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Reply #99: Was he a democrat? Was he a progressive? [View All]

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nadinbrzezinski Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-10-08 11:39 PM
Response to Reply #61
99. Was he a democrat? Was he a progressive?
There you go
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  -Can we stop with the moral outrage? lynyrd_skynyrd  Aug-10-08 05:40 PM   #0 
  - Totally.  DS1   Aug-10-08 05:41 PM   #1 
  - I think it's funny that people care so much about this.  BlooInBloo   Aug-10-08 05:41 PM   #2 
  - It just bears out what I have long known(and so has the media):  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Aug-10-08 06:06 PM   #27 
     - yeeeup  fascisthunter   Aug-10-08 08:15 PM   #82 
  - That would indeed be nice. But don't expect it to happen.  Redstone   Aug-10-08 05:42 PM   #3 
  - agreed, 100 percent....  mike_c   Aug-10-08 05:43 PM   #4 
  - I would have no problem at all, if he didn't say I am unworthy of marriage  dsc   Aug-10-08 05:43 PM   #5 
  - I couldn't agree more!  helderheid   Aug-10-08 08:09 PM   #75 
  - Good point. Did he say "unworthy" or is that your interpretation?  DutchLiberal   Aug-10-08 08:09 PM   #77 
     - Yes and if the others had affairs I would be on them too  dsc   Aug-10-08 08:30 PM   #91 
  - I would suggest  H2O Man   Aug-10-08 05:44 PM   #6 
  - Excellent post.  krabigirl   Aug-10-08 05:44 PM   #7 
  - "ignorant, holier than thou attitudes of the American people." You mean like  ProSense   Aug-10-08 05:46 PM   #8 
  - Who do you think he was pandering to? (nm)  lynyrd_skynyrd   Aug-10-08 05:53 PM   #13 
  - Well,  ProSense   Aug-10-08 05:55 PM   #16 
  - He certainly thought marriage was too precious a commodity for gay couples.  gatorboy   Aug-10-08 05:59 PM   #20 
     - yep and let's not forget what he said after the Lewinski affair...  arthritisR_US   Aug-10-08 06:40 PM   #44 
  - Ouch! Touch!  DutchLiberal   Aug-10-08 08:10 PM   #79 
  - I'm not seeing a lot of moral outrage here.  smoogatz   Aug-10-08 05:46 PM   #9 
  - I guess Kennedy was a lousy president too then...  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 05:54 PM   #14 
  - Yeah, it was really a bummer the way the media were all over Kennedy's  smoogatz   Aug-10-08 05:57 PM   #17 
  - Care to tell me why they do it today and not in 1963?  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:04 PM   #25 
  - Kennedy was a lousy president, but that had nothing to do with his affairs...  DutchLiberal   Aug-10-08 08:11 PM   #80 
  - Like Lenny Bruce said "Some guys will do it to mud"  Pyrzqxgl   Aug-10-08 06:03 PM   #24 
  - "character" voters are pathetic and the easiest to pander to.  FarceOfNature   Aug-10-08 07:29 PM   # 
  - Yes, PLEASE  MorningGlow   Aug-10-08 05:47 PM   #10 
  - As someone who has been hurt by such foolishness  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 05:51 PM   #11 
  - I'll condemn them ONLY when there was a crime and the legal system got  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 05:55 PM   # 
  - I'm not judging him as harshly as some people here  XemaSab   Aug-10-08 06:45 PM   #45 
  - I'll condemn them ONLY when there was a crime and the legal system got  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 05:55 PM   #15 
  - Condemnation does not require a crime  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:03 PM   #23 
     - And chasin tail is still a PRIVATE MATTER between, in this case, him, his wife  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:06 PM   #28 
        - It is public now  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:10 PM   #30 
           - On a practical matter this affects YOUR LIFE exactly how?  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:17 PM   #34 
              - A person's character is evident in his or her actions  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:25 PM   #36 
                 - My god so you feel personally betrayed because he acted like  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:31 PM   #38 
                    - I don't expect a saint  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:38 PM   #42 
                       - History mostly... given how many of our presidents chased tail  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 07:09 PM   #51 
  - Your disgust qualifies  lynyrd_skynyrd   Aug-10-08 05:58 PM   #19 
  - I am disgusted that a man I thought was trustworthy  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:05 PM   #26 
     - Ok lets play a game of if  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:09 PM   #29 
     - Sorry  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:11 PM   #31 
        - You can do as you wish, but this attitude is precisely what keeps  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:18 PM   #35 
           - We have many, many "leaders"  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:29 PM   #37 
           - I'd not bet on it  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:32 PM   #39 
              - By exposing those idiots  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:40 PM   #43 
                 - No, it is childish  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 07:07 PM   #50 
                    - It is not about the sex  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 07:14 PM   #52 
                       - Yes it is about sex  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 07:28 PM   #57 
                       - I have one of the most progressive views about sex  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 07:37 PM   #63 
                       - human beings are liars. we learn the art form very early in life.  FarceOfNature   Aug-10-08 07:39 PM   #64 
                          - I'd agree with your last sentence  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 08:48 PM   #93 
           - Like it or not  sendero   Aug-10-08 07:23 PM   #53 
              - Free dot to connect  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 07:29 PM   #58 
                 - It ended Jim McGreevey's  ProSense   Aug-10-08 07:33 PM   #61 
                    - Was he a democrat? Was he a progressive?  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 11:39 PM   #99 
                       - Maybe people expect more..  sendero   Aug-11-08 06:08 AM   #101 
     - I agree 100% and these moral relativists make me sick to my stomach.  Peregrine Took   Aug-10-08 07:39 PM   #65 
     - wrong place  fascisthunter   Aug-10-08 08:22 PM   #88 
     - many said the same thing regarding Clinton  fascisthunter   Aug-10-08 08:18 PM   #84 
  - No, we should protect our own.  Inspired   Aug-10-08 06:46 PM   #46 
     - No, we are better than that  Stuckinthebush   Aug-10-08 06:50 PM   #49 
  - I know that there are several reasons that keep me from running  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 05:51 PM   #12 
  - Funny, Obama ran with both obstacles.  qwlauren35   Aug-10-08 07:44 PM   #68 
  - But it shouldn't be this way.... because it is so much more openminded to embrace hurting  seabeyond   Aug-10-08 05:57 PM   #18 
  - Wrong. In Canada, a prominent politician who ran for Prime Minister, cheating on his wife who's  Dave From Canada   Aug-10-08 06:00 PM   #21 
  - Canadian history says otherwise  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 06:12 PM   #32 
  - It might have ended Edwards campaign had he won the primary....  physioex   Aug-10-08 06:01 PM   #22 
  - In my opinion Edwards deserves scorn. His whole schtick was family  DianeG5385   Aug-10-08 06:16 PM   #33 
  - He is one of the biggest phony's I've ever seen in my life and I've seen a lot.  Peregrine Took   Aug-10-08 07:42 PM   #67 
  - Ok, I can go with that. The sex is the least of it for me. It's the lack of judgement..  renie408   Aug-10-08 06:34 PM   #40 
  - I'm morally outraged about the risk he took with our lives - NOT about the sex...  DeadElephant_ORG   Aug-10-08 06:37 PM   #41 
  - The risk he took with OUR lives?  Inspired   Aug-10-08 06:48 PM   #48 
     - Ok, it was a tad dramatic, but I think they meant by endangering the election.  renie408   Aug-10-08 07:30 PM   #59 
     - Not dramatic. That is exactly what he did. He fucked around on US. And the consequences to US...  DeadElephant_ORG   Aug-10-08 11:16 PM   #98 
  - do YOU get it yet. post after post after post telling you fuck the sex, not about sex  seabeyond   Aug-10-08 06:47 PM   #47 
  - could you please sober up and repost? I just drowned in your syntax.  FarceOfNature   Aug-10-08 07:31 PM   #60 
     - offend and then say no offense. that always makes me laugh  seabeyond   Aug-10-08 07:41 PM   #66 
        - I sincerely apologize if English is not your native language.  FarceOfNature   Aug-10-08 08:00 PM   #72 
           - it isnt that hard to follow. i suppose you dont understand that either.  seabeyond   Aug-10-08 08:21 PM   #87 
              - Like I said, you write as if English is not your first language.  FarceOfNature   Aug-10-08 09:23 PM   #94 
  - K and fuckin' R.  FarceOfNature   Aug-10-08 07:25 PM   #54 
  - I agree. K&R.  Vidar   Aug-10-08 07:25 PM   #55 
  - I'm WITH ya, totally  TXDemGal   Aug-10-08 07:26 PM   #56 
  - Do you honestly believe he would have made a "fantastic" president?  Peregrine Took   Aug-10-08 07:37 PM   #62 
  - Being a "known liar" about marital infidelity  TXDemGal   Aug-10-08 07:52 PM   #71 
     - I'd rather have a President who isn't a total liar, thanks.  Occam Bandage   Aug-10-08 08:09 PM   #78 
  - You are right he is a great american. Just the kind of man  deaniac21   Aug-10-08 07:45 PM   #69 
  - LOL  Skittles   Aug-10-08 07:47 PM   #70 
  - OMG don't go pulling actual policy decisions into this!  FarceOfNature   Aug-10-08 08:02 PM   #73 
  - THANK YOU!  DutchLiberal   Aug-10-08 08:07 PM   #74 
  - Were you just as pissy about the people talking about Craig, Vitter, Foley, and Haggard?  Occam Bandage   Aug-10-08 08:09 PM   #76 
  - That's different. They were the 'family values' hypocrites.  DutchLiberal   Aug-10-08 08:13 PM   #81 
  - So was Edwards.  Occam Bandage   Aug-10-08 08:18 PM   #85 
     - Touch!  DutchLiberal   Aug-10-08 08:34 PM   #92 
  - Let me check  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-10-08 11:46 PM   #100 
  - You just don't get it.  helderheid   Aug-10-08 08:16 PM   #83 
  - I don't agree with you often, but I do this time  EstimatedProphet   Aug-10-08 08:18 PM   #86 
  - Edwards didn't admit it from the start. Not when he decided to run, not in Oct/Dec 2007  Garbo 2004   Aug-10-08 09:37 PM   #95 
     - Fine, but HE came out with it on his own  EstimatedProphet   Aug-10-08 10:45 PM   #96 
  - Agree...  RNdaSilva   Aug-10-08 08:23 PM   #89 
  - I think its a big act...phony outrage  fascisthunter   Aug-10-08 08:23 PM   #90 
  - She was (over)paid with campaign money.  cigsandcoffee   Aug-10-08 11:08 PM   #97 

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