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Reply #21: yeah, I know - it's a rush to seperate the wheat from the chaff [View All]

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radfringe Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Feb-24-07 08:36 AM
Response to Reply #18
21. yeah, I know - it's a rush to seperate the wheat from the chaff
and probably to give more time to the primary winner to gear up and start bashing the opposition...

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  -Who here thinks folks shouldn't advocate for their candidate on this board? bigtree  Feb-24-07 07:29 AM   #0 
  - Advocating your candidate - yes. Bad-mouthing other candidates - no. n/t  patricia92243   Feb-24-07 07:31 AM   #1 
  - I've pledged against ANY candidate-bashing  bigtree   Feb-24-07 07:33 AM   #2 
  - Sounds good - go for it!!!  patricia92243   Feb-24-07 07:34 AM   #3 
  - agree :-)  papau   Feb-24-07 07:55 AM   #13 
  - Of course people should feel free to advocate  cali   Feb-24-07 07:38 AM   #4 
  - this is a political discussion forum...i believe that means discussing the good AND the bad  NotGivingUp   Feb-24-07 07:39 AM   #5 
  - bringing up the bad points about candidates should not be called bashing or bad-mouthing.  NotGivingUp   Feb-24-07 07:40 AM   #6 
  - I do think that the many of the "bad points" are also open to debate  bigtree   Feb-24-07 07:45 AM   #8 
  - i agree.  NotGivingUp   Feb-24-07 09:28 AM   #27 
  - No, but saying that two of the candidates  rebel with a cause   Feb-24-07 08:29 AM   #19 
     - that IS bashing...and disgusting!  NotGivingUp   Feb-24-07 09:27 AM   #26 
  - I think they should.  H2O Man   Feb-24-07 07:42 AM   #7 
  - Good insight, as always. One thing . . .  bigtree   Feb-24-07 08:16 AM   #14 
     - One example:  H2O Man   Feb-24-07 08:30 AM   #20 
        - That's true. Some positions are obvious and blatent  bigtree   Feb-24-07 08:38 AM   #23 
           - Very true.  H2O Man   Feb-24-07 08:56 AM   #24 
  - I think anyone who has an established link to any candidate should so disclose.  speedoo   Feb-24-07 07:47 AM   #9 
  - you know, that's a good point. I wonder though, about confidentiality  bigtree   Feb-24-07 07:52 AM   #11 
     - Thanks. I don't see why confidentiality would be an issue...  speedoo   Feb-24-07 08:18 AM   #15 
  - That's what the primaries are all about.  zanne   Feb-24-07 07:50 AM   #10 
  - I'd personally prefer that candidate threads were posted in GD-Politics, but that's just my opinion.  scarletwoman   Feb-24-07 07:53 AM   #12 
  - I would agree, but, you've seen the threads. What's more important  bigtree   Feb-24-07 08:20 AM   #16 
     - Iran is important to me. Getting out of Iraq is important to me. Impeachment is important to me.  scarletwoman   Feb-24-07 09:15 AM   #25 
        - there's really no line between these and the candidates  bigtree   Feb-24-07 10:38 AM   #30 
           - The thing is, I have just about zero faith in the electoral system as an agent of real change.  scarletwoman   Feb-24-07 12:28 PM   #31 
  - advocating for a particular candidate is part of democracy  radfringe   Feb-24-07 08:23 AM   #17 
  - it is too dang early, but they've boxed us in with these early primaries  bigtree   Feb-24-07 08:29 AM   #18 
     - yeah, I know - it's a rush to seperate the wheat from the chaff  radfringe   Feb-24-07 08:36 AM   #21 
  - Oh bama , oh bama, oh bama, =)  cooolandrew   Feb-24-07 08:37 AM   #22 
  - I personally don't see anything wrong with advocating your candidate  Ghost in the Machine   Feb-24-07 10:25 AM   #28 
  - Who here thinks ducks shouldn't quack?  WilliamPitt   Feb-24-07 10:26 AM   #29 
  - What, did I step into FR or something? No bad talking someone if they buy a 'D' letter?  The Straight Story   Feb-24-07 12:31 PM   #32 
  - It's our duty  WesDem   Feb-24-07 12:46 PM   #33 

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