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Reply #2: Don't say "MANDATORY health care" - you don't have that in Canada, [View All]

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smalll Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-17-07 04:01 PM
Response to Original message
2. Don't say "MANDATORY health care" - you don't have that in Canada,
and it's not in Hillary's plan. Only John Edwards has said (twice) that he will force you to go to the doctor.
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  -If you lived in Canada, you would HAVE to pay for MANDATORY health care Lirwin2  Sep-17-07 03:59 PM   #0 
  - Healthcare or insurance?  redqueen   Sep-17-07 04:01 PM   #1 
  - Insurance.  Telly Savalas   Sep-17-07 09:22 PM   #41 
     - Right, thanks... the "government-run" before "insurance" makes all the difference.  redqueen   Sep-18-07 11:03 AM   #57 
  - Don't say "MANDATORY health care" - you don't have that in Canada,  smalll   Sep-17-07 04:01 PM   #2 
  - "Mandatory health care" meaning, you HAVE to contribute  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 04:03 PM   #7 
  - (I did guess that's what you might have meant.)  smalll   Sep-17-07 04:05 PM   #11 
  - Here in the U.S., we have to contribute to WAR....  theHandpuppet   Sep-17-07 04:13 PM   #21 
  - or be fined?  Macchendra   Sep-17-07 05:14 PM   #39 
  - Umm worse  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 08:43 PM   #40 
  - And you can access the healthcare, If you need it..  annabanana   Sep-18-07 05:24 AM   #55 
  - To me, one of the above seems forced, the other seems like a requirement.  LanternWaste   Sep-18-07 05:50 PM   #76 
  - You forgot one small detail.  William769   Sep-17-07 04:02 PM   #3 
  - Dismiss it as a dislike of the person... that's what bush would do  Macchendra   Sep-17-07 05:11 PM   #37 
  - I think how much you currently owe for medical bills should be  Lars39   Sep-17-07 04:02 PM   #4 
  - BUT, if it is insurance rather than health care..does not matter how much or how little  angstlessk   Sep-17-07 04:03 PM   #5 
  - Except in Canada your taxes don't go up if your sick.  mainegreen   Sep-17-07 04:03 PM   #6 
  - Under Hillary's plan, insurance companies can no longer charge higher rates for those with  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 04:04 PM   #9 
     - Where did it say that?  mainegreen   Sep-17-07 04:06 PM   #12 
     - I'll quote it off the document on her website:  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 04:14 PM   #23 
        - This is what she says in her pdf  mainegreen   Sep-17-07 04:23 PM   #28 
     - Why waste billions on insurance companies as middle-men?  me b zola   Sep-17-07 04:16 PM   #24 
     - Oh I think we all know why.  redqueen   Sep-17-07 04:26 PM   #30 
     - Amen.  tsuki   Sep-17-07 04:27 PM   #32 
     - Insurance companies are the reason the US spends twice what France spends  Hieronymus   Sep-18-07 12:33 PM   #66 
     - She said they could not EXCLUDE you.. not that they would not charge you more  SoCalDem   Sep-18-07 11:06 AM   #59 
  - Does the Canadian Government administer,or do private insurance companies-just curious?  w8liftinglady   Sep-17-07 04:03 PM   #8 
  - That is a VERY valid point, but I'm directing this post at the people who  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 04:07 PM   #15 
  - I think the fear is...  ncabot22   Sep-17-07 04:13 PM   #22 
     - I agree that insurance companies are the problem, however  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 04:24 PM   #29 
        - That is *not* what DUers are complaining about!  ljm2002   Sep-18-07 01:19 AM   #52 
        - Edwards said last Sunday ...  sagesnow   Sep-18-07 01:19 PM   #74 
  - Privately owned hospitals are FUNDED by the government  lynyrd_skynyrd   Sep-17-07 04:09 PM   #16 
  - yes, it is pretty simple  leftchick   Sep-17-07 04:11 PM   #20 
  - It is run by each provincial government.  roamer65   Sep-17-07 04:09 PM   #17 
  - exactly -- the provincial governments issue plastic cards ...  Lisa   Sep-17-07 11:56 PM   #49 
  - The government takes care of health care in Canada  ncabot22   Sep-17-07 04:10 PM   #18 
  - Canada you have Health Care, whether you can afford it or not. The US has  RC   Sep-17-07 04:04 PM   #10 
  - I do not have a problem with that as long as the corporacrats aren't BLEEDING US DEAD.  sicksicksick_N_tired   Sep-17-07 04:06 PM   #13 
  - Hillary's plan would be far more costly than extending  Cleita   Sep-17-07 04:06 PM   #14 
  - You got it, she wants to keep her contributors fat and happy, at our expense,  greyhound1966   Sep-18-07 12:18 AM   #51 
  - Payroll tax = penalize employement  PDenton   Sep-18-07 04:11 AM   #53 
  - In 2003, in BC, I paid $72 per month for a family  cgrindley   Sep-17-07 04:11 PM   #19 
  - Information about Canadian income tax rates for 2003  slackmaster   Sep-17-07 04:39 PM   #35 
  - And they don't even get a world-dominating military for it  treestar   Sep-17-07 11:16 PM   #46 
  - another BCer here -- there are also subsidies available for those MSP premiums  Lisa   Sep-17-07 11:53 PM   #48 
  - What if you have no earned income? No job? Then what?  Perragrande   Sep-18-07 12:07 AM   #50 
     - Hillary has said that she will release more details regarding people who can't afford it  Lirwin2   Sep-18-07 12:28 PM   #61 
     - Well, you don't pay at all if you make less than 20k  cgrindley   Sep-18-07 05:43 PM   #75 
  - Our country already pays tons in healthcare  gollygee   Sep-17-07 04:18 PM   #25 
  - My OP isn't necessarily about cost, it's about the hypocracy of those who want "choice"  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 10:27 PM   #45 
  - Shucks.  Forrest Greene   Sep-17-07 04:19 PM   #26 
  - Yeah, but you'd have to pay MUCH LESS  depakid   Sep-17-07 04:21 PM   #27 
  - True, but you can't expect to reform the system overnight  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 09:27 PM   #43 
  - just the reduction of paperwork  awoke_in_2003   Sep-18-07 05:16 AM   #54 
  - But we'd know how much we're paying  sandnsea   Sep-17-07 04:26 PM   #31 
  - Well, actually, in Canada you're not shown how much of your income tax goes directly to health care  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 04:28 PM   #33 
     - Well that's not what I said  sandnsea   Sep-17-07 04:34 PM   #34 
        - How much you pay will obviousley depend on many factors  Lirwin2   Sep-17-07 09:26 PM   #42 
  - Where is HRC's plan?  SimpleTrend   Sep-17-07 05:01 PM   #36 
  - yeah--and it's a lot less than insurance premiums here in the states.  librechik   Sep-17-07 05:13 PM   #38 
  - Are your deducts and co-pays also based on how much you can pay? n/t  Solon   Sep-17-07 10:20 PM   #44 
  - (aside) All employees and employers pay into Medicare today. 1.45% of wages, each.  pinto   Sep-17-07 11:36 PM   #47 
  - Same here in the UK. We all pay in.  yibbehobba   Sep-18-07 05:42 AM   #56 
  - You all pay in, but it's not private, for-profit insurance companies is it?  redqueen   Sep-18-07 11:04 AM   #58 
     - The topic isn't about the morality of insurance companies, it's about  Lirwin2   Sep-18-07 12:27 PM   #60 
        - You're being intentionally disingenuous. I hope.  redqueen   Sep-18-07 12:29 PM   #62 
           - Of course they are bitching about having to pay  Lirwin2   Sep-18-07 12:31 PM   #64 
              - A little help for you... check post 23 for clarification.  redqueen   Sep-18-07 12:35 PM   # 
                 - That one comment doesn't prove that people aren't bitching about having to contribute  Lirwin2   Sep-18-07 12:39 PM   #70 
                    - That was the person who posted the OP.  redqueen   Sep-18-07 12:43 PM   #72 
  - what if ur unemployed and submit no taxes?  iamthebandfanman   Sep-18-07 12:30 PM   #63 
  - Hillary has stated that she will be releasing more details soon, focusing on that question  Lirwin2   Sep-18-07 12:32 PM   #65 
  - the mega rich should pay for you  bambino   Sep-18-07 12:42 PM   #71 
     - No, under Clinton's system, WE pay THEM!  redqueen   Sep-18-07 12:44 PM   #73 
  - having lived in Canada, they seemed to have a nice health system  bambino   Sep-18-07 12:33 PM   #67 
  - As a Canadian, I agree  Lirwin2   Sep-18-07 12:35 PM   #69 
  - Right now you have to pay through taxes, and you pay more.  Kelly Rupert   Sep-18-07 12:35 PM   #68 

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