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ayeshahaqqiqa Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-03-08 06:43 AM
Response to Reply #3
12. Very disturbed-and scared
The firebombings of mosques and other harassment is barely reported, and when it is, it is taken as "no big deal", at least by local broadcasters. There is so much ignorance over the faith it is ridiculous! On Saturday, in Springfield MO, I lead the Dances of Universal Peace. Two ladies from Africa came-I found out both were Muslim. They wore blue jeans and shirts, no head scarves, they danced and sang--all things that many Americans think are somehow forbidden by Islam. But to hear some people (like my boss), all of us should "be shipped back where we came from". America would lose a lot of good people if they did (and I guess I'd be in Michigan, which is where I was born).

Know what's really ironic, I think? When I was a Christian, I was asked by other Christians what my denomination was, and sometimes comments were made, like why wasn't I going to THEIR church. With any Muslim I've met, the sect has never come up, and I am made welcome as a sister in the faith. This is a refreshing attitude, imho.
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  -When a Muslim elected official becomes an issue question everything  Mar-02-08 07:22 PM   #0 
  - My boss told me Obama was sworn in on a Qur'an  ayeshahaqqiqa   Mar-02-08 07:26 PM   #1 
  - Right, even though Obama is probably a foot taller  question everything   Mar-02-08 07:35 PM   #4 
  - Make your bosses head explode and remind him that the Quran  dflprincess   Mar-02-08 07:36 PM   #5 
  - I tried to  ayeshahaqqiqa   Mar-03-08 06:36 AM   #11 
  - I've been told this too  theboss   Mar-03-08 08:08 AM   #14 
  - Alert. Alert. Alert.  BleedingHeartPatriot   Mar-02-08 07:27 PM   #2 
  - With all the talk about racism and sexism  FightingIrish   Mar-02-08 07:34 PM   #3 
  - Yes. I agree. It's nasty on many counts, and this one is the most  JerseygirlCT   Mar-02-08 07:40 PM   #8 
  - I sure wish Obama had reacted differently. nt  ProgressiveMuslim   Mar-02-08 07:41 PM   #10 
  - Very disturbed-and scared  ayeshahaqqiqa   Mar-03-08 06:43 AM   #12 
  - Obama sure played along, being outraged that someone would imply that he is a muslim  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-03-08 02:26 PM   #17 
  - Exactly, Fighting Irish...  Blue_In_AK   Mar-03-08 03:30 PM   #19 
  - The garbage emails about Obama have intentionally...  kwenu   Mar-02-08 07:38 PM   #6 
  - I do think there's a certain amount of conflation  JerseygirlCT   Mar-02-08 07:38 PM   #7 
  - the religious intolerance is frightening  ayeshahaqqiqa   Mar-03-08 06:47 AM   #13 
     - Yes, you're probably right. It may actually be very difficult to tease  JerseygirlCT   Mar-03-08 02:08 PM   #16 
     - call them on it  ProgressiveFool   Mar-03-08 03:58 PM   #21 
  - To vast number of good white folks, they all look the same.  BlooInBloo   Mar-02-08 07:40 PM   #9 
  - No Direct Relationship...Plenty Of GOOP Racism Though...  KharmaTrain   Mar-03-08 08:16 AM   #15 
  - Right. So is Ralph Nader  question everything   Mar-03-08 02:53 PM   #18 
  - Whenever anyone brings up the Obama-is-a-secret-muslim canard  ProgressiveFool   Mar-03-08 03:52 PM   #20 

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