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Reply #62: Many people never really recovered from the Cedar Fire 4 years ago, and [View All]

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begin_within Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-25-07 12:42 AM
Response to Reply #61
62. Many people never really recovered from the Cedar Fire 4 years ago, and
my friend Rob and his family lost their house in the Normal Heights fire on June 30, 1985, and Rob lost his brand new Jeep, and the family split up and was never really a family again after that. I don't think Rob has ever really recovered from it. Suddenly losing your house can send your whole life into a tailspin.
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  -RANT ON I don't know what is wrong with people nadinbrzezinski  Oct-24-07 05:39 PM   #0 
  - kick  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 05:49 PM   #1 
  - kick  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 05:49 PM   #2 
  - Good post, Kick and Rec.  Mike03   Oct-24-07 05:50 PM   #3 
  - Thanks Mike  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 05:52 PM   #4 
  - The parties of the governor or president don't matter, America and Americans  RGBolen   Oct-24-07 05:54 PM   #5 
  - You'd be amazed but it does matter  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 05:55 PM   #6 
  - The response for Louisiana would be the same with Jindal as governor  RGBolen   Oct-24-07 05:58 PM   #7 
     - Then it is the deep south  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:00 PM   #8 
     - No, Mississippi and Alabama seem to get treated just fine  RGBolen   Oct-24-07 06:15 PM   #18 
        - That is why Americans sent resources and people  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:17 PM   #19 
     - I agree with you.  NOLALady   Oct-24-07 06:23 PM   #22 
  - I had absolutely no care nor compassion...  LanternWaste   Oct-25-07 12:39 PM   #70 
  - The people in California are rich and white. The people in  theoldman   Oct-24-07 06:01 PM   #9 
  - So the people at potrero are rich... you fucking kidding me right?  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:04 PM   #10 
  - Some.  uppityperson   Oct-24-07 06:11 PM   #17 
  - True.  NOLALady   Oct-24-07 06:34 PM   #23 
     - The point is PEOPLE ARE STILL TYRING TO HELP  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:37 PM   #25 
     - I came, with other people from all across the country.  uppityperson   Oct-24-07 06:40 PM   #27 
        - Trust me. Each and every one of us  NOLALady   Oct-24-07 07:09 PM   #29 
           - I tried to volunteer with Red Cross, was told my medical services weren't needed  uppityperson   Oct-24-07 07:13 PM   #30 
           - You have no idea how low my opinion of the ARC is  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 08:09 PM   #37 
           - Where did you establish the camp?  NOLALady   Oct-24-07 09:03 PM   #40 
              - Covington at first, later Slidell, some ended up in NOLA, some in  uppityperson   Oct-24-07 09:19 PM   #41 
                 - When were you in Slidell?  NOLALady   Oct-24-07 09:48 PM   #44 
                    - Bayou Liberty indeed.  uppityperson   Oct-25-07 12:27 AM   #60 
                       - Were you there before or after the March?  NOLALady   Oct-25-07 01:06 AM   #64 
                          - End of March/first of April time. Last I heard Gordon had the camp.  uppityperson   Oct-25-07 11:04 AM   #66 
                             - I was at the Church that day.  NOLALady   Oct-25-07 04:46 PM   #74 
                             - I loved your Slidell pictures.  NOLALady   Oct-25-07 05:01 PM   #80 
           - You are right about the federal government  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 08:11 PM   #39 
              - We didn't evacuate.  NOLALady   Oct-24-07 09:39 PM   #42 
                 - Disaster Capitalism  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 10:50 PM   #45 
                    - Hey,  NOLALady   Oct-25-07 12:00 AM   #52 
                       - Truly I understand  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 12:11 AM   #55 
  - I am a native Californian and not all Californians are rich and white  Blue State Native   Oct-24-07 11:10 PM   #49 
  - Are you calling the people living on the 10 Indian reservations in San Diego County "rich and white"  bob_weaver   Oct-25-07 12:04 AM   #53 
  - $43,518 is "rich"? 29.5% white... per US Census:  troubleinwinter   Oct-25-07 09:45 AM   #65 
  - It was all luck that San Diego did well  FreeState   Oct-24-07 06:04 PM   #11 
  - The Q was in the plans  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:06 PM   #13 
     - He was on channel 7 todays saying it was not planned N/T  FreeState   Oct-24-07 06:19 PM   #20 
        - If he says so  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:21 PM   #21 
  - Of course disaster responses will be compared, hopefully learned from.  uppityperson   Oct-24-07 06:05 PM   #12 
  - Andt that is the point  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:07 PM   #14 
  - Yes I notice that happening on DU  Annces   Oct-24-07 06:08 PM   #15 
  - The problem is that they are missing the huge point of why  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:08 PM   #16 
  - I missed all the bad-wishes-for-rich-people threads, thankfully, but the o.p. bothers me almost as  UTUSN   Oct-24-07 06:36 PM   #24 
  - You may be annoyed  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 06:39 PM   #26 
     - Not "annoyed" (much less envious) of the working tax base, but  UTUSN   Oct-24-07 07:29 PM   #33 
        - You read more into them than there is  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 08:06 PM   #35 
  - Here's the problem with the OP  cali   Oct-24-07 06:54 PM   #28 
  - They aren't equal, not at all, no way. BUT to compare what happened is good.  uppityperson   Oct-24-07 07:15 PM   #31 
  - perhaps you missed my points?  cali   Oct-24-07 07:28 PM   #32 
     - No, I was agreeing and adding on.  uppityperson   Oct-24-07 07:31 PM   #34 
  - I agree and there is another distinction between the disasters....  AntiFascist   Oct-24-07 08:10 PM   #38 
  - K&R!  JNelson6563   Oct-24-07 08:06 PM   #36 
  - Did you have a point?  Beerboy   Oct-24-07 09:46 PM   #43 
  - major difference: earthquake preparedness  kineneb   Oct-24-07 11:02 PM   #46 
  - Yep, looking at the pantry where my disaster food is stored  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-24-07 11:05 PM   #48 
     - I'm not angry that things worked well at the Q, I'm pissed that they didn't in NOLA.  uppityperson   Oct-25-07 11:11 AM   #67 
        - Here is the rub  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 04:48 PM   #75 
  - knr  Blue State Native   Oct-24-07 11:04 PM   #47 
  - What I would rant off about is only  Jack Sprat   Oct-24-07 11:15 PM   #50 
  - There is a correlation  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 12:13 AM   #56 
     - Agree and we do have evidence  Jack Sprat   Oct-25-07 04:37 PM   #71 
  - Yes, that would be the 72 hours that the White House knew  sfexpat2000   Oct-24-07 11:15 PM   #51 
  - I'm not sure it will be up and running  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 12:17 AM   #57 
  - Two big differences between Katrina and San Diego:  bob_weaver   Oct-25-07 12:08 AM   #54 
  - Actually there are people who did that who still lost their homes  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 12:18 AM   #58 
     - You're right, but the probability of your home burning goes way down if you clear the land.  bob_weaver   Oct-25-07 12:27 AM   #59 
        - Yes it does, depends on how hot the firestorm is  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 12:31 AM   #61 
           - Many people never really recovered from the Cedar Fire 4 years ago, and  bob_weaver   Oct-25-07 12:42 AM   #62 
              - Exactly and why I take umbrage at how many folks around these parts  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 12:45 AM   #63 
  - I agree with all you said. It's ridiculous that people here are  DemBones DemBones   Oct-25-07 11:40 AM   #68 
  - Excellent post. Thank you.  thecatburgler   Oct-25-07 11:52 AM   #69 
  - why is the bar Katrina and not the FEMA from the Clinton admin???  LSK   Oct-25-07 04:38 PM   #72 
  - Becuase lousy emergency response stays in people's minds  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 04:43 PM   #73 
  - For the same reason that O'Leary's cow  Jack Sprat   Oct-25-07 04:50 PM   #76 
  - natural disaster =/= natural disaster  TimBean   Oct-25-07 04:52 PM   #77 
  - What bugs me is the people's reaction  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-25-07 04:53 PM   #78 
     - Some people have weird ideas about money  TimBean   Oct-25-07 07:30 PM   #81 
  - I have compassion for anyone who suffers loss. Some suffer loss longer than others.  sicksicksick_N_tired   Oct-25-07 04:59 PM   #79 

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