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Reply #51: but they do get a shit load of our ammunition don't they? [View All]

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bdamomma Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-13-07 09:02 PM
Response to Reply #43
51. but they do get a shit load of our ammunition don't they?
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  -Pelosi Speaks to AIPAC Today and Hears.... Boos? leftchick  Mar-13-07 03:57 PM   #0 
  - Practically Shakespearean, isn't it? n/t  no_hypocrisy   Mar-13-07 04:00 PM   #1 
  - Either that or a Greek Tragedy of some sort. n/t  file83   Mar-14-07 01:11 PM   #84 
  - AIPAC has taken a position on Iraq!  Joanne98   Mar-13-07 04:01 PM   #2 
  - AIPAC needs to collectively move to Israel and run  Skidmore   Mar-13-07 04:03 PM   #3 
  - Why was Nancy at an AIPAC function anyway?  fooj   Mar-13-07 04:21 PM   #15 
  - True allies do not walk away  oberliner   Mar-13-07 05:15 PM   #39 
  - I don't need to agree with everything a candidate says.  Skidmore   Mar-13-07 05:40 PM   #43 
     - hear hear!  iamthebandfanman   Mar-13-07 05:55 PM   #46 
     - others disagree with that assessment  oberliner   Mar-13-07 08:19 PM   #49 
     - That indeed they have the right to do.  Skidmore   Mar-14-07 04:22 AM   #65 
     - And that quote from Jimmy Carter is from when?  Emit   Mar-14-07 11:02 AM   #79 
     - but they do get a shit load of our ammunition don't they?  alyce douglas   Mar-13-07 09:02 PM   #51 
  - Bingo. n/t  geardaddy   Mar-14-07 11:00 AM   #78 
  - Didn't we hear adamant protests that they had nothing to do with Iraq?  Vash the Stampede   Mar-13-07 04:03 PM   #4 
  - shhhh  leftchick   Mar-13-07 04:07 PM   #7 
  - Doesn't the American government have its OWN RESPONSIBILITY for getting America into Iraq?  LeftishBrit   Mar-14-07 08:50 AM   #70 
     - Of course the Bush administration bears the vast majority of blame.  Vash the Stampede   Mar-14-07 08:56 AM   #71 
        - Yes, and so did the various Christian Right groups  LeftishBrit   Mar-14-07 09:02 AM   #73 
           - I suggested no such thing.  Vash the Stampede   Mar-14-07 09:29 AM   #74 
              - Well, I wouldn't say it of Catholics either (unless they were terrorists or sold state secrets, etc)  LeftishBrit   Mar-14-07 10:57 AM   #77 
  - If no one boos you...  brentblack   Mar-13-07 04:05 PM   #5 
  - AIPAC is giving both Israel and people of the Jewish faith  Robbien   Mar-13-07 04:05 PM   #6 
  - Then people of the Jewish faith, and of good conscience, ought to denounce AIPAC.  Ron_Green   Mar-13-07 04:13 PM   #11 
  - I expect many do not even know that AIPAC  Robbien   Mar-13-07 04:24 PM   #16 
  - Many people of Jewish faith denounce AIPAC  leftchick   Mar-13-07 04:33 PM   #18 
  - And sadly, many ignorant Americans think AIPAC = Israel = Judaism.  Alexander   Mar-13-07 04:42 PM   #24 
  - That sounds a bit like right-wing demands that American Moslems should prove their loyalty by  LeftishBrit   Mar-14-07 08:57 AM   #72 
  - I agree  thethinker   Mar-13-07 04:16 PM   #13 
  - The polls agree with you. The large majority of Jews in America do not support this. (nt)  w4rma   Mar-13-07 04:45 PM   #29 
  - And you know what? How many Jews know about AIPAC? I didn't until a few years ago  OmmmSweetOmmm   Mar-13-07 05:54 PM   #45 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-13-07 04:08 PM   #8 
  - That's just a little harsh isn't it????  atreides1   Mar-13-07 04:16 PM   #14 
  - "Or maybe your not what you pretend to be?"  Scurrilous   Mar-13-07 06:03 PM   #47 
  - Way too harsh.  countingbluecars   Mar-13-07 04:42 PM   #25 
  - Wow, dude (or dudette) ..... Stinky sez you need a little time singin' love at the .....  Husb2Sparkly   Mar-13-07 04:43 PM   #26 
  - They will also cheer us in to Iran.  dogman   Mar-13-07 04:10 PM   #9 
  - Nancy's mantra leading up to the 06 elections...  RiverStone   Mar-13-07 04:13 PM   #10 
  - Well they absolutely LOVED the crazy Reverend John Hagee's speech  PA Democrat   Mar-13-07 04:14 PM   #12 
  - I listened to his speech.  msmcghee   Mar-13-07 06:33 PM   #48 
     - Listen to the speech between the 4 and 5 minute mark.  PA Democrat   Mar-13-07 10:07 PM   #56 
     - Also, Hagee has made his pro-war feelings very well known for quite some time  PA Democrat   Mar-14-07 07:39 AM   #67 
        - Hagee is a waste of flesh..I cant stand that meddling piece of  and-justice-for-all   Mar-16-07 04:46 AM   #91 
  - Just imagine if AIPAC was run by the Labor party instead of the Likud party.  Alexander   Mar-13-07 04:27 PM   #17 
  - Isn't that like the Klan being run by Blacks and Jews?  BuyingThyme   Mar-13-07 04:59 PM   #35 
     - No.  Alexander   Mar-13-07 05:51 PM   #44 
        - Great points and I fully agree with you!  LeftishBrit   Mar-14-07 08:43 AM   #69 
  - There is no room for disagreement with AIPAC. Either you toe the...  Poll_Blind   Mar-13-07 04:33 PM   #19 
  - or they "blind your eye."  KoKo01   Mar-13-07 04:54 PM   #33 
     - Indeed, lol. n/t  Poll_Blind   Mar-15-07 12:32 PM   #87 
  - AIPAC can go Cheney themselves....  Blue_In_AK   Mar-13-07 04:37 PM   #20 
  - Soon Pelosi will be as hated as *. She's made her bed - lie with dogs -  partylessinOhio   Mar-13-07 04:39 PM   #21 
  - No. She'll self correct. n/t  sfexpat2000   Mar-13-07 04:58 PM   #34 
  - It's a jumbled up  Jcrowley   Mar-13-07 04:41 PM   #22 
  - lol! busy indeed  leftchick   Mar-13-07 04:44 PM   #27 
  - The Iraq war is not a failure to AIPAC. AIPAC is a political organization  BuyingThyme   Mar-13-07 04:41 PM   #23 
  - Earth to Nancy.  sfexpat2000   Mar-13-07 04:44 PM   #28 
  - tells me all I need to know n/t  mikelgb   Mar-13-07 04:47 PM   #30 
  - Even Hillary is not militaristic enough for this crowd. They want Bolton!  Tom Joad   Mar-13-07 04:51 PM   #31 
  - sheesh they even grumbled at Hil??  leftchick   Mar-13-07 05:22 PM   #40 
  - They will NEVER be happy with any dem  DireStrike   Mar-13-07 09:34 PM   #54 
  - I don't think SHE is in their Pocket...but there are Other Dems who are and  KoKo01   Mar-13-07 04:53 PM   #32 
  - The bosses of the bosses have spoken.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Mar-13-07 05:00 PM   #36 
  - Meanwhile Nancy,  mmonk   Mar-13-07 05:05 PM   #37 
  - If Nancy's being booed by AIPAC...  rateyes   Mar-13-07 05:09 PM   #38 
  - Olmert to AIPAC: Early Iraq withdrawal will cause regional instability  Tom Joad   Mar-13-07 05:24 PM   #41 
  - To me it disproves all of the blather here about ties to AIPAC  bigtree   Mar-13-07 05:29 PM   #42 
  - Have you read up?  Jcrowley   Mar-13-07 08:53 PM   #50 
  - I don't need the propaganda  bigtree   Mar-13-07 10:02 PM   #55 
     - What are your  Jcrowley   Mar-13-07 10:29 PM   #60 
        - I suspect that you don't need my propaganda either  bigtree   Mar-13-07 10:34 PM   #61 
  - "Bush will claim ANYTHING." - Which is precisely why Congress needs to expressly FORBID war on Iran.  scarletwoman   Mar-13-07 09:26 PM   #53 
     - all of that is fine, just not in the Iraq supplemental  bigtree   Mar-13-07 10:10 PM   #57 
        - It's a fantasy to think that the Dems will be able to pass an Iraq withdrawal bill.  scarletwoman   Mar-13-07 10:51 PM   #63 
           - everything in your argument follows your premise that they won't be able to do anything  bigtree   Mar-14-07 09:52 AM   #75 
           - "we'll see." -- Well? Did you see what happened in the Senate today?  scarletwoman   Mar-15-07 09:19 PM   #89 
           - If our Democratic Leaders can NOT prevent our Idiot King from ordering  ShortnFiery   Mar-14-07 11:09 AM   #80 
  - Good maybe she will wake up and realize these are not the friends  lastknowngood   Mar-13-07 09:26 PM   #52 
  - does it even occur to you that the reports are wrong?  bigtree   Mar-13-07 10:11 PM   #58 
     - How many Catholic Americans do you think...  Jcrowley   Mar-13-07 10:38 PM   #62 
        - that is disgusting  leftchick   Mar-14-07 04:58 AM   #66 
           - why is that disgusting? ISRAEL IS AN ALLY OF THE UNITED STATES  bigtree   Mar-14-07 07:58 AM   #68 
              - The land belongs to "all peoples" = Semites - both Arab and Jew.  ShortnFiery   Mar-14-07 11:12 AM   #81 
                 - The distinction between Jews and Arabs (and other groups) is not just a religious one  LeftishBrit   Mar-16-07 04:26 AM   #90 
  - go to this thread too.  alyce douglas   Mar-13-07 10:12 PM   #59 
  - A sidebar from The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on the AIPAC spy trial secrecy  bobthedrummer   Mar-13-07 11:59 PM   #64 
  - I went to the AIPAC website and couldn't find any names of the principals there,  Ron_Green   Mar-14-07 10:24 AM   #76 
  - google "Israel Lobby"  Robbien   Mar-14-07 11:20 AM   #83 
  - AIPAC's power is proof we no longer live in the democracy created 230 years ago. n/t  Roland99   Mar-14-07 11:14 AM   #82 
  - Maybe we should call it a "Lobbyocracy". (aka Corruptocracy).  file83   Mar-14-07 01:14 PM   #85 
  - Every thing must come to an end sometime...  autorank   Mar-14-07 01:20 PM   #86 
  - Gladly, Ms. Pelosi is aware that she is a member of the United States Congress & represents no other  spanone   Mar-15-07 12:34 PM   #88 

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