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Reply #42: When can I get my queer feminist pagan licence plate? [View All]

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lightningandsnow Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-14-08 04:57 PM
Response to Original message
42. When can I get my queer feminist pagan licence plate?
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  -Florida may introduce "I Believe" license plates for Christians BurtWorm  Apr-14-08 02:00 PM   #0 
  - Oy vey. You know the biggest problem with this?  SteppingRazor   Apr-14-08 02:03 PM   #1 
  - Actually, I think there are something like 130...  Not Me   Apr-14-08 02:09 PM   #7 
  - No way will this pass constitutional muster unless they offer all religions.  yellowcanine   Apr-14-08 02:16 PM   #14 
     - I'm sure it is. The Florida state supreme court is actually shockingly reasonable ... sometimes. n/t  SteppingRazor   Apr-14-08 02:17 PM   # 
  - Non-Catholics need not apply, I guess.  Deep13   Apr-14-08 02:03 PM   #2 
  - it is?  DadOf2LittleAngels   Apr-14-08 02:53 PM   #30 
     - Generally, but not universally.  Deep13   Apr-14-08 03:22 PM   #32 
        - I dont think its that they are frowned upon  DadOf2LittleAngels   Apr-14-08 03:46 PM   #38 
           - Maybe it is the imagery typically depicted in stained glass...  Deep13   Apr-14-08 04:04 PM   #40 
  - Here's what they need to do:  mainegreen   Apr-14-08 02:04 PM   #3 
  - They need one with a pic of James Randi...  Deep13   Apr-14-08 02:05 PM   #4 
  - Well, at least now  countingbluecars   Apr-14-08 02:07 PM   #5 
  - Floridians left behind will also know which cars are fair game  TommyO   Apr-14-08 02:25 PM   #24 
  - Faith In Teaching, Inc  flvegan   Apr-14-08 02:07 PM   #6 
  - SC has an 'in god we trust' plate  China_cat   Apr-14-08 02:18 PM   #19 
     - Wish we had that rule in FL.  flvegan   Apr-14-08 02:26 PM   #25 
        - It's lovely.  China_cat   Apr-14-08 03:28 PM   #34 
  - here in tennesse you can get a 'pro-life' tag but not a 'pro choice' tag  spanone   Apr-14-08 02:11 PM   #8 
  - Florida Cher fans conflicted.  mr_hat   Apr-14-08 02:11 PM   #9 
  - I dont believe that plate should be for religious purposes  DJ13   Apr-14-08 02:11 PM   #10 
  - Do these folks get this thing about the First Amendment?  nadinbrzezinski   Apr-14-08 02:13 PM   #11 
  - Can you imagine if they tried to introduce a Wiccan license plate?  Paint It Black   Apr-14-08 02:13 PM   #12 
  - Well they will have to if they allow this one and the Wiccans demand equal treatment.  yellowcanine   Apr-14-08 02:22 PM   #21 
     - How about an Islamic license plate?  Paint It Black   Apr-14-08 02:31 PM   #26 
  - I think there should be a "I banged my teacher" plate  Fighting Irish   Apr-14-08 02:13 PM   #13 
  - "My honor student bangs his teacher at Middleton High!"  Deep13   Apr-14-08 03:26 PM   #33 
  - There comes a point when you have to wonder who they're really trying to convince  Solly Mack   Apr-14-08 02:17 PM   #15 
  - Unfortunately, the extra $25 doesn't go to the state.  Not Me   Apr-14-08 02:17 PM   #16 
  - I was expecting it to have an image of Tinkerbell on it...  htuttle   Apr-14-08 02:17 PM   #17 
  - That is so elitist! They need  asjr   Apr-14-08 02:18 PM   #18 
  - Will they have a similar plate for Muslims or Jews etc? And how about  rurallib   Apr-14-08 02:20 PM   #20 
  - I want "I believe" with a hanging chad picture. The bottom would say...  Elspeth   Apr-14-08 02:23 PM   #22 
  - Hey, if the state can make money this way...  TCJ70   Apr-14-08 02:24 PM   #23 
  - But the state ISN'T making money this way  Paint It Black   Apr-14-08 02:33 PM   #27 
  - I have CELNY Polish for "choice" in Florida  katmondoo   Apr-14-08 02:47 PM   #28 
  - There's been a similar thing here in Indiana for the past year.  Eric Condon   Apr-14-08 02:49 PM   #29 
  - That explains why so many Indiana residents seem to choose those plates -  bullwinkle428   Apr-14-08 04:15 PM   #41 
  - Excellent state-sanctioned signal of religious affiliation.  GoesTo11   Apr-14-08 02:59 PM   #31 
  - That plate isn't for "Christians", it's for a radical cult attempting to steal the word "believe".  dicksteele   Apr-14-08 03:34 PM   #35 
  - How about a "Bush Lied; People Died" plate?  Bozita   Apr-14-08 03:35 PM   #36 
  - How about one for Flying Spaghetti Monster?  mainer   Apr-14-08 03:36 PM   #37 
  - I demand a William Shatner plate  Paint It Black   Apr-14-08 03:51 PM   #39 
  - Why would you want your car vandalized? n/t  Fumesucker   Apr-14-08 05:52 PM   #45 
  - When can I get my queer feminist pagan licence plate?  AspieGrrl   Apr-14-08 04:57 PM   #42 
  - Does God guarantee you "No more tickets, no more police stops"  L. Coyote   Apr-14-08 05:48 PM   #43 
  - can you get an 'i don't believe' plate??? fair is fair is fair  spanone   Apr-14-08 05:50 PM   #44 

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