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Reply #46: I can't have dog, but I have a serious secuirty system [View All]

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MaryCeleste Donating Member (898 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-21-08 10:48 AM
Response to Reply #39
46. I can't have dog, but I have a serious secuirty system
integrates with the lights and thermostat as well. Custom installation well above anything Brinks or ADT could do, but not intrusive. Its based on an HAI Omni Pro II. I don't carry, and my home defense weapons are secured but easy access. I vastly prefer handguns to shotguns as well.
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  -Southern California Woman Shot Dead While on Phone With 911 Dispatcher michreject  Mar-21-08 08:18 AM   #0 
  - Wait...  SteelPenguin   Mar-21-08 08:24 AM   #1 
  - I bet that lady wished she had a gun available  michreject   Mar-21-08 08:29 AM   #5 
  - She had time to make a phone call  SteelPenguin   Mar-21-08 08:32 AM   #8 
  - It's in a pocket holster  michreject   Mar-21-08 08:34 AM   #11 
     - Question  SteelPenguin   Mar-21-08 08:43 AM   #16 
     - I can answer..  Pavulon   Mar-21-08 10:38 AM   #41 
        - Do you carry your weapon in your pants at all times?  SteelPenguin   Mar-21-08 11:08 AM   #52 
           - No, it is annoying  Pavulon   Mar-21-08 11:18 AM   #53 
           - I do have a carry permit  michreject   Mar-21-08 11:26 AM   #56 
           - "Proper" for that person  Squatch   Mar-21-08 11:31 AM   #57 
           - dupe  Pavulon   Mar-21-08 11:18 AM   #54 
     - Oh yeah... and 50,000,000,000 people on DU !  Unrepentant Fenian   Mar-22-08 01:51 AM   #69 
  - for every person you describe  DrDan   Mar-21-08 08:45 AM   #17 
     - There are also all of those for whom displaying a weapon detterred a perp  MaryCeleste   Mar-21-08 09:52 AM   #29 
     - You watch too much TV  michreject   Mar-21-08 10:31 AM   #40 
        - well - within the past week we (in the local area) had a 22 month-old  DrDan   Mar-21-08 04:08 PM   #63 
  - I personally know five woman who were raped.  havocmom   Mar-21-08 08:30 AM   #7 
  - Carrying a gun on you at all times is  SteelPenguin   Mar-21-08 08:33 AM   #10 
     - A Keltec is small an weighs hardly anything.  Deep13   Mar-21-08 08:40 AM   #14 
     - That sounds like a reasonable time to carry a firearm  SteelPenguin   Mar-21-08 08:50 AM   #19 
        - I don't know how much it would really help, actually.  Deep13   Mar-21-08 09:59 AM   #31 
     - So, you are a board certified psychologist and sole judge of other's living conditions?  havocmom   Mar-21-08 08:58 AM   #20 
        - Maybe I am  SteelPenguin   Mar-21-08 09:16 AM   #25 
        - Generally speaking, the military doesn't get much training in the safe handling of loaded guns.  benEzra   Mar-21-08 10:56 AM   #48 
        - As far as the Air Force goes this is not the case  itsrobert   Mar-22-08 02:24 AM   #72 
        - Thank you for your candid remarks  havocmom   Mar-21-08 04:11 PM   #64 
        - note of agreement: law enforcement IS NOT crime prevention  northernsoul   Mar-21-08 10:05 AM   #32 
        - Reading/ Comprehension Problems  Unrepentant Fenian   Mar-22-08 02:14 AM   #71 
           - My comprehension is fine. There are places/times when NOT having a gun close by is dangerous  havocmom   Mar-22-08 10:43 AM   #74 
  - If you you are going to do something do it right  Pavulon   Mar-21-08 10:24 AM   #38 
  - When you shoot yourself in the crotch, don't come crying to us.  Perry Logan   Mar-21-08 08:25 AM   #2 
  - It's in a holster  michreject   Mar-21-08 08:28 AM   #4 
  - I've always said that paranoia is the "nut" in Gun Nut...n/t  Junkdrawer   Mar-21-08 08:27 AM   #3 
  - And while I was on the phone  LanternWaste   Mar-21-08 08:30 AM   #6 
  - My old neighborhood  hyphenate   Mar-21-08 08:32 AM   #9 
  - There IS a difference between people knowing HOW to carry a gun and gun safety,  madmom   Mar-21-08 08:35 AM   #12 
  - I'm a Range officer  michreject   Mar-21-08 08:38 AM   #13 
     - Let me ask you a question  Stuckinthebush   Mar-21-08 09:00 AM   #21 
     - Contact the boy/girl scouts  michreject   Mar-21-08 09:07 AM   #23 
     - The Sportsmens club here in Michigan provides gun safty courses  notadmblnd   Mar-21-08 10:11 AM   #33 
     - See the OP  michreject   Mar-21-08 10:21 AM   #36 
        - My affairs are in order, my son is provided for.  notadmblnd   Mar-21-08 11:01 AM   #49 
           - It really wasn't directed at you personally  michreject   Mar-21-08 11:21 AM   #55 
     - I'll check into that  Stuckinthebush   Mar-21-08 11:03 AM   #51 
     - That's a very good idea  Pahket   Mar-21-08 10:46 AM   #44 
        - That's the thing..  Stuckinthebush   Mar-21-08 11:02 AM   #50 
     - Good on you, I was expressing this sentiment to those above with  madmom   Mar-21-08 09:41 AM   #28 
  - I think it's a little more than a burglary in this case  Mike Daniels   Mar-21-08 08:42 AM   #15 
  - Sure sounds like it was a planned killing. n/t  Wcross   Mar-21-08 09:05 AM   #22 
  - Home invasions are becoming more common  MaryCeleste   Mar-21-08 09:55 AM   #30 
     - A barking dog in a fence,  Pavulon   Mar-21-08 10:28 AM   #39 
     - I can't have dog, but I have a serious secuirty system  MaryCeleste   Mar-21-08 10:48 AM   #46 
     - Night invasions are pretty much the one case where I feel the homeowner should be allowed free reign  Mike Daniels   Mar-21-08 10:46 AM   #45 
     - Due to abuse by police and DAs, I prefer the Castle Doctrine which has  MaryCeleste   Mar-21-08 10:52 AM   #47 
     - Agreed  MrScorpio   Mar-21-08 02:46 PM   #61 
     - Shockingly, many of us survive without security systems or safe rooms  High Plains   Mar-21-08 11:46 AM   #58 
        - You are fortunate  MaryCeleste   Mar-21-08 04:04 PM   #62 
        - Shouldn't you edit to say "so far"? n/t  Wcross   Mar-21-08 04:14 PM   #65 
        - And I've never needed to use a fire extinguisher  NickB79   Mar-21-08 05:40 PM   #66 
  - Dude...way to post an important story that's immediately hijacked by an unrelated side issue  Squatch   Mar-21-08 08:48 AM   #18 
  - Some have a agenda...nt  michreject   Mar-21-08 09:08 AM   #24 
     - And you don't....  Junkdrawer   Mar-21-08 09:16 AM   #26 
        - Yes I do  michreject   Mar-21-08 10:24 AM   #37 
  - Do you sleep with that gun in your pocket?  proud2Blib   Mar-21-08 09:20 AM   #27 
  - And my wife thinks I'm glad to see her  michreject   Mar-21-08 10:14 AM   #35 
     - Where I am from,  proud2Blib   Mar-21-08 01:59 PM   #59 
        - Are you from WEST COVINA, California?  Wcross   Mar-21-08 02:40 PM   #60 
  - I refuse to wear a gun in my own home.  Wcross   Mar-21-08 10:13 AM   #34 
  - For now we live in Europe  cyclezealot   Mar-21-08 10:38 AM   #42 
  - I love Europe for that, and many reasons,  Pavulon   Mar-21-08 10:40 AM   #43 
     - In the south of France, think we can only own a rifle.  cyclezealot   Mar-22-08 12:05 AM   #67 
  - Why I don't carry a gun...  cynatnite   Mar-22-08 12:18 AM   #68 
  - I'm so sorry for your nephew  DiverDave   Mar-22-08 02:49 AM   #73 
  - I wish I had one too. Sounds like killer was a stalker or ex  Truth Hurts A Lot   Mar-22-08 02:01 AM   #70 

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