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Reply #26: Oh lord... [View All]

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HiFructosePronSyrup Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-16-07 03:10 PM
Response to Reply #23
26. Oh lord...
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  -Why wouldn't Mutually Assured Destruction be enough to protect nuclear Israel from nuclear Iran? yurbud  Feb-16-07 02:45 PM   #0 
  - Well, yeah.  Bornaginhooligan   Feb-16-07 02:46 PM   #1 
  - may I say again the FSM looks like the inside of a scrotum (plus eyes)  yurbud   Feb-16-07 02:51 PM   #3 
  - It would  treestar   Feb-16-07 02:47 PM   #2 
  - it's a little more effective to resolve conflict, which is tough when problem is greed on one side  yurbud   Feb-16-07 02:52 PM   #4 
  - mutually assured destruction doesn't work all that well...  QuestionAll   Feb-16-07 02:54 PM   #5 
  - Seems to be working with Pakistan and India.  Bornaginhooligan   Feb-16-07 02:57 PM   #7 
  - Pakistan isn't run by the clergy  Hippo_Tron   Feb-16-07 03:01 PM   #13 
  - How many countries did that nasty old Ayatollah Khomeni attack???  jpak   Feb-16-07 03:05 PM   #17 
  - I think the point is...  Bornaginhooligan   Feb-16-07 03:07 PM   #20 
  - It has nothing to do with the people, it's their leaders  Hippo_Tron   Feb-16-07 07:52 PM   #82 
  - Iraq?  genie_weenie   Feb-16-07 03:07 PM   #23 
     - Oh lord...  Bornaginhooligan   Feb-16-07 03:10 PM   #26 
     - Iraq invaded Iran - not the other way around  jpak   Feb-16-07 03:10 PM   #28 
        - Weren't there border clashes and the Grand Ayatollah's  genie_weenie   Feb-16-07 03:20 PM   #41 
        - Iraq invaded Iran in September 1980 - not the other way around  jpak   Feb-16-07 03:29 PM   #48 
           - Oh stop with the facts.  Warren Stupidity   Feb-16-07 03:33 PM   #52 
        - "Dead, dead, dead!" You should see the video of the radarman about the USS Vinc-  leveymg   Feb-16-07 03:31 PM   #50 
  - Right. It's run by its clergy and its generals and its intelligence service.  leveymg   Feb-16-07 03:07 PM   #21 
     - I'm aware of how Iran's government works  Hippo_Tron   Feb-16-07 07:46 PM   #81 
  - Only two major stand-offs in nine years...Super!  theboss   Feb-16-07 03:48 PM   #56 
  - Works pretty well between Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan  jpak   Feb-16-07 02:58 PM   #8 
  - Israel has how many people  genie_weenie   Feb-16-07 03:02 PM   #15 
     - Post-Shah Iran has no history of attacking its neighbors  jpak   Feb-16-07 03:08 PM   #24 
     - they also have no history of having nukes.  QuestionAll   Feb-16-07 03:11 PM   #30 
        - And if they had them, they'd use them????  jpak   Feb-16-07 03:15 PM   #33 
        - They have chemical and possible biological warheads. They weren't the first to used them during the  leveymg   Feb-16-07 03:40 PM   #53 
           - Excellent point  jpak   Feb-16-07 03:57 PM   #58 
     - I don't see the relevancy of your comparison.  twilight_sailing   Feb-16-07 03:19 PM   #39 
     - Would Pakistan use a nuke knowing that  genie_weenie   Feb-16-07 03:24 PM   #43 
        - Hypothetical questions  twilight_sailing   Feb-16-07 03:26 PM   #44 
        - Israel has a survivable nuclear force.  Warren Stupidity   Feb-16-07 03:45 PM   #54 
     - it's not the number of people that matter but the number of nukes.  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:45 PM   #62 
  - Well, no one works their whole life for the good of their nation  Hobarticus   Feb-16-07 03:04 PM   #16 
  - many experts would seem to disagree...  QuestionAll   Feb-16-07 03:06 PM   #18 
  - Guess I'm the odd man out, then.  Hobarticus   Feb-16-07 03:11 PM   #29 
  - Many experts in AEI, PNAC and "other" think tanks and lobby groups  jpak   Feb-16-07 03:17 PM   #35 
  - or more cynically, no one who worked so hard to get money and power would commit suicide and if they  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:51 PM   #67 
  - But it does work well...  LanternWaste   Feb-16-07 03:07 PM   #22 
  - don't be fooled...  QuestionAll   Feb-16-07 03:10 PM   #27 
     - Jimmy Carter included?  DiktatrW   Feb-16-07 04:29 PM   #60 
     - Is that just a statment, or an opinion based on substance?  LanternWaste   Feb-16-07 05:54 PM   #70 
        - there was a scene from spartacus that it all reminds me of-  QuestionAll   Feb-16-07 06:36 PM   #76 
  - I didn't know the Jews referred to the Deity as 'allah'. nt.  Warren Stupidity   Feb-16-07 03:19 PM   #40 
  - is there any historical record of whole countries committing suicide?  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:44 PM   #61 
  - See the 2004 Democratic Party Platform for your answer.  Poll_Blind   Feb-16-07 02:55 PM   #6 
  - the question is would they actually be a threat if they had them or just less bully-able  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:46 PM   #63 
  - Less bullyable is my opinion. Some others believe that Ahmadinejad is...  Poll_Blind   Feb-16-07 05:57 PM   #71 
     - death cult is right up there with al qaeda as something that will turn out to be pure bullshit  yurbud   Feb-16-07 09:20 PM   #84 
  - are you saying that's reasonable or just the way it is?  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:48 PM   #65 
  - Why would Iran nuke Israel in the first place?  denverbill   Feb-16-07 02:59 PM   #9 
  - Russia has more nukes than we do?  Emit   Feb-16-07 02:59 PM   #10 
  - Rational = Self-Preservation  ProfessorGAC   Feb-16-07 03:13 PM   #32 
  - Yes, I agree totally. But, it's to Bush & Co.'s advantage to paint the  Emit   Feb-16-07 03:18 PM   #36 
  - "Pajamas Media"? Are you series?  Warren Stupidity   Feb-16-07 03:23 PM   #42 
  - Sometimes  Emit   Feb-16-07 03:28 PM   #46 
     - Well sure.  Warren Stupidity   Feb-16-07 03:32 PM   #51 
        - I thought my inference and subsequent comments would suffice.  Emit   Feb-16-07 03:46 PM   #55 
  - Read about the "Arrow Option", Israelis think their ABM system makes them invulnerable  leveymg   Feb-16-07 04:06 PM   #59 
  - If there's a suitcase nuke set off, it would have come from Russia  Hobarticus   Feb-16-07 03:00 PM   #11 
  - More Likely, From Here  ProfessorGAC   Feb-16-07 03:12 PM   #31 
  - Doesn't have to be a complete nuke...  Hobarticus   Feb-16-07 03:28 PM   #47 
  - if a suitcase nuke goes off here, the Bushies will blame whoever they please  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:47 PM   #64 
  - I do not think  Amused Musings   Feb-16-07 03:00 PM   #12 
  - Then,Iran would have to be treated like Pakistan -- with a respectful distance  leveymg   Feb-16-07 03:01 PM   #14 
  - What Khomeini said...  alofarabia   Feb-16-07 03:07 PM   #19 
  - The association of an entire religion with one particular place is almost unique to Judaism  leveymg   Feb-16-07 03:16 PM   #34 
  - Khomeini is dead  yurbud   Feb-16-07 09:30 PM   #85 
  - Nuclear Monopoly vs. MAD...  Junkdrawer   Feb-16-07 03:09 PM   #25 
  - tenuous? Israel has a conventional advantage over all its neighbors, at least in weapons  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:49 PM   #66 
     - Hezbolah in Lebanon...Israel bombed at will from the air, but on the ground...  Junkdrawer   Feb-16-07 07:24 PM   #78 
        - which is kind of a positive thing. Regardless of tech advantage, it's tough to occupy now  yurbud   Feb-16-07 09:19 PM   #83 
  - MAD was PR campaign during the "Cold War" marketing campaign  leftofthedial   Feb-16-07 03:18 PM   #37 
  - It is. nt.  Warren Stupidity   Feb-16-07 03:18 PM   #38 
  - It has nothing to do with that  malaise   Feb-16-07 03:27 PM   #45 
  - That too...  Junkdrawer   Feb-16-07 03:30 PM   #49 
  - Oil wars are ultimate example of "socialize risk & privatize profits"  yurbud   Feb-16-07 05:52 PM   #68 
     - Bingo n/t  malaise   Feb-16-07 06:01 PM   #73 
  - Countries use nukes only when they're desperate  mainer   Feb-16-07 03:51 PM   #57 
  - Actually so far only when they can get away with it.  Warren Stupidity   Feb-16-07 06:16 PM   #74 
  - Because Pakistan has the Iran may have it some day.  applegrove   Feb-16-07 05:54 PM   #69 
  - because the bigots who want to nuke them tell us they dont care about life  meow mix   Feb-16-07 05:58 PM   #72 
  - you'd thing 'Guaranteed Self Destruction' would be enough  sweetheart   Feb-16-07 06:16 PM   #75 
  - There's too many that see it as an incentive, not a deterrent.  rug   Feb-16-07 06:42 PM   #77 
  - Cuz them Ay-rabs is crazy! Nook a Murcan, get 77 virgins!  robertpaulsen   Feb-16-07 07:29 PM   #79 
  - I think everybody should have 100  yurbud   Feb-16-07 09:31 PM   #87 
  - We shall find out. Its obviously going to happen.  Jacobin   Feb-16-07 07:44 PM   #80 
  - M.A.D. has an implied understanding that all parties will think rationally  SoCalDem   Feb-16-07 09:30 PM   #86 

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