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Reply #75: Blackwater is a leading recipient of PRIVATIZED contracts. [View All]

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Overseas Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-05-08 10:36 AM
Response to Reply #1
75. Blackwater is a leading recipient of PRIVATIZED contracts.
They are an example of why we need to re-nationalize many services. They are very private.
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  -I was an airline pilot for 30 years. Today, it scares me. trof  Aug-04-08 05:55 PM   #0 
  - Nationalized? Have you been following the Blackwater debacles?  samdogmom   Aug-04-08 05:57 PM   #1 
  - No crashes, but they're cutting corners too.  Forkboy   Aug-04-08 06:05 PM   #6 
  - Seems to me Blackwater is privatized, not nationalized.  trof   Aug-04-08 06:46 PM   #23 
  - Are you saying FEMA ran the Katrina response well?????  samdogmom   Aug-04-08 08:56 PM   #49 
     - That's because they hollow out every nationalized service so we'll have to privatize it.  readmoreoften   Aug-04-08 09:04 PM   #53 
     - So why would we want a "nationalized" airline if the government  samdogmom   Aug-04-08 10:53 PM   #59 
     - Bush-Cheney would be delighted to hear you oppose nationalization. That was their goal.  Overseas   Aug-05-08 10:34 AM   #74 
  - Qantas also flies a magnitude less percentage than U.S. carriers....  Aviation Pro   Aug-05-08 10:13 AM   #71 
  - Blackwater is a leading recipient of PRIVATIZED contracts.  Overseas   Aug-05-08 10:36 AM   #75 
  - No crashes, just explosions in mid air.  Angleae   Aug-05-08 02:17 PM   #90 
  - I have been told...  phantom power   Aug-04-08 05:58 PM   #2 
  - Kinda. "Captain's authority".  trof   Aug-04-08 06:48 PM   #25 
  - as I've said before, I've come to absolutely HATE air travel...  mike_c   Aug-04-08 05:59 PM   #3 
  - Agree, use to be rather pleasant  Thothmes   Aug-04-08 06:50 PM   #27 
  - I've flown since the early 50s (United, prop, LAX to DTW) ...  TahitiNut   Aug-05-08 10:52 AM   #76 
  - I agree - my mom was a Flight Attendant for TWA  Taverner   Aug-04-08 05:59 PM   #4 
  - Only thing wrong with Amtrack is we let Republicans run it from time to time.  Skink   Aug-04-08 06:07 PM   #8 
  - Yes but their prices are astronomical  Taverner   Aug-04-08 06:08 PM   #10 
     - I took Amtrak a couple of months ago for the first time.  Dr.Phool   Aug-05-08 11:31 AM   #81 
     - depends, but Amtrak is usually cheaper than driving or flying from where we are  NuttyFluffers   Aug-05-08 05:07 PM   #99 
  - Wow. We might have worked together?  trof   Aug-04-08 06:50 PM   #26 
     - Ever do the LA->Heathrow Polars?  Taverner   Aug-04-08 07:00 PM   #30 
        - One, I think. Many years ago.  trof   Aug-05-08 07:57 AM   #62 
  - Dad worked for Lockheed for 44 years.Now maintenance is outsourced to places like the Philippines...  Hekate   Aug-04-08 06:05 PM   #5 
  - Well, Lockheed (before the Martin merger) hadn't made a civilian plane for 40 years  2KS2KHonda   Aug-04-08 06:13 PM   #12 
  - He worked there from the 1940s to the 1980s, was cleared to work on President Truman's plane once...  Hekate   Aug-04-08 09:33 PM   #54 
  - L-1011 is the BEST commercial plane I ever flew.  trof   Aug-04-08 06:53 PM   #29 
     - Wow, CAT3? When was that?  2KS2KHonda   Aug-04-08 07:27 PM   #38 
     - Maybe mid 80s?  trof   Aug-05-08 07:55 AM   #61 
     - The finest TWA (Lockheed) aircraft ever, IMO: L-1049 Constellation  DemoTex   Aug-05-08 08:42 AM   #67 
        - Short final & quad engine failure!  2KS2KHonda   Aug-05-08 08:47 AM   #69 
           - Right over the numbers (@ KSAN?)!  DemoTex   Aug-05-08 02:33 PM   #92 
  - Your right, but if you have to travel by motor or rail and need to get over  valerief   Aug-04-08 06:06 PM   #7 
  - Well, I was a corporate pilot for 30 years and so I have a different perspective  2KS2KHonda   Aug-04-08 06:07 PM   #9 
  - Rumsfelds answer to Abu Graib was to ban photography.  sfexpat2000   Aug-04-08 06:48 PM   #24 
  - Yeah...the "known unknowns", the "unknown unknowns"...all that shit  2KS2KHonda   Aug-04-08 07:19 PM   #36 
  - Down with big gummint, eh?  Wednesdays   Aug-05-08 04:11 PM   #97 
  - TWA  Parche   Aug-04-08 06:10 PM   #11 
  - A friend of mine at Delta....  Aviation Pro   Aug-04-08 06:13 PM   #13 
  - How the hell do you get seven writeups on one flight and keep your job?  jmowreader   Aug-04-08 07:12 PM   #32 
     - God knows, it was a tough day....  Aviation Pro   Aug-05-08 10:11 AM   #70 
  - I remember TWA!  CountAllVotes   Aug-04-08 06:14 PM   #14 
  - I think you're overreacting... here's why...  RollWithIt   Aug-04-08 06:17 PM   #15 
  - Pilots have been complaining that airlines are cutting the amount of fuel carried to dangerously low  PA Democrat   Aug-04-08 06:20 PM   #16 
  - I fly often and feel safe. I don't want Government Doctors or Government pilots. NT  carp   Aug-04-08 06:22 PM   #17 
  - Just keep that feelin', bud.  trof   Aug-04-08 06:44 PM   #22 
  - Flying this coming Sunday  SaguaroFlower   Aug-04-08 07:15 PM   #35 
  - damn, trof  Skittles   Aug-04-08 10:09 PM   #56 
     - The odds are still with you, in spite of everything that's wrong.  trof   Aug-05-08 08:46 AM   #68 
  - Tell that to the Armed Forces  Ikonoklast   Aug-04-08 07:15 PM   #34 
  - That's a shitty thing to say. What ever gave you the idea that military pilots are particularly  2KS2KHonda   Aug-04-08 07:26 PM   #37 
     - Put me on 'ignore'  Ikonoklast   Aug-04-08 07:47 PM   #43 
     - I have a brother in the Air Force going to pilot training right now.  carp   Aug-04-08 08:39 PM   #45 
     - WHAT? You are out of your mind  bdab1973   Aug-05-08 03:47 PM   #94 
     - "trained over a few weeks"? Must've changed a lot since I was in.  trof   Aug-05-08 05:09 PM   #100 
     - Uh, pardon me, but you're insane.  donco6   Aug-05-08 06:16 PM   #103 
  - Government Docs are good enough for our vets. Why not you?  librechik   Aug-04-08 07:44 PM   #42 
  - gawd carp, are you still here?  Skittles   Aug-04-08 10:10 PM   #57 
  - BOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNG. How your government education?  RadiationTherapy   Aug-05-08 12:29 PM   #85 
  - And that bias would be the result of your extensive research into the pros and cons of...  warren pease   Aug-06-08 01:53 PM   #106 
  - They're now charging for pillows and blankets as well  malaise   Aug-04-08 06:25 PM   #18 
  - What's the consensus regarding non-U.S. carriers? Air France, Lufthansa...  Winebrat   Aug-04-08 06:35 PM   #19 
  - Air New Zealand was the best international flight I'd ever taken--in 1994--for service  mnhtnbb   Aug-04-08 09:44 PM   #55 
  - I've flown Air France, Quantas, Lufthansa, Air India, British Airways, and other foreign carriers ..  TahitiNut   Aug-05-08 11:04 AM   #77 
  - Singapore is best, then SwissAir, then KLM; coach and 1st class, of course  NuttyFluffers   Aug-05-08 05:30 PM   #101 
  - Wall Street  Prisoner_Number_Six   Aug-04-08 06:36 PM   #20 
  - Expedia and Travelocity  Jake3463   Aug-04-08 06:39 PM   #21 
  - They didn't -cause- it, they just took advantage of it. The airline business is very unique:  2KS2KHonda   Aug-04-08 07:32 PM   #40 
  - I've been afraid to fly since Raygun busted up the PATCO strike, nt  tbyg52   Aug-04-08 06:51 PM   #28 
  - Not nationalized - but subsidize the industry, yes.  Turn CO Blue   Aug-04-08 07:11 PM   #31 
  - I know it's a VERY serious thread but...  bdf   Aug-04-08 07:13 PM   #33 
  - You know, I have never been a fan of big planes...  Journalgrrl   Aug-04-08 07:27 PM   #39 
  - Inspections? Maintenance?  Imagevision   Aug-04-08 07:38 PM   #41 
  - US Airways is the only one charging for all that bullshit.  EOO   Aug-04-08 07:47 PM   #44 
  - The end of travel  JohnyCanuck   Aug-04-08 08:47 PM   #46 
  - The root source of the word "travel" is "travail".. n/t  Fumesucker   Aug-04-08 09:02 PM   #52 
  - LOL! traveler's mantra  Terry in Austin   Aug-05-08 11:15 AM   #79 
  - The end of air travel, anyway  Terry in Austin   Aug-05-08 11:26 AM   #80 
  - Hubby was an L1011 pilot with TWA too.  not_this_time   Aug-04-08 08:50 PM   #47 
  - Oh, I loved that plane too! There was an L-1011 flight from Dayton to Los Angeles  SharonAnn   Aug-04-08 08:57 PM   #50 
  - I'm about 45 minute from you.  trof   Aug-06-08 08:52 AM   #105 
  - I'm expecting pay toilets on the planes any day.  Olney Blue   Aug-04-08 08:53 PM   #48 
  - They've been cutting back maintenance and inspections for years.  geomon666   Aug-04-08 08:59 PM   #51 
  - I know what you mean  showmemo   Aug-04-08 10:49 PM   #58 
  - TWA, the only airline that i positively always avoided.  deaniac21   Aug-04-08 10:53 PM   #60 
  - Airline travel in the western world is the safest way to travel, ever  AngryAmish   Aug-05-08 08:08 AM   #63 
  - A nationalized airline? Let's use Amtrak as a template.  Buzz Clik   Aug-05-08 08:11 AM   #64 
  - As an airline pilot and airline accident investigator, I'm with trof on this one.  DemoTex   Aug-05-08 08:19 AM   #65 
  - Behind you 100% on that, Mac.  TahitiNut   Aug-05-08 11:07 AM   #78 
  - I liked flying TWA  WakeMeUp   Aug-05-08 08:31 AM   #66 
  - I'm sorry, but...  Turbineguy   Aug-05-08 10:13 AM   #72 
  - Turbineguy, are you aware that some pilots are now speaking out because of the pressure on them  truedelphi   Aug-05-08 12:06 PM   #83 
     - Bean counters do that  Turbineguy   Aug-05-08 01:41 PM   #88 
     - Somehow the thought of an ocean going vessel running out of fuel does not scare me anywhere near  truedelphi   Aug-05-08 03:49 PM   #95 
        - Well, the Bean Counters  Turbineguy   Aug-06-08 08:32 AM   #104 
     - delete- double post  Turbineguy   Aug-05-08 02:11 PM   #89 
  - Anyone else get the FAATest ad at the end of this thread?  ForeignSpectator   Aug-05-08 10:32 AM   #73 
  - I realized that flying was not what it should be way back when  truedelphi   Aug-05-08 12:01 PM   #82 
  - Well, it's not 'recycled'.  trof   Aug-05-08 06:11 PM   #102 
  - Nationalized? Have you ever traveled via Amtrak? (nm)  Xenocrates   Aug-05-08 12:08 PM   #84 
  - Yes. Best way to travel between coastal population centers in the Northeast.  Gormy Cuss   Aug-05-08 12:38 PM   #86 
  - I don't know what you're smoking about Amtrak  crimsonblue   Aug-05-08 02:22 PM   #91 
  - I have felt this way for a long time. before the gas price hikes  Heather MC   Aug-05-08 12:46 PM   #87 
  - i remember as a kid flying everywhere on Eastern in the 80s  Blue_Tires   Aug-05-08 03:30 PM   #93 
  - Me too, but keep the unions and give them back some say!  lonestarnot   Aug-05-08 03:55 PM   #96 
  - I like my coffee  XemaSab   Aug-05-08 04:22 PM   #98 

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