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Reply #25: Surprise, surprise, surprise [View All]

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Felinity Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-29-07 07:39 AM
Response to Original message
25. Surprise, surprise, surprise

It seems our beneficent chimp in charge has pardoned a lot of drug offenders from the 80's. No we know it's not compassion, so, why? There must be thousands of them still in jail.

Partial list here:
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  -Planes used for rendition linked to drug trafficking ck4829  Sep-28-07 07:55 AM   #0 
  - This story needs to get out there  notadmblnd   Sep-28-07 07:59 AM   #1 
  - Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies.  tanyev   Sep-28-07 08:00 AM   #2 
  - I just wonder if all these dirty tricks are soiling our flag?  The Backlash Cometh   Sep-28-07 08:09 AM   #7 
  - my my my  annabanana   Sep-28-07 08:04 AM   #3 
  - Is McClatchy a reliable source?  MelissaB   Sep-28-07 08:05 AM   #4 
  - They used to be Knight-Ridder and they are excellent. eom  OmmmSweetOmmm   Sep-28-07 08:09 AM   #5 
  - Knight-Ridder I'm familiar with. Thanks so much!  MelissaB   Sep-28-07 08:12 AM   #8 
     - You're welcomed!  OmmmSweetOmmm   Sep-28-07 08:17 AM   #11 
  - It's seems to be a reliable newspaper company  ck4829   Sep-28-07 08:09 AM   #6 
  - Top notch source.  hootinholler   Sep-28-07 11:30 AM   #22 
  - This is news?  dmesg   Sep-28-07 08:14 AM   #9 
  - k&r !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  eShirl   Sep-28-07 08:16 AM   #10 
  - not surprising  unpossibles   Sep-28-07 08:22 AM   #12 
  - The bush administration had to pay them off some how  Bitwit1234   Sep-28-07 08:25 AM   #13 
  - Who thinks Poppy Bush woke up in Jan 1993 and decided to STOP running drugs,  blm   Sep-28-07 08:27 AM   #14 
  - Ah, flights to Guantanamo are so routine  gratuitous   Sep-28-07 08:47 AM   #15 
  - Will McClatchy publish names? Any update should be very interesting. K&R. n/t  chill_wind   Sep-28-07 08:52 AM   #16 
  - Let's hear it for the good ol'  oscarmitre   Sep-28-07 08:54 AM   #17 
  - Many Florida connections to this jet with 4 tons cocaine on board that crashed this week in Cancun.  seafan   Sep-28-07 09:45 AM   #18 
  - U.S. government interests involved in the international drug trade? . . . blasphemy, I tell ya! . .  OneBlueSky   Sep-28-07 09:51 AM   #19 
  - And all BCCI, CIA drugrunning threads will be locked or deleted - it never happened  blm   Sep-28-07 10:58 AM   #21 
  - Kick  ck4829   Sep-28-07 10:55 AM   #20 
  - Kick for the afternoon crowd  ck4829   Sep-28-07 01:20 PM   #23 
  - "University of Wisconsin-Madison alumnus Wallace J. Hilliard, his associates & family merit a post"  bobthedrummer   Sep-28-07 11:43 PM   #24 
  - Surprise, surprise, surprise  Felinity   Sep-29-07 07:39 AM   #25 
  - This one needs another  tanyev   Sep-29-07 11:54 AM   #26 
  - .  bobthedrummer   Sep-30-07 08:11 PM   #27 

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