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Reply #8: There happens to be an actual fucking genocide going on [View All]

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alarimer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-29-07 05:36 PM
Response to Original message
8. There happens to be an actual fucking genocide going on
But I guess we can't be bothered to do ANYTHING. Let's just let those people die. They're just Africans after all. :sarcasm:

I don't really know what the solution is; I don't think an occupation force is the answer. But people really are dying. We didn't do anything about Rwanda.
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  -10 Reasons to Suspect "Save Darfur" is a PR Scam T.Ruth2power  Nov-29-07 01:53 PM   #0 
  - I have always suspected that Darfur was some sort of mercenary  whistle   Nov-29-07 01:57 PM   #1 
  - Interesting  loser_user   Nov-29-07 02:06 PM   #2 
  - Reading this op and the comments at that location . .  msmcghee   Nov-29-07 05:04 PM   #3 
  - LOVED this post here.  Lurking Dem   Nov-29-07 05:07 PM   #5 
     - I want to know how they're going to . .  msmcghee   Nov-29-07 05:15 PM   #6 
        - BWA!  Lurking Dem   Nov-29-07 05:32 PM   #7 
  - Oil. All About Oil  zorahopkins   Nov-29-07 05:07 PM   #4 
  - Yes, oil and military-intel privateers  dailykoff   Nov-29-07 05:45 PM   #9 
     - Except the oil privateers in Sudan are Chinese.  Lurking Dem   Nov-29-07 05:49 PM   #10 
        - Wait until we liberate them.  dailykoff   Nov-29-07 06:02 PM   #11 
  - There happens to be an actual fucking genocide going on  alarimer   Nov-29-07 05:36 PM   #8 
  - But several years of mild rhetoric and no action is a clear sign  Telly Savalas   Nov-29-07 06:15 PM   #12 
  - WTF? There IS a genocide taking place there!!  Breeze54   Nov-29-07 06:20 PM   #13 
  - It's a sordid tale.  Lurking Dem   Nov-29-07 07:14 PM   #14 
  - Yes, because genocide denial and spitting on the victims in pursuit of one's conspiracy theories...  LeftishBrit   Nov-30-07 03:19 AM   #15 
  - and the beat goes on, China is cutting too many oil deals...  bridgit   Nov-30-07 03:22 AM   #16 
  - The OP is the most stupid, irresponsible post I've seen on DU in 2007  Anarcho-Socialist   Nov-30-07 03:32 AM   #17 
  - I'll echo you on that sentiment  cali   Nov-30-07 06:59 AM   #20 
  - duplicate  Anarcho-Socialist   Nov-30-07 03:34 AM   #18 
  - that's all very nice except  TheFarseer   Nov-30-07 06:50 AM   #19 
  - Um... DRC is *loaded* with natural resources.  yibbehobba   Nov-30-07 07:11 AM   #21 
  - So are you saying  Lurking Dem   Nov-30-07 07:56 AM   #22 
     - I'm saying the premise of the article is bullshit plain and simple.  yibbehobba   Nov-30-07 08:05 AM   #23 
        - It's right up there  Lurking Dem   Nov-30-07 09:13 AM   #24 
  - locking  maddezmom   Nov-30-07 09:17 AM   #25 

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