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Reply #203: The machine can be wherever you want [View All]

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nadinbrzezinski Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-01-07 02:40 PM
Response to Reply #132
203. The machine can be wherever you want
but the polls, for what they are worth, in Iowa and NH are far closer than nationally... within statistical error.


So I will wait for the poll that actually counts to say she's innevitable

And once again I hold history on my side

As to the scream, came right after Dean told Rusert that he was willing to use the Sherman Act to break up the media.
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  -My wife, a lifelong Democrat, will vote for Rudy.. Cleetus  Nov-01-07 12:54 AM   #0 
  - Dean was in front at this stage of the game  nadinbrzezinski   Nov-01-07 12:56 AM   #1 
  - That's what I've been saying  Fighting Irish   Nov-01-07 07:50 AM   #116 
  - And if it's John Edwards, then *I* won't be voting for the Dem nom.  Clark2008   Nov-01-07 11:10 AM   #144 
  - The 2004 primaries rage on.  Bleachers7   Nov-01-07 11:11 AM   #148 
  - Huh?  Clark2008   Nov-01-07 11:12 AM   #150 
     - The Clark-Edwards wars were toxic in 2004  Bleachers7   Nov-01-07 11:13 AM   #151 
        - But they aren't raging on...  Clark2008   Nov-01-07 11:15 AM   #153 
  - and i wouldn't trust wesley clark as far as i could pick him up & throw him  bpeale   Nov-01-07 02:43 PM   #206 
  - Huckabee is a big dark horse  Bleachers7   Nov-01-07 11:10 AM   #145 
     - I spotted Huckabee early and told my conservative family  Samantha   Nov-01-07 12:24 PM   #183 
     - The only problem with Huck is that he doesn't hate enough. He isn't  Ilsa   Nov-01-07 03:15 PM   #214 
        - Read the links in post #201 before you decide he's a really swell guy.  wienerdoggie   Nov-01-07 04:27 PM   #227 
     - You obviously know nothing about Hucky.  wienerdoggie   Nov-01-07 01:34 PM   #189 
        - Yes, and your knowledge shows  Bleachers7   Nov-01-07 02:14 PM   #198 
           - ...  wienerdoggie   Nov-01-07 02:33 PM   #201 
              - Thanks!  Bleachers7   Nov-01-07 02:34 PM   #202 
                 - No prob! Happy to share!  wienerdoggie   Nov-01-07 02:40 PM   #204 
  - There's a HUGE difference between Hillary and  Le Taz Hot   Nov-01-07 08:44 AM   #132 
     - The machine can be wherever you want  nadinbrzezinski   Nov-01-07 02:40 PM   #203 
  - Simple--"Lose" her purse, keys, and ID on Election Day.  wienerdoggie   Nov-01-07 12:57 AM   #2 
  - ha ha. but I agree  rodeodance   Nov-01-07 01:22 AM   #15 
  - Yes, staying home counts as 0 a rethug vote counts as -1. nt  PollThis   Nov-01-07 04:48 AM   #48 
  - It would be a service to the public. Same as taking a drunk's car keys.  wienerdoggie   Nov-01-07 08:48 AM   #133 
  - Deception: you do a stealth absentee vote; talk her into both of you not going  Ilsa   Nov-01-07 03:17 PM   #215 
  - George Bush is a bleeding heart liberal compared to Rudy Giuliani.  shance   Nov-01-07 12:58 AM   #3 
  - She knows Rudy's a duechebag  Cleetus   Nov-01-07 12:59 AM   #4 
  - Yeah.  aquart   Nov-01-07 01:07 AM   #7 
  - I'm sorry but you are very, very wrong. (NT)  Tesha   Nov-01-07 06:18 AM   #72 
  - But it's not because Hillary is the first viable woman candidate.  aquart   Nov-01-07 01:02 AM   #5 
  - Hilary isn't the first viable woman candidate.  sfexpat2000   Nov-01-07 01:18 AM   #10 
  - Certainly  malakai2   Nov-01-07 01:18 AM   #11 
  - You do your candidate a disservice,  Heywoodj   Nov-01-07 11:09 AM   #143 
  - What to say about Rudy..  SoCalDem   Nov-01-07 01:06 AM   #6 
  - Hell, even Forrest Gump could run fast and play table tennis well. nt  Ilsa   Nov-01-07 03:13 PM   #213 
  - I would suggest she think long and hard about the SCOTUS.  napi21   Nov-01-07 01:13 AM   #8 
  - I second this.  CrispyQGirl   Nov-01-07 01:29 AM   #18 
     - I third it. If she can't see what a mess ghouliani would be, at least  daninthemoon   Nov-01-07 01:42 AM   #21 
  - quite simple if you ask me actually  RebelSansCause   Nov-01-07 01:18 AM   #9 
  - Bummer. But this is probably not uncommon. Many women dislike Hillary Clinton.  tom_paine   Nov-01-07 01:19 AM   #12 
  - 75% of New York women voted for her, and she is still  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 02:00 AM   #28 
  - Yes, that was for Senator, not President  zalinda   Nov-01-07 04:59 AM   #52 
  - If you want to know what she stands for, you could start  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 11:02 AM   #138 
     - That tells me nothing  zalinda   Nov-01-07 11:57 AM   #172 
        - If she were more conservative, she would have chosen a state with a better fit  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 02:09 PM   #196 
           - I know NY isn't all blue, I live in a somewhat red area  zalinda   Nov-01-07 02:43 PM   #205 
              - You say she "panders" both to the red areas and to the blue areas.  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 02:54 PM   #210 
  - Look, I don't mean to be contentious or combative, but  tom_paine   Nov-01-07 09:50 AM   #134 
     - And if Ghouli is elected, what about his character?  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 11:08 AM   #142 
     - I know you are right, and I happen to agree with you. Don't blame the messenger.  tom_paine   Nov-01-07 12:05 PM   #175 
     - Now expand this into an independent post and title it "Dear Nancy"  DCKit   Nov-01-07 11:15 AM   #154 
  - I'm not wild about her, but her being the Dem nominee WON'T be a reason for me to vote republican.  Blue State Native   Nov-01-07 02:12 PM   #197 
  - I don't blame her. A lot of people feel the same way.  sfexpat2000   Nov-01-07 01:21 AM   #13 
  - I'd also remind her that there are *ALWAYS* other choices on the ballot; she needn't vote for the R  Tesha   Nov-01-07 06:21 AM   #73 
  - Why bother changing her mythical mind. Hers is a unique situation & won't affect the outcome.  terisan   Nov-01-07 01:21 AM   #14 
  - "Sir, I regret to inform you that because your wife won't vote  Heywoodj   Nov-01-07 11:17 AM   #156 
  - Your wife should marry my husband  Gilligan   Nov-01-07 01:24 AM   #16 
  - Let her do what she wants. She'll have to live with it.  emilyg   Nov-01-07 01:26 AM   #17 
  - SCOTUS  wlucinda   Nov-01-07 01:29 AM   #19 
  - All you folks talking about SCOTUS are about 7 years too late -- that horse left the barn in 2000.  Tesha   Nov-01-07 06:24 AM   #75 
     - Are you kidding me?  wlucinda   Nov-01-07 11:21 AM   #157 
  - Supreme Court nominees. Our next president may well nominate one or two.  pinto   Nov-01-07 01:38 AM   #20 
  - this is a mental disease  greenman3610   Nov-01-07 01:49 AM   #22 
  - Tempermentally, Bush and Clinton are polar opposites.  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 01:51 AM   #23 
  - *sigh*  WilliamPitt   Nov-01-07 01:52 AM   #24 
  - And maybe remind her that the next President could appoint 3 Supreme Court justices.  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 01:55 AM   #25 
  - "I just can't stand that woman. She should have left him after Monica...."  Bluebear   Nov-01-07 01:59 AM   #27 
  - I can't imagine why anyone who was mad at Clinton for forgiving her husband  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 02:13 AM   #30 
  - Please...just reporting what I hear.  Bluebear   Nov-01-07 02:28 AM   #32 
     - It will be long and nasty, no matter who our nominee is.  pnwmom   Nov-01-07 02:36 AM   #36 
  - Rudy Really "Fixed" NY, "Fixed" as in "Neutered" or "Castrated"  AndyTiedye   Nov-01-07 04:15 AM   #47 
  - So much for "family values", eh?  WinkyDink   Nov-01-07 06:09 AM   #66 
  - I didn't either.  HughBeaumont   Nov-01-07 04:55 AM   #50 
  - Norman Podhoretz, Rudi's chief advisor, wanted Reagan to bomb the Soviet Union.  NCarolinawoman   Nov-01-07 05:17 AM   #58 
  - It's not uncommon  Raine   Nov-01-07 01:59 AM   #26 
  - Wait until the General Election when the media starts focusing on Rudy or whoever else  Hippo_Tron   Nov-01-07 02:01 AM   #29 
  - In Our Dreams, Maybe. The Repiglickin Media Will be Licking the Ghoul's Boots All Summer and Fall  AndyTiedye   Nov-01-07 04:12 AM   #46 
  - What on Earth makes you think the media will show us "[what] a slimeball Rudy or Romney is"??? (NT)  Tesha   Nov-01-07 06:30 AM   #80 
  - I'm not saying we can rely on them for the average person, but the OP's wife sounds intelligent  Hippo_Tron   Nov-01-07 11:40 AM   #164 
  - Just like they did with George W. Bush, eh?  NewJeffCT   Nov-01-07 07:22 AM   #105 
  - Don't sweat it, you'll never really know. n/t.  Beerboy   Nov-01-07 02:16 AM   #31 
  - My Mom is in the same position.  Milo_Bloom   Nov-01-07 02:35 AM   #33 
  - You *can't* vote for ANY of them?  Bluebear   Nov-01-07 02:36 AM   #34 
     - Can't vote for Edwards, Clinton, Biden, Dodd or Obama  Milo_Bloom   Nov-01-07 02:54 AM   #39 
        - Well, depends what you mean by "war candidate".  Bluebear   Nov-01-07 02:57 AM   #40 
           - Someone who voted for the war.  Milo_Bloom   Nov-01-07 11:14 AM   #152 
  - YES !!  weeve   Nov-01-07 02:36 AM   #35 
  - What isn't crystal clear?  cali   Nov-01-07 05:00 AM   #53 
  - Even you don't like her (and admitted as much in your recent thread).  Tesha   Nov-01-07 06:37 AM   #83 
     - And that's your right. I actually have no problem with people  cali   Nov-01-07 06:59 AM   #91 
        - Criminal investigations and prosecutions, of course, lie within the Executive. (NT)  Tesha   Nov-01-07 07:10 AM   #99 
           - To a far, far lesser degree than the Congress. This is basic  cali   Nov-01-07 07:23 AM   #106 
              - Funny, I thought the Justice Department was part of the Executive.  Tesha   Nov-01-07 07:49 AM   #115 
                 - the Justice department should NOT be the  cali   Nov-01-07 08:01 AM   #121 
                    - Hillary has made it clear that she doesn't want her Justice Department pursuing the Bush criminals.  Tesha   Nov-01-07 08:25 AM   #123 
                       - As I said, that's your right.  cali   Nov-01-07 08:36 AM   #127 
  - very crystal clear to me, but hillary has the DLC machine of corporate $$$ working and has all along  flyarm   Nov-01-07 07:50 AM   #117 
  - Yes! All excellent points as to why not to vote Hillary.  EOO   Nov-01-07 01:56 PM   #195 
  - i'm not crazy about hillary  sweets   Nov-01-07 02:39 AM   #37 
  - There are many, many voters like your wife. We can't possibly browbeat them all.  jgraz   Nov-01-07 02:40 AM   #38 
  - oooh, grazzie has a crystal ball.  cali   Nov-01-07 03:54 AM   #45 
  - It's called logic. You should try it sometime.  jgraz   Nov-01-07 12:15 PM   #181 
     - I suggest you read the in depth new Pew report/pll  cali   Nov-01-07 03:03 PM   #212 
        - OK. Once again take my hand while I lead you through the maze of modern adult reasoning  jgraz   Nov-01-07 03:25 PM   #218 
           - your mind seems unable to allow any light into it.  cali   Nov-01-07 03:44 PM   #220 
              - Yes, all those "people running around saying they won't vote for her"...  jgraz   Nov-01-07 03:47 PM   #222 
                 - you really didn't have anything  cali   Nov-01-07 04:28 PM   #228 
  - And there are many young girls who will vote for the first time  Midlodemocrat   Nov-01-07 06:30 AM   #79 
  - "She likes the fact that a woman is running and could be the candidate because she feels that it's  Heywoodj   Nov-01-07 11:24 AM   #159 
  - You think that there are many "lifelong Democrats" who would vote for mitt, rudy or fred over HRC?  onenote   Nov-01-07 06:33 AM   #81 
     - no...they just won't vote!!  flyarm   Nov-01-07 07:52 AM   #119 
     - Or vote for a third-party  jgraz   Nov-01-07 12:17 PM   #182 
     - Gotta agree with you, onenote  beltanefauve   Nov-01-07 03:59 PM   #224 
     - I Proudly voted for Jimmy Carter TWICE  DearAbby   Nov-01-07 04:20 PM   #225 
  - The worst Democrat ....  Trajan   Nov-01-07 03:03 AM   #41 
  - So true  weeve   Nov-01-07 03:03 AM   #42 
  - I have to vote, it's in my DNA  MichaelHarris   Nov-01-07 03:48 AM   #43 
  - What an amazing decision for a Democrat to reach.  JohnnyLib2   Nov-01-07 03:52 AM   #44 
  - You may want to point out to your wife  leftynyc   Nov-01-07 04:52 AM   #49 
  - What are the numbers for women who hate Hillary?  Imagevision   Nov-01-07 04:56 AM   #51 
  - I'm guessing more women are inspired by her than hate her  Truth Hurts A Lot   Nov-01-07 11:06 AM   #141 
  - Well technically ...  weeve   Nov-01-07 05:10 AM   #54 
  - weeve, you seem not to know the difference between fact  cali   Nov-01-07 05:19 AM   #59 
     - Cali of Hillary-Can-Do-No-Wrong fame ...  weeve   Nov-01-07 06:08 AM   #65 
     - weeve, I hate to call you out on your unmitigated bullshit  cali   Nov-01-07 06:23 AM   #74 
     - Neither do you..  sendero   Nov-01-07 06:29 AM   #77 
        - wrong.  cali   Nov-01-07 06:41 AM   #84 
           - I've read plenty of your posts...  sendero   Nov-01-07 06:47 AM   #88 
              - you don't what?  cali   Nov-01-07 06:52 AM   #89 
  - :Life long Dem my ass  trumad   Nov-01-07 05:12 AM   #55 
  - that's his fucking wife you're taLking about  sniffa   Nov-01-07 07:11 AM   #100 
  - how do you know?  cali   Nov-01-07 07:21 AM   #104 
  - !  PelosiFan   Nov-01-07 01:28 PM   #187 
  - Your wife...a life long DEM going to vote PUB?? something smells  opihimoimoi   Nov-01-07 05:12 AM   #56 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-01-07 05:16 AM   #57 
     - A mild version of "Swifting" us...manipulation and subtle framing...clever but not working  opihimoimoi   Nov-01-07 05:38 AM   #61 
     - Part of the vast rightwing conspiracy?  mmonk   Nov-01-07 06:55 AM   #90 
        - here's my guess;  cali   Nov-01-07 07:01 AM   #93 
           - Fair enough. I'm waiting for the OP writer's response to these posts.  mmonk   Nov-01-07 07:05 AM   #97 
           - Interesting and accurate take on the OP.  Rockholm   Nov-01-07 07:18 AM   #102 
  - Whom do you actually think is going to buy this? My God. Simply odd. n/t  Judi Lynn   Nov-01-07 05:37 AM   #60 
  - People get stressed out and make crazy decisions.  Perry Logan   Nov-01-07 05:44 AM   #62 
  - Hillary is turning off a lot of people by being so glib. She really  Kahuna   Nov-01-07 06:01 AM   #63 
  - Oh please  cali   Nov-01-07 06:13 AM   #70 
     - people talk big  druidity33   Nov-01-07 07:07 AM   #98 
     - look in my state thousands and thousands of people had to stand in line 3-5 hours to vote..  flyarm   Nov-01-07 08:21 AM   #122 
        - I'm not speaking for any place or person  cali   Nov-01-07 08:26 AM   #125 
        - i don't know but all my very rich repig friends are going to Guliani  flyarm   Nov-01-07 11:28 AM   #160 
        - I have a very similar experience to yours  thecatburgler   Nov-01-07 11:54 AM   #171 
  - Please beg her to stay home. Oh, and you, too. If you catch my Democratic drift.  WinkyDink   Nov-01-07 06:06 AM   #64 
  - Have either of you signed the Draft Gore petition?  stlsaxman   Nov-01-07 06:10 AM   #67 
  - And we know your wife is a lifelong Democrat how?  NNN0LHI   Nov-01-07 06:12 AM   #68 
  - Clinton is very definitely the worst possible case among Dems for advancing a progressive agenda  eridani   Nov-01-07 06:12 AM   #69 
  - Oh, come on. No 'lifelong Dem' would choose Rudy over Hillary  Midlodemocrat   Nov-01-07 06:15 AM   #71 
  - you nailed it. Midlo  cali   Nov-01-07 06:24 AM   #76 
  - why would someone who is intelligent, perceptive and well-informed act so irrationally  onenote   Nov-01-07 06:30 AM   #78 
  - rudy is worse than bu$h*, i suggest divorce.  spanone   Nov-01-07 06:37 AM   #82 
  - I wouldn't broach this when no votes have been counted.  mmonk   Nov-01-07 06:41 AM   #85 
  - I'm Starting A List  DemocratSinceBirth   Nov-01-07 06:42 AM   #86 
  - i agree with your wife on hillary. first race in a while i have NO enthusiasm  seabeyond   Nov-01-07 06:46 AM   #87 
  - no lifelong democrat could vote for that lowest form of political life  spanone   Nov-01-07 07:00 AM   #92 
  - your wife's behaviour is not very well thought out.  lionesspriyanka   Nov-01-07 07:02 AM   #94 
  - The first line of your post inspires cognitive dissonance...  BleedingHeartPatriot   Nov-01-07 07:03 AM   #95 
  - Lock her in a closet on election day. nt  Vinca   Nov-01-07 07:04 AM   #96 
  - I wish people would vote with their heads.  SmokingJacket   Nov-01-07 07:16 AM   #101 
  - A much better idea would be a write-in  MissDeeds   Nov-01-07 07:19 AM   #103 
  - Because Rudy is so much better than Hillary?  Lone_Star_Dem   Nov-01-07 07:23 AM   #107 
  - A vote for Rudy is a vote for more torture, more war and corruption.  baldguy   Nov-01-07 07:32 AM   #108 
  - If Hillary blows like the wind, Rudy just blows  NewJeffCT   Nov-01-07 07:35 AM   #109 
  - UNFORTUNATELY..i hear that from many of my great dem friends...  flyarm   Nov-01-07 07:38 AM   #110 
  - does she realize she'd be better off not voting at all, if that's the case?  mark414   Nov-01-07 07:41 AM   #111 
  - Don't push her. People hate that. Leave it alone for now.  illinoisprogressive   Nov-01-07 07:44 AM   #112 
  - Being a lifelong dem, why isn't she concerned about SCOTUS  Cass   Nov-01-07 07:46 AM   #113 
  - And she finds Guliani better? May be she is not that well informed in this case.\nt  Mass   Nov-01-07 07:47 AM   #114 
  - Isn't it sexist to call a candidate by his first name?  Syrinx   Nov-01-07 07:51 AM   #118 
  - My husband was a NYC fireman  adigal   Nov-01-07 07:54 AM   #120 
  - I will vote for any Democrat except Hillary also, but I won't vote repug  HamdenRice   Nov-01-07 08:25 AM   #124 
  - I wouldn't be married to such a person. NT  mondo joe   Nov-01-07 08:36 AM   #126 
  - that is a shame, cause there is so much at stake for the nation  Evergreen Emerald   Nov-01-07 08:37 AM   #128 
  - huh, interesting comment considering no ones been nominated yet. nt  Javaman   Nov-01-07 08:38 AM   #129 
  - Multiply your wife's POV  Le Taz Hot   Nov-01-07 08:42 AM   #130 
  - How would you know? Sounds like she is sending you a message. n/t  CK_John   Nov-01-07 08:43 AM   #131 
  - I guess it is way easier to understand where Rudy stands, since...  tandot   Nov-01-07 10:45 AM   #135 
  - Then...she's not really a Dem. Rudy stands for nothing a Real Dem would stand for.  Roxy66   Nov-01-07 10:59 AM   #136 
  - That's nothing - I got a voice message from another Democrat telling me I should register Republican  slackmaster   Nov-01-07 11:02 AM   #137 
  - a lifelong democrat would vote for Rudy?  Truth Hurts A Lot   Nov-01-07 11:02 AM   #139 
  - Chances are she won't have a chance to vote for either of them.  Bleachers7   Nov-01-07 11:04 AM   #140 
  - why?  me9399   Nov-01-07 11:42 AM   #165 
     - She'll have a chance to vote  Bleachers7   Nov-01-07 11:52 AM   #170 
  - ghoul has an even MORE  zidzi   Nov-01-07 11:11 AM   #146 
  - In Texas, I know about half dozen yellow dog Democrats who cannot be persuaded to vote for Hillary,  Stop Cornyn   Nov-01-07 11:11 AM   #147 
  - Encourage her not to vote. I mean...Rudy? What is she thinking? n/t  Emit   Nov-01-07 11:11 AM   #149 
  - DINO . . . . . . n/t  DrDan   Nov-01-07 11:16 AM   #155 
  - my wife will vote for Romney if Hillary isn't the nominee  Enrique   Nov-01-07 11:23 AM   #158 
  - Harper's: ''A Fate Worse than Bush''  Octafish   Nov-01-07 11:29 AM   #161 
  - My mother and one of her close friends told me that they'd vote for Rudy if Obama is the nominee  ElizabethDC   Nov-01-07 11:32 AM   #162 
  - Get her a copy of Wayne Barrett's book on Giuliani  SOS   Nov-01-07 11:36 AM   #163 
  - Then, she's not  Ms. November   Nov-01-07 11:45 AM   #166 
  - Sheesh ...  weeve   Nov-01-07 11:46 AM   #167 
  - Send her away for a lovely stay at a spa for election day  rox63   Nov-01-07 11:49 AM   #168 
  - one hope that i have if she gets the nod and wins  hiphopnation23   Nov-01-07 11:49 AM   #169 
  - Yeah, but if she sucks look what she will do  zalinda   Nov-01-07 12:00 PM   #174 
     - i'd be way more comfortable with her appointments to the SCOTUS  hiphopnation23   Nov-01-07 12:07 PM   #177 
  - If Hillary is the Nominee I Will Vote for Her Even Though I Don't Want To  Irishonly   Nov-01-07 11:58 AM   #173 
  - why would she vote for a misogynist? a rotten father?  donsu   Nov-01-07 12:07 PM   #176 
  - Life long Democrats by definition don't vote for Republicans.  LanternWaste   Nov-01-07 12:08 PM   #178 
  - thats pretty sad, i don't any life long democrat that would vote for a Guiliani or  chimpsrsmarter   Nov-01-07 12:12 PM   #179 
  - Let the rethug nominee change her mind...  RiverStone   Nov-01-07 12:13 PM   #180 
  - Any Republican over Hillary!!?? ask her what that means for the court system  book_worm   Nov-01-07 01:04 PM   #184 
  - Well, that would just be stupid. Then again, I don't really believe you.  PelosiFan   Nov-01-07 01:19 PM   #185 
  - There are other choices and other things we will be voting on.  uppityperson   Nov-01-07 01:27 PM   #186 
  - It's hard to picture a thinking person voting for Giuliani.  mwb970   Nov-01-07 01:32 PM   #188 
  - So she basically doesn't give a fuck that women will probably lose their right to choose  LynneSin   Nov-01-07 01:34 PM   #190 
  - Thank you for your concern.  yardwork   Nov-01-07 01:34 PM   #191 
  - My lifelong Dem wife won't vote for Giuliani..or Hillary.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Nov-01-07 01:34 PM   #192 
  - an intelligent, perceptive, well informed woman bwwwwaaa aha ha aha  lonestarnot   Nov-01-07 01:42 PM   #193 
  - Your wife is a moral degenerate... sorry, but there's no way around that.  Kurt_and_Hunter   Nov-01-07 01:44 PM   #194 
  - Hope for Al Gore  LindainCinci   Nov-01-07 02:16 PM   #199 
  - Just divorce her and save yourself the trouble. nt  piedmont   Nov-01-07 02:20 PM   #200 
  - Or you can say "accidents do happen you know"  John Kerry VonErich   Nov-01-07 02:47 PM   #208 
  - z-z-z-z-z-z-z. Ho-hum.  graywarrior   Nov-01-07 02:45 PM   #207 
  - To change her mind, I suggest outright threats. Something like, "If you don't vote for Hillary..."  Bucky   Nov-01-07 02:50 PM   #209 
  - Luckily most people are not like your wife....  K8-EEE   Nov-01-07 02:59 PM   #211 
  - Good grief!  JerseygirlCT   Nov-01-07 03:18 PM   #216 
  - What's that smell???  ronnykmarshall   Nov-01-07 03:22 PM   #217 
  - Sounds like you married an idiot.  MonkeyFunk   Nov-01-07 03:31 PM   #219 
  - If this is true, then with all due respect, your wife is an idiot.  dbaker41   Nov-01-07 03:45 PM   #221 
  - Bounce  LostinVA   Nov-01-07 03:48 PM   #223 
  - at least Rudy will get ONE vote!  bambino   Nov-01-07 04:22 PM   #226 
  - I hope I won't need to make that choice  TheFarseer   Nov-01-07 04:33 PM   #229 
  - Locking.  pinto   Nov-01-07 05:04 PM   #230 

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