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Reply #39: Trusts can NOT be borrowed and spent upon. The joke is on you! [View All]

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sicksicksick_N_tired Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-29-07 06:35 PM
Response to Reply #27
39. Trusts can NOT be borrowed and spent upon. The joke is on you!
Please, do not allow corporate TAIL-WAGGERS wag your tail.

Do NOT allow them to confuse PUBLIC trusts or debt with private assets and debt.

Otherwise, YOU are being wagged right into a privatization of YOUR LIFE with all your family and friends' money going into corporate pockets!


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  -Baby Boomers and Social Security BOSSHOG  Oct-29-07 03:02 PM   #0 
  - Your share bought new weapons during Ronnie Raygun's...  rfranklin   Oct-29-07 03:09 PM   #1 
  - The only crisis is a manufactured one  Warpy   Oct-29-07 03:12 PM   #2 
  - I am a total failure at sarcasm Warpy  BOSSHOG   Oct-29-07 03:15 PM   #4 
  - Hey, if there ARE fewer workers, there will be some reasons:  damntexdem   Oct-29-07 03:21 PM   #8 
  - Amen. -eom  Justitia   Oct-29-07 04:01 PM   #16 
  - R Franklin is probably right - 12 yrs from now - I wonder how my front lawn will  truedelphi   Oct-29-07 03:12 PM   #3 
  - I've paid in for 30+ years and intend to take out as much as I can.  endarkenment   Oct-29-07 03:16 PM   #5 
  - start at 62. Waiting is a bad bet.  elehhhhna   Oct-29-07 04:01 PM   #15 
     - Yep. All the CPAs say to retire at 62 for the best SS deal. Don't wait,  Nay   Oct-29-07 04:07 PM   #17 
     - i fully intend to do just that  shanti   Oct-29-07 04:16 PM   #19 
     - Yup Did that. It's actually simple arithmetic.  TahitiNut   Oct-29-07 04:29 PM   #24 
  - I paid my dues, I'll take my pie.  damntexdem   Oct-29-07 03:19 PM   #6 
  - Why isn't any candidate telling the truth  sandnsea   Oct-29-07 03:20 PM   #7 
  - The Republics  vpilot   Oct-29-07 03:21 PM   #9 
  - Yup. I am one of them thar folks as well. Spent plenty of years putting in the $$$, so I intend  BrklynLib at work   Oct-29-07 03:25 PM   #10 
  - If a conservative says its so, its not  BOSSHOG   Oct-29-07 03:27 PM   #11 
  - Hey Boss  Parche   Oct-29-07 03:32 PM   #12 
  - I'm just a hater Parche  BOSSHOG   Oct-29-07 03:36 PM   #13 
  - Fuck that, the system is broken  SteelPenguin   Oct-29-07 03:56 PM   #14 
  - Whoever is telling you that is lying. n/t  ieoeja   Oct-29-07 04:18 PM   #20 
  - Link?  SteelPenguin   Oct-29-07 04:58 PM   #29 
  - Your post is totally offensive. The boomers are NOT at fault for what's happening in this country.  TheGoldenRule   Oct-29-07 04:22 PM   #21 
  - Where did I say that?  SteelPenguin   Oct-29-07 05:02 PM   #30 
  - Thanks for proving the point that youth is wasted on the young  BOSSHOG   Oct-29-07 04:29 PM   #23 
  - You should get, and so should I  SteelPenguin   Oct-29-07 04:58 PM   #28 
     - Social Security is NOT broken  MiniMe   Oct-30-07 10:31 AM   #44 
        - This is not about the foolishness of youth. It's about ACTUARIAL TABLES. nt  Romulox   Oct-30-07 10:34 AM   #45 
  - you are cracking me up...really  madrchsod   Oct-29-07 04:31 PM   #25 
  - How so?  SteelPenguin   Oct-29-07 05:03 PM   #31 
  - So, what you're claiming is that investing in the next generation isn't worth it???  TahitiNut   Oct-29-07 04:43 PM   #26 
  - Uh, yeah, I know that  SteelPenguin   Oct-29-07 05:07 PM   #32 
     - Well, then you're reading and listening to the wrong things.  TahitiNut   Oct-29-07 05:32 PM   #34 
     - No offense, but young people are the *most* effected by declining wages, lower earning potential  Romulox   Oct-30-07 09:56 AM   #42 
     - it's in the RW's/heritage Foundation...etc. Interests... to make SURE you Believe that...  KoKo01   Oct-29-07 06:25 PM   #37 
        - Congress DID NOT "make sure SS insolvency was addressed" during the Clinton admin  Romulox   Oct-30-07 10:00 AM   #43 
  - Ah! You have a key misunderstanding here...  bain_sidhe   Oct-29-07 06:23 PM   #36 
  - Lucky for you we boomers will vote to make sure you get your pension too.  endarkenment   Oct-30-07 09:40 AM   #41 
  - People gotta stop buying the meme that Social Security is broken. It is NOT. nt  TheGoldenRule   Oct-29-07 04:15 PM   #18 
  - i just got my social security update....  madrchsod   Oct-29-07 04:26 PM   #22 
  - All that money that you have been paying in was borrowed and spent faster than it was taken in.  ThomWV   Oct-29-07 04:50 PM   #27 
  - Trusts can NOT be borrowed and spent upon. The joke is on you!  sicksicksick_N_tired   Oct-29-07 06:35 PM   #39 
  - I suggest you read this article by Thom Hartmann...  PoiBoy   Oct-29-07 05:22 PM   #33 
  - In summary: It's NOT a "Social Security crisis" - It's a Federal Debt crisis!  TahitiNut   Oct-29-07 05:47 PM   #35 
  - Great Post..."Blame the Boomers" is big here on DU and amongst the RW!  KoKo01   Oct-29-07 06:32 PM   #38 
     - Great post. Thank you! nt  raccoon   Oct-30-07 11:20 AM   #47 
  - The republicans have been trying to destroy social security for  B Calm   Oct-29-07 06:50 PM   #40 
  - The Babyboom generation is the last one that is needed  NoMoreMyths   Oct-30-07 10:42 AM   #46 

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