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Mark D. Donating Member (420 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-18-08 12:09 AM
Response to Original message
71. I'd Posted This Elsewhere
Edited on Thu Sep-18-08 12:11 AM by Mark D.
But it is very much related to this thread, so I'm going to post it here.
This is the tip of the iceberg, we need to go viral with a few things.

1) Phil Gramm, as we know, put into legislation deregulations, when he
was a senator, that opened the door for much of this major crash now.
He's an economic advisor to McCain who will be part of his D.C. team.

2) That's not the end of it!

McCain's chief adviser, Charlie Black, is one of 72 lobbyists, that
have worked for/with/or bundled money for John McCain.

3) That's not it either!

The top of the list of those he lobbied for? JP MORGAN! Yes, that is
the company of the globalist banking family. JP Morgan's grandfather
founded AETNA, the first and now largest health insurer. Leader in a
fight we are well aware of, to not allow true universal health care.

JP Morgan himself helped steer the monetary supply to allow a major
Wall Street collapse that ushered in the Great Depression, with the
help of the Federal Reserve he helped get passed (due to a 'scare'
he helped orchestrate on Wall Street). That is the same family...

4) Here is the zinger. Who did Gramm open that door for? MORGAN!

The leading beneficiaries of the massive deregulation Gramm was a
big part of and McCain was fully supportive of was SPECULATIONS.

Energy Speculation is believed to be about $2 of the increase in
our gas prices, raising our food prices, and so much more and it
has put serious breaks on the economy as we all are so aware...

Speculation in Real Estate. The sub-prime debacle. Allow many
sick banker children of the mega banks and the big brother in
the Federal Reserve to run amok, giving out those bad loans.

Then sell them bundled to foreign investors. The biggest of all
of these, by far and away, were HEDGE FUNDS. What is the
biggest hedge fund of them all? MORGAN. I repeat, MORGAN!

Many who believe the monetary policy is the true root of all of
this mess we are in, and the corporate control of govt. by the
lobbyists. And war for corporate and banker profit, and know
of Morgan's major role, with the other two pillars in this
great NWO disaster (Rockefeller/Rothschild) can clearly at
this time, I hope, see that McCain IS their boy.

THE FINAL NAIL in the coffin? The former fundraiser for Hillary who
helped the DNC write the convention platform is now supporting,
and actually out campaigning for John McCain. She's also head
of the Rothschild investment arm of the Rothschild banking and
globalist Euro empire. The elites have their candidates now...

Funny how he may only be in power long enough to put Gramm
in a position economically in his administration to cut loose all
the rest of the chains on that beast so it can maul us into a
Great Depression version two by sometimes in his first year.
Something recently brought up on Olberman's broadcast...

Then he can break his hip, and be unable to continue and let a
Dominionist, Theocratic, anti-feminist cave woman take the job.
GOD HELP US. They hack this fucking election and they then rule.

We will at that point be nothing more than Feudalist & Fascist.
Disguised as unregulated "Capitalist". As THE military division
of the Nazi ultimate victory, as when we fall, the world shall
be next. Complete w/Knights of Malta Blackwater military rule.
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