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Reply #64: horses in the wild don't race each other, either [View All]

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ComerPerro Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-28-07 02:21 PM
Response to Reply #61
64. horses in the wild don't race each other, either
But I am sure it is in their nature to carry a person as fast as they possibly can around a track while being whipped.
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  -Horse racing - animals bred and forced to perform for human entertainment. IndianaJones  Aug-28-07 01:34 PM   #0 
  - Why no outrage?  Bornaginhooligan   Aug-28-07 01:36 PM   #1 
  - they are forced to perform for sport and entertainment...and wagering...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:38 PM   #2 
  - Sure.  Bornaginhooligan   Aug-28-07 01:38 PM   #3 
  - So you think the outrage is based on the fighting aspect....  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:42 PM   #8 
     - Of course not.  Bornaginhooligan   Aug-28-07 01:44 PM   #13 
  - And if you've ever spent much time with a race horse, they live to race.  lonestarnot   Aug-28-07 01:41 PM   #7 
  - exactly, horses run, people bet  KurtNYC   Aug-28-07 01:50 PM   #23 
     - I have to disagree with the generalized "treatment." I have seen  lonestarnot   Aug-28-07 01:54 PM   #29 
     - aggresive dogs will fight each other. People bet  ComerPerro   Aug-28-07 01:54 PM   #33 
        - but that is blood sport  KurtNYC   Aug-28-07 02:06 PM   #53 
           - using your reasoning, it would be ok for people to bet on the dogs  ComerPerro   Aug-28-07 02:08 PM   #57 
              - no - dogs are pack animals  KurtNYC   Aug-28-07 02:17 PM   #61 
                 - horses in the wild don't race each other, either  ComerPerro   Aug-28-07 02:21 PM   #64 
                    - You ever seen horses in the wild? They run. Adifuckingos!  lonestarnot   Aug-28-07 02:29 PM   #71 
                    - The hell they don't!  Juniperx   Aug-28-07 02:53 PM   #80 
                       - do the losers get bolts in the head and their throats slit? nt.  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:56 PM   #83 
  - same with all animals kept by humans  northzax   Aug-28-07 01:43 PM   #10 
  - I don't think you're quite right about that.  BonnieJW   Aug-28-07 01:45 PM   #14 
     - Horses commonly slaughtered include unsuccessful race horses...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:45 PM   #76 
        - What about the cows that are slaughtered every day?  Juniperx   Aug-28-07 03:00 PM   # 
  - Well that  dmallind   Aug-28-07 01:42 PM   #9 
  - i am willing to make that analogy  northzax   Aug-28-07 01:57 PM   #38 
     - So your hypothesis is....  dmallind   Aug-28-07 02:07 PM   #56 
        - breed naturally?  northzax   Aug-28-07 02:26 PM   #68 
           - You seek inconsistency where none exists  dmallind   Aug-28-07 02:57 PM   #85 
  - I have more respect for the hypocrite who at least owns up to being one nt  Truth Hurts A Lot   Aug-28-07 02:17 PM   #62 
  - Is your point that Vick was treated unfairly or that we should look at how we treat  bryant69   Aug-28-07 01:39 PM   #4 
  - whoever owns that blog  CountAllVotes   Aug-28-07 01:43 PM   #12 
     - I own that blog - it looks fine on my monitor n/t  bryant69   Aug-28-07 01:48 PM   #18 
     - it shows up fine here. nt.  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:49 PM   #22 
  - well, the primary difference  northzax   Aug-28-07 01:40 PM   #5 
  - Were you around for the Barbaro threads?  ruiner4u   Aug-28-07 01:40 PM   #6 
  - Hmmm...yeah....  Squatch   Aug-28-07 01:43 PM   #11 
  - Oh sure. Horses are constantly electrocuted, drowned, slammed in the floor when not winning...  gatorboy   Aug-28-07 01:45 PM   #15 
  - I live in Indiana. They breed them on several farms within walking distance to my house...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:48 PM   #20 
     - Who are you kidding? This is one of your many Vick threads.  gatorboy   Aug-28-07 01:53 PM   #26 
        - every year countless horses are slaughtered or sent to foreign  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:55 PM   #35 
           - How many Vick threads is this for you anyway?  gatorboy   Aug-28-07 01:57 PM   #39 
           - every week, countless cats are killed in shelters  northzax   Aug-28-07 01:58 PM   #40 
              - Give him time.  gatorboy   Aug-28-07 01:59 PM   #41 
                 - i wager that there are cats in his household  northzax   Aug-28-07 02:00 PM   #46 
  - "Would it make it more acceptable if they were simply given a shot and put to sleep?"  blondeatlast   Aug-28-07 01:46 PM   #16 
  - the winners live to race and are treated well...the rejects (thats most) are slaughtered....  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:52 PM   #25 
     - Do they have drowning pits and horse gallows too?  blondeatlast   Aug-28-07 02:00 PM   #47 
        - no..they pack them on transports over long distances and...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:03 PM   #49 
  - Trying desperately to create controversy at DU?  Blue-Jay   Aug-28-07 01:47 PM   #17 
  - Give me a fucking break.  Joe Fields   Aug-28-07 01:48 PM   #19 
  - What's not to like? Premium food, luxury digs, being literally waited on  blondeatlast   Aug-28-07 01:54 PM   #31 
     - ROFLMAO!!! The only activity I know, where when you are past  Joe Fields   Aug-28-07 01:56 PM   #36 
        - What happened with these horses?  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:27 PM   #69 
  - There is plenty of outrage about it.  Beaverhausen   Aug-28-07 01:49 PM   #21 
  - So racing a mile is the same thing as death matches?  youngdem   Aug-28-07 01:51 PM   #24 
  - So you are in the camp that thinks the dozen horse you see at the...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:53 PM   #27 
     - Did this seem like a good idea before you posted it?  Bornaginhooligan   Aug-28-07 01:54 PM   #32 
     - Him/herself, I believe. nt  blondeatlast   Aug-28-07 01:57 PM   # 
     - Not sure...from that other Vick thread looks like it might be projection to me...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:55 PM   #82 
     - Cite? They don't kill off the ones who don't perform, they sell them as pets. nt  blondeatlast   Aug-28-07 01:55 PM   #34 
     - Horses commonly slaughtered include unsuccessful race horses,...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:59 PM   #43 
     - The ones that race aren't necessarily killed  youngdem   Aug-28-07 02:15 PM   #60 
        - Horses commonly slaughtered include unsuccessful race horses,...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:21 PM   #65 
           - Oh, I guess you are right then  youngdem   Aug-28-07 02:45 PM   #77 
              - no...there is a difference in the event rarely leads to death during the race...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:52 PM   #79 
  - simple answer? People like horse racing, it is popular, therefore it is ok  ComerPerro   Aug-28-07 01:54 PM   #28 
  - havne't you read this thread? they live like kings..better than people...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 01:57 PM   #37 
     - horses aint cheap you know, lol  ComerPerro   Aug-28-07 02:00 PM   #44 
        - its the captive bold gun to the head before slaughter....that makes it better to bet on horses...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:04 PM   #52 
  - There are plenty of people who campaign against horse-racing.  tofunut   Aug-28-07 01:54 PM   #30 
  - Let's be clear about the life of a retired thoroughbred  Doremus   Aug-28-07 01:59 PM   #42 
  - only very successful horses are given this mythical royal treatment...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:00 PM   #45 
  - Boy you are really auditioning for numerous IGNORE lists, aren't you?  Tyler Durden   Aug-28-07 02:02 PM   #48 
  - let's be clear  northzax   Aug-28-07 02:03 PM   #50 
  - He's rumored to have a pet Falcon.. nt  blondeatlast   Aug-28-07 02:11 PM   #59 
  - yeah. nt.  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:22 PM   #66 
     - cats? dogs?  northzax   Aug-28-07 02:27 PM   #70 
        - dogs...and the issue here is not pet ownership, but the use of the...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:32 PM   #72 
           - of course it is  northzax   Aug-28-07 02:39 PM   #73 
              - one is for work...the other is a hot water bottle...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:41 PM   #74 
                 - and are all of their siblings alive?  northzax   Aug-28-07 02:44 PM   #75 
                    - good is a pure bred papillon from a breeder...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:50 PM   #78 
  - Knock it off with the skin color shit  English Lady   Aug-28-07 02:04 PM   #51 
  - Horses commonly slaughtered include unsuccessful race horses...  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:06 PM   #54 
     - There is outrage about it out there. You are ignoring it  Beaverhausen   Aug-28-07 02:08 PM   #58 
  - some numbers  onenote   Aug-28-07 02:07 PM   #55 
  - I'm trying to figure out who are the bigger idiots.  Balbus   Aug-28-07 02:18 PM   #63 
  - Three recommend votes?!  DuStrange   Aug-28-07 02:25 PM   #67 
  - Indiana Jones and The Temple of Endless Vick Threads  gatorboy   Aug-28-07 02:59 PM   #86 
  - Horses love to race...  Juniperx   Aug-28-07 02:55 PM   #81 
  - Horses commonly slaughtered include unsuccessful race horses  IndianaJones   Aug-28-07 02:57 PM   #84 
  - Bullshit  turtlensue   Aug-28-07 03:00 PM   #87 
  - Locking  The Magistrate   Aug-28-07 03:00 PM   #88 

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