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Reply #12: Well thanks for keeping the thread kicked [View All]

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proud2BlibKansan Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-20-07 07:15 AM
Response to Reply #5
12. Well thanks for keeping the thread kicked
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  -Alternet: 'Fag' Is Turning Into A High School Insult For Any Guy Who Doesn't Play Football Hissyspit  Oct-20-07 05:59 AM   #0 
  - in the last ten years or so -- the religious nuts and conservatives in general --  xchrom   Oct-20-07 06:20 AM   #1 
  - It all trickles down from the parents...  trumad   Oct-20-07 06:24 AM   #2 
  - to a large extent, I agree, but...  Whisp   Oct-20-07 01:23 PM   #14 
  - Because running around in mud and showering with 26 other guys  shadowknows69   Oct-20-07 06:26 AM   #3 
  - But that's socially acceptable homo-eroticism  Oeditpus Rex   Oct-20-07 01:49 PM   #17 
  - It's been around for at least 30 years;  Beerboy   Oct-20-07 06:29 AM   #4 
  - And you are perpetuating it by spreading this metavirus.  PetrusMonsFormicarum   Oct-20-07 06:29 AM   #5 
  - Well thanks for keeping the thread kicked  proud2Blib   Oct-20-07 07:15 AM   #12 
  - "Turning into?"  pabsungenis   Oct-20-07 06:50 AM   #6 
  - Sadly, you're exactly right.  Heidi   Oct-20-07 06:54 AM   #8 
     - Yep. This really isn't that new  Ishoutandscream2   Oct-22-07 05:55 PM   #20 
  - That's totally trey. n/t  IanDB1   Oct-20-07 06:53 AM   #7 
  - Let me get this straight. (No pun intended)  taterguy   Oct-20-07 07:01 AM   #9 
  - This is my #1 pet peeve of all time about guys.  distantearlywarning   Oct-20-07 07:10 AM   #10 
  - Well I played basketball in High School  John Kerry VonErich   Oct-20-07 07:15 AM   #11 
  - The ferocity of it may be something somewhat new  DarkTirade   Oct-20-07 01:15 PM   #13 
  - Yeah, I keep forgetting how "straight" a lot of the football players are.  devilgrrl   Oct-20-07 01:27 PM   #15 
  - Sadly, it's not new, and in my day, it was actually PROMOTED by gym teachers  Lydia Leftcoast   Oct-20-07 01:46 PM   #16 
  - During my school years and even today I have no interest in sports  blues90   Oct-20-07 02:00 PM   #18 
  - I still have a vivid memory of being called a fag 36 years ago  ftbc   Oct-22-07 05:18 PM   #19 

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