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Reply #9: $3.93 or more here on the Central Coast [View All]

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Ichingcarpenter Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-18-08 04:19 PM
Response to Reply #5
9. $3.93 or more here on the Central Coast
Those prices won't come back soon I think. After the weekend we will be over 4
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  -On my way to the store: Gas $3.38/gal. On my way home: $3.45 gal. Clayton, NC. gateley  Apr-18-08 04:09 PM   #0 
  - For gas that is already in the tanks underground at the station  Yael   Apr-18-08 04:11 PM   #1 
  - I don't like it either, but the gas station guy isn't getting rich on it  Liberal Gramma   Apr-18-08 04:25 PM   #11 
  - Maybe it's you....  TomInTib   Apr-18-08 04:12 PM   #2 
  - Stay home will you? I can't afford the increases!  Mountainman   Apr-18-08 04:13 PM   #3 
  - Of course, that's SOP on Fridays!!  Breeze54   Apr-18-08 04:15 PM   #4 
  - Garner NC yesterday 3.34, today 3.51 (n/t)  SunDrop23   Apr-18-08 04:16 PM   #5 
  - You guys are from my old stomping grounds  Oreo   Apr-18-08 04:19 PM   #8 
  - $3.93 or more here on the Central Coast  Ichingcarpenter   Apr-18-08 04:19 PM   #9 
  - Remember when Bush was surprised "I hadn't heard that" about gas  gateley   Apr-18-08 04:28 PM   #13 
     - You can't imagine how difficult ("it's hard work") Bush found it, not to break into a big  hisownpetard   Apr-18-08 05:29 PM   #15 
     - He'll be stunned at yet another increase in his bank account from his beloved fuel companies. (n/t)  SunDrop23   Apr-19-08 08:36 PM   #30 
  - Well, head on down 70 for a bargain! nt  gateley   Apr-18-08 04:21 PM   #10 
  - the prices have to get raised at some point.  QuestionAll   Apr-18-08 04:17 PM   #6 
  - It's close to $5 here, gateley.  sfexpat2000   Apr-18-08 04:18 PM   #7 
  - I know the West Coast is INSANE.  gateley   Apr-18-08 04:25 PM   #12 
     - People in the suburbs are concerned about how they're going to "mange"?  taterguy   Apr-18-08 05:43 PM   #16 
        - What on earth makes you think I live in the suburbs?  gateley   Apr-18-08 06:55 PM   #18 
        - I thought only dogs got mange  taterguy   Apr-18-08 07:23 PM   #20 
           - Okay - didn't see that -- either in my post or in yours. nt  gateley   Apr-18-08 07:31 PM   #21 
              - It's right here  taterguy   Apr-18-08 07:35 PM   #22 
                 - Sigh. I saw it after you pointed it out in your second post --  gateley   Apr-18-08 07:45 PM   #24 
                    - Who can resist mocking a typo on a Friday evening?  taterguy   Apr-19-08 07:18 AM   #25 
                       - Realistically not doable.  gateley   Apr-19-08 12:33 PM   #28 
        - And you sanctimonious bicycle riding  edwardsguy   Apr-19-08 07:59 AM   #27 
           - When people get the message I'll stop posting about it  taterguy   Apr-20-08 09:05 AM   #31 
  - it's the same gas that was in the ground on the way there....tell me how that happens?  spanone   Apr-18-08 04:29 PM   #14 
  - Well, is it all that different from that share of stock you have in the desk  coriolis   Apr-18-08 07:38 PM   #23 
  - East Texas this am $3.29 and this afternoon $3.57.  Horse with no Name   Apr-18-08 05:45 PM   #17 
  - It was $3.60 a week ago (So Cal) now it's $3.80 and climbing.  EOO   Apr-18-08 07:19 PM   #19 
  - Fayetteville, NC - Gas at Exxon station 3.47 yesterday morning, 3.58 last night.  Riddler   Apr-19-08 07:52 AM   #26 
  - Oh how I long for the days of $3.45 a gallon...  maveric   Apr-19-08 12:43 PM   #29 

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