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Reply #20: The RNC will lose this in court [View All]

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malaise Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-14-07 02:36 PM
Response to Original message
20. The RNC will lose this in court
Lock them up John Conyers.
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  -RNC Now Seeks Shelter Of Executive Privilege Hissyspit  Aug-14-07 01:28 PM   #0 
  - I toured the White House once.  SoonerPride   Aug-14-07 01:30 PM   #1 
  - And your claim will be every bit as valid as this one. nm  dicksteele   Aug-14-07 01:57 PM   #4 
  - Now, that's a bridge too far. That's absurd. NT  MADem   Aug-14-07 01:36 PM   #2 
  - Executive priv to cover an illegal relationship that should have never happened  sybylla   Aug-14-07 01:55 PM   #3 
  - They have pictures of Roberts with a goat. Has to be.  aquart   Aug-14-07 01:59 PM   #6 
  - Ahhh... that explains this thread then...  krispos42   Aug-14-07 02:05 PM   #12 
  - Incredible, ain't it?  helderheid   Aug-14-07 02:02 PM   #10 
  - lol! Yeeaaaahhh.... I'm gonna need another, completely independent source.  BlooInBloo   Aug-14-07 01:58 PM   #5 
  - Good, that should  simskl   Aug-14-07 01:59 PM   #7 
  - Why are the "seeking" executive privilege? What are they hiding &  Texas Explorer   Aug-14-07 02:00 PM   #8 
  - No - Fucking - Way!  The Backlash Cometh   Aug-14-07 02:01 PM   #9 
  - this is WAY beyond the pale!  shanti   Aug-14-07 02:02 PM   #11 
  - So... there's a form to fill out to apply for Executive Privilege?  krispos42   Aug-14-07 02:07 PM   #13 
  - Hmm, I smell a Hatch Act investigation brewing  Canuckistanian   Aug-14-07 02:18 PM   #14 
  - This is what taking impeachment off the table gets you  jgraz   Aug-14-07 02:25 PM   #15 
  - So  symbolman   Aug-14-07 02:29 PM   #16 
  - So just why would a committee have executive privlege  Bitwit1234   Aug-14-07 02:30 PM   #17 
  - if this doesn't get our congressional leaders hot nothing will.  spanone   Aug-14-07 02:31 PM   #18 
  - Reason Number 5,429,213 to impeach.  The Stranger   Aug-14-07 02:32 PM   #19 
  - The RNC will lose this in court  malaise   Aug-14-07 02:36 PM   #20 
  - Of course they will  jgraz   Aug-14-07 02:43 PM   #21 
  - I think what's lurking behind all this is the theft of the 2004 election.  Peace Patriot   Aug-14-07 04:30 PM   #22 
  - More comment at duplicate thread...  Peace Patriot   Aug-14-07 05:17 PM   #23 
  - Since when is the RNC part of the Executive Branch of  rateyes   Aug-14-07 07:21 PM   #24 
  - Just the existence of the files on non-Government computers is evidence of a crime  ThomWV   Aug-14-07 07:41 PM   #25 
  - The Rethug party is dead.  roamer65   Aug-14-07 08:31 PM   #26 
  - category 2= highly incriminating  druidity33   Aug-14-07 08:46 PM   #27 
  - looks like everyone is trying to hide behind smirky's skirt...  Az_lefty   Aug-14-07 08:58 PM   #28 
  - Grrrrrr  progressoid   Aug-14-07 09:56 PM   #29 
  - i made a freudian slip when i saw the title of this...  rndmprsn   Aug-15-07 08:43 AM   #30 
  - "waiting to see if the White House will assert executive privilege over RNC documents"  suffragette   Aug-15-07 09:03 AM   #31 

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