this part "Lord we call on you to expose Barack Obama".  OhioBlues   Sep-19-08 02:51 PM   #16 
  - The Fire Eaters declared war on the Abolitionists.  The Stranger   Sep-19-08 02:52 PM   #17 
  - The OP is looking for attention- don't give it to him/her  obamaforme   Sep-19-08 02:53 PM   #19 
  - That is not the OP's opinion. It is something they found on Free Republic.  Crunchy Frog   Sep-19-08 03:13 PM   #24 
  - Nice...wonder if they cracked their bibles open lately...  Duke Newcombe   Sep-19-08 02:59 PM   #21 
  - Why do they want to see Obama naked?  Paint It Black   Sep-19-08 03:14 PM   #25 
  - Last time they prayed for rain on Obama, they got Hurricanes  FrenchieCat   Sep-19-08 03:15 PM   #27 
  - These people are truly insane.  krabigirl   Sep-19-08 03:17 PM   #28 
  - This thread is Duzy Gold!  Kerrytravelers   Sep-19-08 04:22 PM   #29 
  - Someone posted a few days ago about a group of nutballs  Contrary1   Sep-19-08 04:25 PM   #30 
  - Satan isn't helping Obama, Satan is helping McCain.  vanderRock   Sep-19-08 04:27 PM   #31 
  - Translation:  Rocknrule   Sep-19-08 04:30 PM   #32 

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