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Reply #29: Apparently. [View All]

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DeSwiss Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-14-07 01:59 PM
Response to Reply #28
29. Apparently.
Hey, its news to me too!!!

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  -Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar DeSwiss  Nov-14-07 12:30 PM   #0 
  - Both sides acting like that, it only proves none of them wants to build bridges.  HypnoToad   Nov-14-07 12:32 PM   #1 
  - They might have just....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 12:36 PM   #3 
  - "Both side acting like that" I don't understand what you are faulting?  chaumont58   Nov-14-07 12:42 PM   #9 
  - Treason and Sedition? Because they didn't vote for Bush?  walldude   Nov-14-07 12:34 PM   #2 
  - Not for not voting for him....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 12:38 PM   #4 
  - Outing a covert CIA agent is okay; stating your political preference is treason  Supersedeas   Nov-15-07 10:10 AM   #36 
  - Good for Debbie . They already won world recognition, they dont need  kelligesq   Nov-14-07 12:39 PM   #5 
  - Here, here....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 12:42 PM   #7 
  - actually they do, or they can't play competitive bridge  Hamlette   Nov-14-07 12:48 PM   #14 
  - I predict they'll get *more* sponsors.  DesertedRose   Nov-14-07 12:40 PM   #6 
  - Well we now know....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 12:43 PM   #10 
  - I wonder how long this Martel moran keeps her job.  redqueen   Nov-14-07 12:42 PM   #8 
  - Ya know, those talking points....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 12:45 PM   #12 
  - It's a damn shame that Americans who go abroad feel they HAVE to do this!  DesertedRose   Nov-14-07 12:45 PM   #11 
  - As someone else said....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 12:47 PM   #13 
  - I just love it when freepers say "I support freedom of speech..  youthere   Nov-14-07 12:51 PM   #15 
  - They support free speech....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 01:10 PM   #18 
  - maybe clear channel will refuse to cover their  leftofthedial   Nov-14-07 12:53 PM   #16 
  - Yeah.  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 01:14 PM   #19 
  - "...could cost the federation corporate sponsors."  quantessd   Nov-14-07 12:55 PM   #17 
  - Ain't that the truth....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 01:19 PM   #21 
     - Oh, dear. Can't risk the disapproval of Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh.  quantessd   Nov-14-07 01:48 PM   #27 
  - Outside of the Bay Area, the competitive bridge world is Rethug Central  jgraz   Nov-14-07 01:18 PM   #20 
  - Yes they do have a lot of courage.  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 01:21 PM   #22 
  - Does anyone have a link to Ms. Martel?  riderinthestorm   Nov-14-07 01:23 PM   #23 
  - Here ya go....  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 01:37 PM   #25 
     - Just got home and this was the first thing I looked for. Thanks for the link  riderinthestorm   Nov-14-07 04:45 PM   #30 
  - Playing bridge isn't for sissies. nt  MookieWilson   Nov-14-07 01:26 PM   #24 
  - Well, I know I have a new respect for them.... n/t  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 01:38 PM   #26 
  - "Bridge World"?  youthere   Nov-14-07 01:52 PM   #28 
  - Apparently.  DeSwiss   Nov-14-07 01:59 PM   #29 
  - Yes, and it's way less geeky than the chess world  jgraz   Nov-14-07 06:46 PM   #31 
     - Ever wonder what the world would be like if  youthere   Nov-15-07 09:24 AM   #34 
        - You've never played a Swiss Teams match against four 70-yr-olds with attitude  jgraz   Nov-15-07 10:02 AM   #35 
  - Grand slam bid. Vulnerable (very). Doubled, re-doubled!  Gabi Hayes   Nov-14-07 06:48 PM   #32 
  - I don't know if I'd want my gold medal presentation photos tainted with that pricks name.  Blashyrkh   Nov-14-07 06:50 PM   #33 
  - IMO it is more a sign of personal integrity than anti Bush*  Bandit   Nov-15-07 10:12 AM   #37 

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