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Reply #130: My first name is Milton and my last name begins with an F. [View All]

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Response to Reply #83
130. My first name is Milton and my last name begins with an F.
And Milton Friedman would not have cared about women and children who have to prostitute themselves since he would have considered it part of the benefit of a free market.

People in the US need to get over the idea that they are more deserving or superior to everyone else in the world, if some guy in the US has to do without getting a new 42" plasma every year so some girl does not have to sell her body for food I am ok with that.
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  -How do you feel when you call customer service and end up talking to someone in a foreign country? Maddy McCall  Jul-27-08 08:06 PM   #0 
  - I don't like seeing American jobs go overseas  skipos   Jul-27-08 08:09 PM   #1 
  - Being frustrated by poor communication and poor customer service  JerseygirlCT   Jul-27-08 08:09 PM   #2 
  - I ask them where they are located.  tabasco   Jul-27-08 08:11 PM   #3 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-27-08 08:18 PM   #12 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-27-08 08:35 PM   #31 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-27-08 08:36 PM   #33 
        - That's not nice. I don't think Tandalayo_Scheisskopf is an asshole.  uppityperson   Jul-27-08 08:55 PM   #41 
     - the invention of the VRU has caused the war on American middle class jobs.  Rene   Jul-27-08 09:03 PM   #47 
     - we recently had the same problem with Verizon.  rebel with a cause   Jul-27-08 09:54 PM   #51 
     - I'm the same. I just want my problem fixed.  CTDem24   Jul-28-08 09:50 AM   #100 
     - I notice where you are located  Firespirit   Jul-28-08 01:46 PM   #133 
  - I don't have thoughts about it one way or another.  lwfern   Jul-27-08 08:11 PM   #4 
  - I admit to being very annoyed when this happens.  Inspired   Jul-27-08 08:12 PM   #5 
  - I'm happy my cousin finally got a job.  Starbucks Anarchist   Jul-27-08 08:13 PM   #6 
  - See...I was hesitant to post this...  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:20 PM   #15 
     - I don't take offense to it.  Starbucks Anarchist   Jul-27-08 08:22 PM   #20 
        - Whew...  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:32 PM   #27 
           - wrong reply. N?T  MiltonF   Jul-27-08 09:00 PM   #43 
  - I feel like the company cheaped-out on the CS department and puts profit above customer satisfaction  Liberal Veteran   Jul-27-08 08:15 PM   #7 
  - If they can help and speak fluent English, fine  DFW   Jul-27-08 08:15 PM   #8 
  - Interesting....I have AT&T phone, cell, TV and haven't talked  Jazzgirl   Jul-27-08 08:17 PM   #9 
  - I feel better than when I get some redneck from deepwoods Mississippi.  jobycom   Jul-27-08 08:17 PM   #10 
  - Don't make me spank you.  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:19 PM   #13 
     - Well, you did say a foreign country.  jobycom   Jul-27-08 08:23 PM   #23 
  - A person is a person, no reason to care where the live.  RGBolen   Jul-27-08 08:17 PM   #11 
  - True, but how about quality of work or dedication? Or do facts like those bother you?  HypnoToad   Jul-28-08 04:17 PM   #138 
  - It pisses me off and makes me feel like  oktoberain   Jul-27-08 08:20 PM   #14 
  - I just did this on Saturday.  donco6   Jul-27-08 08:20 PM   #16 
  - I'm not blaming the person in India....I blame the corporations....  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:22 PM   #21 
  - Takes too long, hard to understand (India mostly) and connections drop  MichiganVote   Jul-27-08 08:21 PM   #17 
  - Recently when I was in Wales my hostess needed a number  thecrow   Jul-27-08 08:21 PM   #18 
  - Sorry, I can't be nice in my answer...It pisses me the hell off!  MadMaddie   Jul-27-08 08:22 PM   #19 
  - I have dealt with AT&T HS Intenet Customer Service.  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Jul-27-08 08:23 PM   #22 
  - Thank god...someone else who's dealt with it with AT&T.  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:26 PM   #24 
     - Go into the registry??!!  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Jul-27-08 08:32 PM   #28 
     - You might want to try Sprint Wireless Broadband  krispos42   Jul-28-08 02:56 AM   #78 
  - I Feel The Same Way  iamjoy   Jul-27-08 08:26 PM   #25 
  - attn Maddy  RazzleCat   Jul-27-08 08:37 PM   #34 
     - THANKS!  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:39 PM   #36 
  - Now they have more English speakers in other countries  goclark   Jul-27-08 08:29 PM   #26 
  - I feel angry that they're doing the job I used to do here!!  Breeze54   Jul-27-08 08:33 PM   #29 
  - Depends on if they are idiots.  Pavulon   Jul-27-08 08:34 PM   #30 
  - my cell phone company uses an indian call center  madrchsod   Jul-27-08 08:35 PM   #32 
  - i work in a call center here in the US  sentelle   Jul-28-08 08:44 AM   #88 
     - my daughter worked the phones for about 6 months  madrchsod   Jul-28-08 04:01 PM   #134 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-27-08 08:39 PM   #35 
  - Whatever your anger issues are, I doubt you can get them resolved...  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:41 PM   #37 
  - I hate that relatively good paying  ikojo   Jul-27-08 08:47 PM   #38 
  - Yes....  Maddy McCall   Jul-27-08 08:49 PM   #40 
  - This is part of the Republican plan.  IanDB1   Jul-27-08 08:47 PM   #39 
  - With my cable company (Charter), I get the same crappy tech "help" from Americans....  tpsbmam   Jul-27-08 08:58 PM   #42 
  - When I speak with a woman it reminds me of the alternative.  MiltonF   Jul-27-08 09:01 PM   #44 
  - So out of work US tech support workers should just turn to prostitution here?  Breeze54   Jul-27-08 10:02 PM   #52 
  - that's quite a leap.  lwfern   Jul-27-08 10:51 PM   #57 
     - I need a job. I'm an out of work tech. I'm pissed off!  Breeze54   Jul-27-08 11:07 PM   #60 
     - I understand being angry about being out of work.  lwfern   Jul-27-08 11:45 PM   #65 
     - I didn't say I prefer it... so don't put words in my mouth!  Breeze54   Jul-27-08 11:54 PM   #67 
        - I didn't see his example as ludicrous.  lwfern   Jul-28-08 12:12 AM   #69 
           - I don't want to starve and I don't want to see others starve but  Breeze54   Jul-28-08 12:51 AM   #72 
              - um.  lwfern   Jul-28-08 01:19 AM   #73 
              - Yes, we're an invading army.  Starbucks Anarchist   Jul-28-08 05:44 PM   #140 
     - My first Tech Job was with HP doing support for their Pavilion Line of PC's.  MiltonF   Jul-27-08 11:58 PM   #68 
     - Caring about Americans is RACIST!1!!1!!!!!11!  Romulox   Jul-28-08 06:33 AM   #84 
        - You do realize those folks in India  lwfern   Jul-28-08 08:53 AM   #89 
        - It is obvious to me that you don't know who MILTON FRIEDMAN is.  Romulox   Jul-28-08 09:32 AM   #95 
           - So one can be a nationalist without being a racist. That seems fair  pampango   Jul-28-08 10:04 AM   #103 
           - You forgot one epithet: CORPORATIST  Romulox   Jul-28-08 10:50 AM   #110 
              - You're right that a large (and rich) part of the RW is corporatist.  pampango   Jul-28-08 11:47 AM   #125 
           - Generally I find racism is at the root of this.  lwfern   Jul-28-08 10:05 AM   #104 
              - Bottom line: Your ignorance of basic economics is not a legitimate basis to call people names  Romulox   Jul-28-08 10:46 AM   #108 
                 - Did I call someone names?  lwfern   Jul-28-08 10:50 AM   #111 
                    - You don't have the courage to "call" people names. You insinuate a good deal, though.  Romulox   Jul-28-08 10:55 AM   #112 
                       - Well, that's the argument Lou Dobbs uses.  lwfern   Jul-28-08 10:57 AM   #115 
                          - And yours is the same one that Wal Mart and Monsanto uses.  Romulox   Jul-28-08 11:00 AM   #117 
                             - I'm hardly "shilling for big business"  lwfern   Jul-28-08 11:16 AM   #121 
        - Milton is my first name and my last name starts with F.  MiltonF   Jul-28-08 12:46 PM   #129 
     - So, we should feel good about jobs being outsourced?  Bettie   Jul-28-08 09:20 AM   #93 
        - I had to teach my job to someone when it was outsourced to  lukasahero   Jul-28-08 09:32 AM   #94 
           - No, you aren't required to feel good about that...  Bettie   Jul-28-08 09:41 AM   #97 
              - Not caring about your neighbors is "progressive", don't you see?  Romulox   Jul-28-08 09:47 AM   #98 
                 - And the thing is, I DO care about people in other countries  Bettie   Jul-28-08 09:59 AM   #102 
                    - I find your words insincere and obfuscating.  lwfern   Jul-28-08 10:11 AM   #106 
                       - Fine, I'm a racist.  Bettie   Jul-28-08 10:45 AM   #107 
                       - You are too much. If you don't agree with me, you're a RACIST!!1!1!!!!11!  Romulox   Jul-28-08 10:48 AM   #109 
                          - Perhaps you'd like to clarify why you think I "don't care about Americans".  lwfern   Jul-28-08 10:56 AM   #114 
                             - Oh, I didn't say you didn't care about Americans!  Romulox   Jul-28-08 11:01 AM   #118 
                                - I think I'm going to bow out.  lwfern   Jul-28-08 11:17 AM   #122 
                                   - LOL. You've called a couple people racists and learned absolutely nothing. You deserve a rest!  Romulox   Jul-28-08 11:23 AM   #123 
  - I get confused. I thought stereotypes were bad. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Jul-28-08 03:42 AM   #79 
  - LOL. A "progressive" named after MILTON FRIEDMAN, huh?  Romulox   Jul-28-08 06:29 AM   #83 
     - One who's been here as long as you and has donated  lukasahero   Jul-28-08 09:20 AM   #92 
     - So it's OK to advocate for HARD RIGHT economics on DU, so long as you share the ill gotten gains?  Romulox   Jul-28-08 09:35 AM   #96 
        - How is opposing women having to sell their bodies HARD RIGHT economics? n/t  MiltonF   Jul-28-08 12:53 PM   #132 
     - My first name is Milton and my last name begins with an F.  MiltonF   Jul-28-08 12:51 PM   #130 
     - NO!  lwfern   Jul-28-08 04:15 PM   #137 
     - His name *actually is* Milton F (something), dumbass.  Starbucks Anarchist   Jul-28-08 04:18 PM   #139 
  - Americans by and large support outsourcing manufacturing jobs  Romulox   Jul-27-08 09:02 PM   #45 
  - Depends on a few things...  Zevon fan   Jul-27-08 09:03 PM   #46 
  - I hate it. Not because the person on the other end is a foreigner  spenbax   Jul-27-08 09:13 PM   #48 
  - My attempts to correct a less than  Enthusiast   Jul-27-08 09:31 PM   #49 
  - They have such a hard time understanding my southern accent  carlyhippy   Jul-27-08 09:37 PM   #50 
  - I'm polite to the CS person - it's not THEIR fault the job was sent overseas  csziggy   Jul-27-08 10:09 PM   #53 
  - at times frustrated  blues90   Jul-27-08 10:18 PM   #54 
  - I've been trying to cancel my ATT DSL service & connect with Qwest.  CrispyQGirl   Jul-27-08 10:26 PM   #55 
  - it depends on their English, but mostly annoyed  notadmblnd   Jul-27-08 10:51 PM   #56 
  - Ha Ha thats funny I work for AT&T. It does bother me.  bamacrat   Jul-27-08 10:54 PM   #58 
  - I don't like it because it is the THEFT of American jobs by greedy corporate America.  TheGoldenRule   Jul-27-08 11:05 PM   #59 
  - Nuthin I hate more den dem dam furiners!  BlooInBloo   Jul-27-08 11:11 PM   #61 
  - LOL on someone with a "UNION YES!" avatar speaking out to support outsourcing! nt  Romulox   Jul-28-08 06:43 AM   #85 
  - Don't like it. But it's not about race, it's about jobs for Americans.  TexasObserver   Jul-27-08 11:11 PM   #62 
  - disgusted  Skittles   Jul-27-08 11:22 PM   #63 
  - I do my best to be polite...  spin   Jul-27-08 11:38 PM   #64 
  - "They probably would be viewed as racist." That's an interesting observation.  pampango   Jul-28-08 07:04 AM   #86 
     - Umm, look upthread. The "you're a racist if you oppose outsourcing!" crew is out in full force. nt  Romulox   Jul-28-08 09:49 AM   #99 
  - I have the same experience with AT&T.  bob_weaver   Jul-27-08 11:52 PM   #66 
  - yes i have a very heavy nonstandard accent  pitohui   Jul-28-08 12:42 AM   #70 
  - I have AT&T and have never had a problem that I don't have  sfexpat2000   Jul-28-08 12:50 AM   #71 
  - I have a totally tin ear when it comes to thick accents. The  Faux pas   Jul-28-08 02:15 AM   #74 
  - The foreigners working at these call centers  woolldog   Jul-28-08 02:17 AM   #75 
  - I love it when people pull stats out of the blue..  snooper2   Jul-28-08 09:01 AM   #91 
     - Bingo!  greyhound1966   Jul-28-08 11:01 AM   #119 
  - If I get someone in Bangalore or Buenos Aires, I cut them slack. They're human stress-blotters...  KrazyKat   Jul-28-08 02:17 AM   #76 
  - Language barrier  ullad   Jul-28-08 02:31 AM   #77 
  - Annoyed.  lumberjack_jeff   Jul-28-08 03:50 AM   #80 
  - It's not even customer service anymore, it's customer pacification  greyhound1966   Jul-28-08 03:51 AM   #81 
  - i don't care where my help comes from. but here is the thing...  CasualWatcher9   Jul-28-08 04:14 AM   #82 
  - Foreign country? No such thing exists  NoMoreMyths   Jul-28-08 08:24 AM   #87 
  - I feel frustrated too  Bettie   Jul-28-08 08:58 AM   #90 
  - Well, that's a job my niece won't get.  alfredo   Jul-28-08 09:59 AM   #101 
  - When it happens...  LanternWaste   Jul-28-08 10:10 AM   #105 
  - As always, it depends on the service they provide. Where it comes from is a matter of indifference.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Jul-28-08 10:56 AM   #113 
  - I just recently dealt with this...  Juneboarder   Jul-28-08 10:59 AM   #116 
  - How do you know you're being transferred to a foreign country?  lukasahero   Jul-28-08 11:03 AM   #120 
  - i wouldn't know, as i've never spoken to a customer service person who wasn't in the united states..  QuestionAll   Jul-28-08 11:23 AM   #124 
  - How do I handle it?  Dorian Gray   Jul-28-08 12:01 PM   #126 
  - I've got an even more confusing conundrum  MsTryska   Jul-28-08 12:07 PM   #127 
  - It's a mild annoyance.  seawolf   Jul-28-08 12:23 PM   #128 
  - relieved that I'm probably not talking to a white person. nt.  IndianaJones   Jul-28-08 12:53 PM   #131 
  - I'm hopeful that it will lead to universal or socialized healthcare.  Ilsa   Jul-28-08 04:06 PM   #135 
  - As long as they help me I'm cool with it. It's not their fault, it's the CEOs  Lorien   Jul-28-08 04:12 PM   #136 

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