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Reply #56: Wm Casey and his CapCities/ABC stock says it all. It's still Disneyland DC IMAO nt [View All]

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EVDebs Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-20-08 10:52 AM
Response to Original message
56. Wm Casey and his CapCities/ABC stock says it all. It's still Disneyland DC IMAO nt
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  -Mourning in America: The Reagan Years Were Enough to Make You Cry McCamy Taylor  Jan-19-08 01:40 PM   #0 
  - Good but tragic reading, McCamy. K&R!  Rock_Garden   Jan-19-08 01:42 PM   #1 
  - BRAVO  fightthegoodfightnow   Jan-19-08 01:42 PM   #2 
  - k/r  katsy   Jan-19-08 01:44 PM   #3 
  - Bravo for refusing to let Dems contribute to the whitewashing of US history  mnhtnbb   Jan-19-08 01:54 PM   #4 
  - K&R for all the "Ronnies"  Warpy   Jan-19-08 02:00 PM   #5 
  - There's a book called "All Souls: A Family Story from Southie"  ribrepin   Jan-20-08 01:54 PM   #65 
  - reading this reminds me of why I think Obama got a bad rap  bain_sidhe   Jan-19-08 02:06 PM   #6 
  - You know, Andrew Jackson brought "change"---he sent my ancestors on the Trail of Tears  McCamy Taylor   Jan-19-08 02:26 PM   #7 
  - I once floated the idea that we should take Jackson off the $20  uberllama42   Jan-19-08 02:49 PM   #10 
  - Fine by me. I went on a trip in 2000 and paid my half Seminole half Celt friend  eridani   Jan-19-08 07:54 PM   #23 
  - That is all too true  peacock   Jan-20-08 06:09 AM   #37 
  - Truth is a daughter of time...I hope in my lifetime, to see some of these facts  robbedvoter   Jan-20-08 07:13 AM   #45 
  - that's not all he said...and he didn't get a bad rap  noiretblu   Jan-19-08 02:58 PM   #11 
  - Could he have been thinking "What is the exact opposite of the 'Obama is a Black Muslim' slur?"  McCamy Taylor   Jan-19-08 03:31 PM   #13 
  - makes sense  noiretblu   Jan-19-08 04:32 PM   #15 
     - I think one of his Hollywood supporters gave him bum advise. The correct response  McCamy Taylor   Jan-19-08 07:06 PM   #20 
        - You are right.  amandabeech   Jan-20-08 02:59 AM   #35 
  - Exactly! Reagan was terrible & no Dem  peacock   Jan-20-08 06:12 AM   #38 
  - Who offers the best plan for progress  peacock   Jan-20-08 06:08 AM   #36 
  - A big K and R..  femrap   Jan-19-08 02:32 PM   #8 
  - David Rockefeller is supposed to be the one who bankrolled "Hostages for votes"  McCamy Taylor   Jan-19-08 02:38 PM   #9 
  - Sometimes I think that those  femrap   Jan-19-08 03:29 PM   #12 
  - Point of order- Carter negotiated the hostage release  grizmaster   Jan-19-08 07:48 PM   #22 
     - Yes & Raygun & the Repugs  peacock   Jan-20-08 06:59 AM   #43 
        - Carter made the deal  grizmaster   Jan-20-08 10:02 AM   #49 
  - You're right  NBachers   Jan-20-08 01:11 PM   #64 
  - Thank you for this. It is a necessary corrective to the airbrushed  annabanana   Jan-19-08 04:30 PM   #14 
  - Thanks for This I Am Sick and Tired of Hearing About St Ronny of Raygun  we can do it   Jan-19-08 04:36 PM   #16 
  - And don't forget about...  michele77   Jan-19-08 04:58 PM   #17 
  - That is a tearjerker in itself. And so many war criminals from those days are in the current WH.  McCamy Taylor   Jan-19-08 05:06 PM   #18 
  - Yup. What goes around comes around.  EOO   Jan-19-08 08:13 PM   #27 
  - raygun "hope" = paying thugs to rape and murder nuns  grizmaster   Jan-20-08 10:06 AM   #50 
  - Thanks for the depressing memories. We need to remember these years  Elspeth   Jan-19-08 05:24 PM   #19 
  - the raygun platform was war crimes, fear, and crush the poor  grizmaster   Jan-19-08 07:45 PM   #21 
  - K&R.  bleever   Jan-19-08 08:01 PM   #24 
  - Damage to our environment  peacock   Jan-20-08 07:13 AM   #46 
     - James Watts! "We will mine more, drill more, cut more timber."  McCamy Taylor   Jan-20-08 12:41 PM   #60 
  - Great post, well done...  Nebulous Abstraction   Jan-19-08 08:06 PM   #25 
  - War on drugs = crock of shit.  EOO   Jan-19-08 08:11 PM   #26 
  - Obama's willing to perpetuate the rightwing myth of "Reagan's Greatness" to  oasis   Jan-19-08 08:21 PM   #28 
  - No one candidate has all the qualities I look for and each has done/said things I don't like...  TankLV   Jan-20-08 11:20 AM   #57 
  - True ALL of that. n/t  mojowork_n   Jan-19-08 08:54 PM   #29 
  - that evil bastard fooled a lot of people  Skittles   Jan-19-08 09:43 PM   #30 
  - As we suspected, neither Obama nor his followers know doodley-squat about Ronald Reagan.  Perry Logan   Jan-19-08 09:44 PM   #31 
  - I remember being constantly under stress during the Reagan years - dreaming about nuclear holocaust  Hissyspit   Jan-20-08 12:19 AM   #32 
  - Exactly! We all knew we were going to die in a nuclear war.  McCamy Taylor   Jan-20-08 01:21 AM   #33 
  - They weren't high, they were "end-of-timers"  CranialRectaLoopbak   Jan-20-08 02:36 AM   #34 
  - The DAY AFTER!!!  HughBeaumont   Jan-20-08 08:38 AM   #47 
  - I remember my union taking three different wage and benefit concessions  B Calm   Jan-20-08 06:34 AM   #39 
  - Union Busting Reagan  nursenwhite   Jan-20-08 10:48 AM   #55 
  - He was a typical Republican president - bad. /nt  mwb970   Jan-20-08 06:36 AM   #40 
  - k & r  southern_belle   Jan-20-08 06:45 AM   #41 
  - "its allright, its allright, if youre  peacock   Jan-20-08 06:50 AM   #42 
  - Thank you! Nevada voters seem to agree too! I bet it's part of the reason Obama lost  robbedvoter   Jan-20-08 07:07 AM   #44 
  - That coincides with my own personal observations from them here in Henderson, NV...  TankLV   Jan-20-08 11:24 AM   #58 
  - Constructive Engagement ...don't forget that Raygun farce  jcla   Jan-20-08 09:11 AM   #48 
  - He was a serial killer in a business suit. May he rot in Hell!  Joanne98   Jan-20-08 10:07 AM   #51 
  - Enter Ronald Reagan and the start of full spectrum warfare on the middle class.  FogerRox   Jan-20-08 10:23 AM   #52 
  - K&R .....I am SO glad to see this.  madmom   Jan-20-08 10:24 AM   #53 
  - The myth of Reagan lives on because of that damn "liberal media"  bulloney   Jan-20-08 10:42 AM   #54 
  - Wm Casey and his CapCities/ABC stock says it all. It's still Disneyland DC IMAO nt  EVDebs   Jan-20-08 10:52 AM   #56 
  - Excellent, McCamy!  JackintheGreen   Jan-20-08 12:06 PM   #59 
  - Thank God you wrote this!  NBachers   Jan-20-08 12:55 PM   #61 
  - Also: "They Live"  NBachers   Jan-20-08 01:01 PM   #62 
  - Candidates have the obligation of making themselves clear  lunatica   Jan-20-08 01:02 PM   #63 

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