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Reply #39: Yup, thats how people in IT are treated [View All]

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undeterred Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-02-07 09:01 PM
Response to Reply #25
39. Yup, thats how people in IT are treated
and I've been afraid of it for weeks. The funny thing is, if they're worried about my skills not being good enough, then why do they think I'm good enough to hack in and mess things up?
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  -I just got terminated by having my accounts turned off undeterred  Mar-02-07 07:41 PM   #0 
  - not familiar with WI labour law-just know I extend my deepest sympathy. pour  niyad   Mar-02-07 07:44 PM   #1 
  - Why were you afraid of being fired?  WorldResident   Mar-02-07 07:45 PM   #2 
  - A couple of reasons  undeterred   Mar-02-07 07:55 PM   #9 
     - You're better off not working this guy then  WorldResident   Mar-02-07 08:01 PM   #17 
     - That kind of behavior sounds like the kind of attitude I experienced  SCRUBDASHRUB   Mar-02-07 08:01 PM   #19 
     - on Oprah the other day - it was stated to say Thank you for being fired  28erl   Mar-02-07 08:08 PM   #24 
     - You're right and I'm sure that he/she will find a much better job  AZBlue   Mar-02-07 10:18 PM   #63 
     - Ewwww been there....  XOKCowboy   Mar-02-07 09:34 PM   #50 
  - Check you employment contract.  Selatius   Mar-02-07 07:46 PM   #3 
  - I was dumped because of the at will clause  blues90   Mar-02-07 07:55 PM   #8 
  - Rapcious and arbitrary  undeterred   Mar-02-07 07:57 PM   #12 
  - have a friend that works maintenance at a college  radfringe   Mar-03-07 03:30 AM   #82 
  - I would love to see a federal ban on at-will employment! n/t  Pushed To The Left   Mar-03-07 03:54 AM   #84 
  - I'm so sorry  Bjornsdotter   Mar-02-07 07:46 PM   #4 
  - Wow, nothing? And you were lied to also  Nite Owl   Mar-02-07 07:48 PM   #5 
  - Idiots... no wonder there are those unfortunate violent incidents...  hlthe2b   Mar-02-07 07:56 PM   #10 
  - This is certainly not legal advise, but I wouldat least call HR  napi21   Mar-02-07 07:52 PM   #6 
  - They are all a bunch of liars  undeterred   Mar-02-07 07:59 PM   #15 
  - Actually that's not true of ALL companies. Yes they all are interested  napi21   Mar-02-07 08:25 PM   #28 
  - but why ask for an explanation from someone  undeterred   Mar-02-07 08:39 PM   #33 
     - My suggestion was for revenge purposes for YOU!  napi21   Mar-02-07 10:14 PM   #61 
        - My bumpersticker says Defend America: Impeach Bush  undeterred   Mar-02-07 11:04 PM   #71 
           - I'd say you did  michreject   Mar-03-07 07:33 AM   #86 
  - That's happened to me before  sweetheart   Mar-02-07 08:45 PM   #36 
  - Yes, unfortunately, you do have to see them again & show up for work on Monday.  Divernan   Mar-02-07 08:56 PM   #37 
     - I'm glad Divernan was reading - he/she gave good advice.  higher class   Mar-02-07 09:38 PM   #52 
     - EXCELLENT ADVICE, Divernan. I hope some of the posters are paying attention to you, esp. the OP.  Hekate   Mar-03-07 04:41 AM   #85 
  - Also ask for a copy of your personel file  dflprincess   Mar-02-07 08:15 PM   #26 
     - Why would I give a crap?  undeterred   Mar-02-07 08:43 PM   #34 
  - I'm so sorry; I live in an at-will state and was terminated without warning.  SCRUBDASHRUB   Mar-02-07 07:55 PM   #7 
  - Well, still go in to work  ConservativeDemocrat   Mar-02-07 07:57 PM   #11 
  - Excellent advice  wicket   Mar-02-07 07:59 PM   #14 
  - I don't feel like driving 53 miles to be humiliated  undeterred   Mar-02-07 08:01 PM   #18 
  - You should do it anyway. Wait until Monday morning.  Breeze54   Mar-02-07 08:07 PM   #22 
  - Report for work anyway. Since they didn't NOTIFY you that you're fired, they'll OWE ...  TahitiNut   Mar-02-07 08:21 PM   #27 
  - AND, if you just assume they fired you, and don;t go in, they could say they fired you because  SoCalDem   Mar-02-07 09:06 PM   #40 
     - I'm pretty sure this is a no-win situation  undeterred   Mar-02-07 09:36 PM   #51 
  - If you don't show up without calling, they might say you quit  Bleachers7   Mar-02-07 10:17 PM   #62 
     - Well, maybe I could call in sick.  undeterred   Mar-02-07 11:06 PM   #73 
        - That's a good idea. Just call in sick day after day and keep  BullGooseLoony   Mar-03-07 02:32 AM   #78 
  - Very true  WorldResident   Mar-02-07 08:02 PM   #20 
  - I don't drink. Alcohol is a depressant.  undeterred   Mar-02-07 08:44 PM   #35 
     - EXCELLENT judgment. (IMHO, of course.)  TahitiNut   Mar-02-07 09:09 PM   #42 
     - Sorry, I meant that comment in a half joking spirit  WorldResident   Mar-03-07 02:53 AM   #80 
  - I second that  Warpy   Mar-02-07 08:30 PM   #30 
  - That's right, make it official  JNelson6563   Mar-03-07 08:54 AM   #89 
  - Here's the drill:  Pigwidgeon   Mar-02-07 07:59 PM   #13 
  - When they did that to me, they offered to allow me to get my files...  lumberjack_jeff   Mar-02-07 08:00 PM   #16 
  - I'm sorry  Horse with no Name   Mar-02-07 08:04 PM   #21 
  - If they've not spoken to you yet...  deadmessengers   Mar-02-07 08:08 PM   #23 
  - they treat people like this so that they don't have any  bbgrunt   Mar-02-07 08:13 PM   #25 
  - Yup, thats how people in IT are treated  undeterred   Mar-02-07 09:01 PM   #39 
  - Not sure what you can do....  dapper   Mar-02-07 08:26 PM   #29 
  - Well, this is an IT thing too  undeterred   Mar-03-07 08:51 AM   #88 
  - This is TYPICAL in IT or any computer-related industry.  La_Fourmi_Rouge   Mar-02-07 08:31 PM   #31 
  - its typical of slavery  sweetheart   Mar-03-07 02:37 AM   #79 
  - Standard "I am not a lawyer yet and this is not legal advice" disclaimer applies, but:  eyesroll   Mar-02-07 08:32 PM   #32 
  - Well I found a sticky note on my supervisors desk  undeterred   Mar-02-07 08:58 PM   #38 
     - How can people get away with lying like that? It makes one  WiseButAngrySara   Mar-02-07 09:09 PM   #41 
     - You can afford your "kiss-my-butt" attitude if you're independently wealthy.  Divernan   Mar-02-07 09:10 PM   #43 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-02-07 09:23 PM   #45 
        - You know what? I gave you advice about why you should calm down...  LoZoccolo   Mar-02-07 09:30 PM   #48 
     - I would really assume nothing that you can't absolutely prove.  LoZoccolo   Mar-02-07 09:29 PM   #47 
     - HR's job is not to help YOU, but protect the COMPANY  Paulie   Mar-02-07 10:03 PM   #60 
  - Take a lot of deep breaths and concentrate on 5 years down the road.  Straight Shooter   Mar-02-07 09:22 PM   #44 
  - Companies never reveal personnel files.  undeterred   Mar-02-07 09:25 PM   #46 
  - Companies most certainly do reveal personnel files.  Straight Shooter   Mar-02-07 09:33 PM   #49 
  - I've actually been taking stuff home for the last few weeks  undeterred   Mar-02-07 09:41 PM   #53 
  - Well, if it makes you feel better, in my own situation ...  Straight Shooter   Mar-02-07 10:18 PM   #64 
  - Excellent advice  missb   Mar-02-07 09:44 PM   #55 
  - I got this off of your other thread  michreject   Mar-03-07 07:41 AM   #87 
  - Unless you want them to have reason to disallow unemployment  Ms. Toad   Mar-03-07 12:46 PM   #90 
  - I'd sit home and sulk...  XOKCowboy   Mar-02-07 09:46 PM   #57 
  - Horrible situation, through no fault of your own, your job was  spacelady   Mar-02-07 09:42 PM   #54 
  - Same manager, another story  undeterred   Mar-02-07 09:56 PM   #59 
     - Sounds like that lady did her work well, but the company was not  spacelady   Mar-02-07 10:55 PM   #68 
        - I've been with the same company for almost 12 years.  roamer65   Mar-02-07 11:06 PM   #72 
           - That is great to hear, you must like what you do.  spacelady   Mar-02-07 11:46 PM   #75 
  - Ever since the first big waves of lay-offs after the dotcom bubble burst  patrice   Mar-02-07 09:45 PM   #56 
  - As others have said  Pavulon   Mar-02-07 09:51 PM   #58 
  - I'm so sorry.  AZBlue   Mar-02-07 10:20 PM   #65 
  - What kind of IT you into? do you do any coding? might have some remote work  The Straight Story   Mar-02-07 10:32 PM   #66 
  - Go into work and make them fire you  roamer65   Mar-02-07 10:54 PM   #67 
  - I totally agree - no matter how distasteful DO go in to work  spacelady   Mar-02-07 10:59 PM   #69 
     - I agree. Definitely go in  LeftyMom   Mar-02-07 11:08 PM   #74 
  - What if they DIDNT 'turn off' your account, and they were turned off by mistake ?  Trajan   Mar-02-07 11:00 PM   #70 
  - Report to work on Monday, if you want or hope to collect unemployment  monmouth   Mar-03-07 12:10 AM   #76 
  - call your state senator or rep. nt.  mb7588a   Mar-03-07 12:18 AM   #77 
  - i also say go in monday and let them be up front with you and  orleans   Mar-03-07 03:13 AM   #81 
  - When they say come back your credit score is 390....  LaPera   Mar-03-07 03:41 AM   #83 
  - Whatever you do, you should report back to work Monday, and here's why:  KzooDem   Mar-03-07 12:56 PM   #91 

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