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Reply #37: Dying is not a certainty.. [View All]

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stillcool Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-31-08 12:57 PM
Response to Reply #34
37. Dying is not a certainty..
Edited on Sun Aug-31-08 12:58 PM by stillcool47
check that..dying is absolutely a certainty, but not because of this storm. Losing your job as the guy in the story states will happen to him, and being reliant on this government would have me thinking hard on which way to go. I keep thinking of Barbara Bush, and how so many who fled during Katrina have not yet been able to return home. And of course, the way so many people feel towards their fellow Americans. I guess I'm a real whacko, and choose to have empathy. I even hope the guy makes it through.
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  -CNN: Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope MiniMe  Aug-31-08 10:59 AM   #0 
  - Meanwhile, the CNN projected path  MiniMe   Aug-31-08 11:01 AM   #1 
  - Welfare checks come up at the end of the month as do many pay checks  dmordue   Aug-31-08 11:02 AM   #2 
  - And I saw a snippet on teevee that social security sent out early  usnret88   Aug-31-08 12:56 PM   #36 
  - This is privilege talking.  Chovexani   Aug-31-08 11:04 AM   #3 
  - They are evacuating people on buses that the city provides, to shelters  MiniMe   Aug-31-08 11:13 AM   #5 
     - Let me ask you something  Chovexani   Aug-31-08 11:19 AM   #6 
        - What's the alternative?  Texasgal   Aug-31-08 11:21 AM   #7 
        - I am not judging them, period  Chovexani   Aug-31-08 11:24 AM   #9 
           - I won't judge anyone for wanting to die..  Texasgal   Aug-31-08 11:37 AM   #13 
              - wanting to die?  stillcool47   Aug-31-08 12:16 PM   #23 
                 - Please read what I was responding to.  Texasgal   Aug-31-08 12:26 PM   #25 
                    - I did.  stillcool47   Aug-31-08 12:30 PM   #27 
                       - OKay.  Texasgal   Aug-31-08 12:31 PM   #28 
        - My impression is that most people who ended up in the Superdome  XemaSab   Aug-31-08 12:41 PM   #31 
  - I'm Going to Say Something VERY Unpopular Right Now  Crisco   Aug-31-08 11:08 AM   #4 
  - That is some real talk.  Chovexani   Aug-31-08 11:22 AM   #8 
  - Aye  Crisco   Aug-31-08 12:07 PM   #20 
  - Not everyone has family.  aquart   Aug-31-08 11:51 AM   #17 
     - Of Course Not  Crisco   Aug-31-08 12:01 PM   #19 
  - More pay or die economics ...just like our health care system.  L0oniX   Aug-31-08 11:26 AM   #10 
  - You're right.  tannybogus   Aug-31-08 11:31 AM   #11 
  - Some folks can't afford to pack up, leave their job, and go live in a hotel  kestrel91316   Aug-31-08 11:31 AM   #12 
  - The state is providing transport and shelter  Texasgal   Aug-31-08 11:41 AM   #14 
  - I hadn't heard about the shelter.  kestrel91316   Aug-31-08 11:57 AM   #18 
  - True, but for a dishwasher, I doubt they get paid if they aren't working  MiniMe   Aug-31-08 12:14 PM   #22 
  - Then I ask again:  Texasgal   Aug-31-08 12:28 PM   #26 
     - Evacuate on the buses that the city is providing  MiniMe   Aug-31-08 12:39 PM   #30 
        - Isn't that what is happening?  Texasgal   Aug-31-08 12:43 PM   #32 
           - Yes, but some are deciding to stay  MiniMe   Aug-31-08 12:54 PM   #35 
  - Even though there probably won't be a job to go to for that week or month  slackmaster   Aug-31-08 12:39 PM   #29 
  - I doubt a lot of those people are going to have jobs when they get back  XemaSab   Aug-31-08 12:45 PM   #33 
  - Perfect chance for CNN to actually INFORM the public  cobalt1999   Aug-31-08 11:43 AM   #15 
  - They're also requiring up-to-date proof of vaccination on animals they're evacuating.  Kristi1696   Aug-31-08 11:47 AM   #16 
  - And many people have more than ONE pet..  SoCalDem   Aug-31-08 01:52 PM   #39 
     - Wow. I hadn't heard the one pet rule.  Kristi1696   Aug-31-08 02:11 PM   #40 
        - It may not be an actual "rule" but think about the logistics  SoCalDem   Aug-31-08 02:17 PM   #41 
           - They've actually fitted tractor trailers with crates for the animals...  Kristi1696   Aug-31-08 02:21 PM   #42 
  - So how much does free busing cost?  JonQ   Aug-31-08 12:10 PM   #21 
  - Yeah...maybe it's their..  stillcool47   Aug-31-08 12:21 PM   #24 
     - Like people aren't going to look down on you  XemaSab   Aug-31-08 12:47 PM   #34 
     - Dying is not a certainty..  stillcool47   Aug-31-08 12:57 PM   #37 
        - and many of those who did make it home  dixiegrrrrl   Aug-31-08 01:40 PM   #38 
     - I don't know about that  JonQ   Aug-31-08 03:00 PM   #44 
        - I'm sure you do...  stillcool47   Aug-31-08 03:50 PM   #45 
           - Well I did clearly state  JonQ   Aug-31-08 04:27 PM   #46 
  - Gas should be free or heavily discounted for the evacuees  GloriaSmith   Aug-31-08 02:28 PM   #43 
  - I cannot blame them for this decision- I am  Bluerthanblue   Aug-31-08 04:34 PM   #47 

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