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Reply #10: As the OP points out, if you have plenty of $ you can continue to do all these things unaffected... [View All]

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Blackhatjack Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-27-07 08:38 AM
Response to Reply #8
10. As the OP points out, if you have plenty of $ you can continue to do all these things unaffected...
... your comments are willfully obtuse.

You would proffer that allowing those with plenty of money to have access to all the gasoline they want from a scarce supply to burn in low efficiency SUVs is fine with you, even if it means a low wage earner will lose their job because they can no longer afford to buy gasoline at the inflated price to keep their job.

WHich is more important? The rich be insulated from any and all inconveniences of a scarce gasoline supply, or a working poor family being able to hold onto to their job and put food on the table? I guess you could ponder that while you 'drive 150 miles to soak in some natural beauty and get exercise."

IF you are serious about having a 'civil discussion' and this is your position, you really don't have to say anything else. We can discern exactly what you think of shared sacrifice in a democracy. Those with the money should get what they want, when they want it, and forget those less well off who do not have the same options.
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  -Remember cutting gas demand by raising prices provides little supply to the poor/working poor... Blackhatjack  Oct-26-07 03:55 PM   #0 
  - Rationing is only fair if you're able-bodied and have options like walking or biking places  taterguy   Oct-26-07 04:03 PM   #1 
  - So why couldn't people with BONA FIDE health problems get  kestrel91316   Oct-26-07 04:12 PM   #2 
     - So are you saying only folks with handicapped plates should drive now?  taterguy   Oct-26-07 04:18 PM   #3 
        - No, YOU are saying that. I am saying that those with physical  kestrel91316   Oct-26-07 04:22 PM   #4 
           - I wasn't putting words in your mouth, I was asking for CLARIFICATIOn  taterguy   Oct-26-07 04:53 PM   #5 
              - I'm not the one to hash out the details of gas rationing. I'm a VETERINARIAN, lol.  kestrel91316   Oct-26-07 05:21 PM   #6 
              - In WW II production of personal cars virtually ceased and there were no Interstates  taterguy   Oct-28-07 10:59 AM   #29 
              - There already is "...a limit to how much gasoline people can buy." How much $ You Got???  Blackhatjack   Oct-26-07 05:42 PM   #7 
                 - The philosophical question is what constitutes a critical need?  taterguy   Oct-27-07 05:39 AM   #8 
                    - As the OP points out, if you have plenty of $ you can continue to do all these things unaffected...  Blackhatjack   Oct-27-07 08:38 AM   #10 
                       - I just don't understand how a rationing plan could be currently implemented  taterguy   Oct-27-07 10:27 AM   #12 
                       - You could start in a very simple manner like we did in 1973...  Blackhatjack   Oct-27-07 12:13 PM   #16 
                          - Such a system promotes a black market for gasoline  wuushew   Oct-27-07 12:48 PM   #18 
                             - What is to stop people from switching license plates today? It's against the law...  Blackhatjack   Oct-27-07 12:56 PM   #19 
                             - They could do like they do in Texas  Horse with no Name   Oct-29-07 07:58 PM   #48 
                       - I took your advice and pondered things while soaking up natural beauty  taterguy   Oct-27-07 05:44 PM   #23 
  - During a pike in gasoline prices last year ...  flashl   Oct-27-07 08:15 AM   #9 
  - So true... and we had a city council raise the price of bus transit fare rather than raise taxes ...  Blackhatjack   Oct-27-07 08:45 AM   #11 
  - Robert Hirsch agrees  loindelrio   Oct-27-07 11:45 AM   #13 
  - This scenario will play out if 'price' is allow to be the only filter on allocation...  Blackhatjack   Oct-27-07 12:05 PM   #15 
  - Wasn't rationing in 1973 considered a failure?  wuushew   Oct-27-07 11:55 AM   #14 
  - I remember 1973, and it was not a failure.  Blackhatjack   Oct-27-07 12:16 PM   #17 
  - There is no reason to ration a product that has ample supply  RGBolen   Oct-27-07 01:40 PM   #20 
  - kick  wuushew   Oct-27-07 03:54 PM   #21 
  - cheap gas creates bad behaviour  TimBean   Oct-27-07 04:50 PM   #22 
  - You haven't been reading actual reports, have you?  bobbolink   Oct-27-07 05:52 PM   #25 
  - you haven't learned from history  TimBean   Oct-27-07 07:19 PM   #28 
     - I suppose you will be laughing with glee at poor people dying in order to satisfy you.  bobbolink   Oct-28-07 04:03 PM   #30 
        - One day oil production will peak  TimBean   Oct-29-07 07:52 PM   #45 
  - Wrong  Marrah_G   Oct-30-07 01:48 PM   #50 
     - Exactly  TimBean   Oct-30-07 06:23 PM   #63 
  - FINALLY! A "rational" approach! Higher prices do NOTHING to limit useage.  bobbolink   Oct-27-07 05:51 PM   #24 
  - Why not match a federal gas tax with a tax credit for income tax?  wuushew   Oct-27-07 06:01 PM   #26 
  - Has it occured to you that the poorest of the poor don't even PAY income tax?  bobbolink   Oct-28-07 04:04 PM   #31 
     - Um, what about the word CREDIT don't you understand?  wuushew   Oct-29-07 06:22 PM   #42 
        - People on disability and elderly poor DO NOT PAY INCOME TAXES  bobbolink   Oct-30-07 01:34 PM   #49 
           - Yes but they could still apply for a credit  wuushew   Oct-30-07 02:00 PM   #53 
              - I guess you didn't read the rest of what I wrote.  bobbolink   Oct-30-07 02:20 PM   #54 
                 - How can the homeless legally operate automobiles without a valid address?  wuushew   Oct-30-07 04:13 PM   #57 
                    - Riiiight... take homeless peoples' cars away from them, arrest them for being on the street.  bobbolink   Oct-30-07 05:16 PM   #60 
                       - You have offered zero solutions  wuushew   Oct-30-07 05:28 PM   #61 
                          - Oh, for gawd's sake!  bobbolink   Oct-30-07 06:04 PM   #62 
  - yep. if it suddenly costs $200 a month to commute, and it used to cost  SoCalDem   Oct-28-07 04:24 PM   #34 
  - We don't lose our jobs as much as we just cut out other things  Marrah_G   Oct-30-07 01:53 PM   #51 
  - I'd prefer an initial cap and trade system followed later by a carbon tax.  seasat   Oct-27-07 06:44 PM   #27 
  - I still say they should modify the pumps  SoCalDem   Oct-28-07 04:17 PM   #32 
  - Drive a Honda ... Pay $7.50  Echos Myron   Oct-28-07 04:22 PM   #33 
  - OUR Honda was built in the US.. are they bringing Japanese people here  SoCalDem   Oct-28-07 04:27 PM   #35 
  - You're waaaay behind the times.  bobbolink   Oct-28-07 04:30 PM   #37 
  - And, be poor and drive an old beater because it's all you can get,  bobbolink   Oct-28-07 04:29 PM   #36 
  - At least the poor old beater does not come with a car payment  SoCalDem   Oct-28-07 04:31 PM   #38 
     - No, but all poor people can afford now is often an old BIG car.  bobbolink   Oct-28-07 04:36 PM   #39 
  - Let's base it on what you make, not on what you drive...  FredMertz   Oct-30-07 02:29 PM   #55 
  - Kick because I think this is an interesting thread  taterguy   Oct-29-07 05:00 PM   #40 
  - well  GTRMAN   Oct-29-07 05:26 PM   #41 
  - Why don't posters understand that transportation is required for most jobs ....  Blackhatjack   Oct-29-07 06:48 PM   #43 
  - Amen, brother!  FredMertz   Oct-30-07 02:33 PM   #56 
  - delete  Xap   Oct-29-07 07:15 PM   #44 
  - You are correct.  Horse with no Name   Oct-29-07 07:54 PM   #46 
  - And watch the lines grow and black market flourish.  tritsofme   Oct-29-07 07:57 PM   #47 
  - Cut the WASTE and we got pleny gas for the farmers, the FFighters/cops/ EMTs, etc  opihimoimoi   Oct-30-07 01:59 PM   #52 
     - What's your definition of waste?  taterguy   Oct-30-07 04:49 PM   #58 
        - well for a start....  wuushew   Oct-30-07 04:54 PM   #59 
           - Thats a start...when the hard times come...all nonessential crap will be minimized  opihimoimoi   Oct-30-07 07:02 PM   #64 
           - Personally I'm more concerned about work-related waste  taterguy   Nov-01-07 04:26 PM   #65 

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