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Reply #13: Yes. They are called "major stockholders." [View All]

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blondeatlast Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-27-07 09:42 AM
Response to Reply #6
13. Yes. They are called "major stockholders."
They are endowed with many pieces of parchment possessed of magical powers that create money out of thin air. These magical papers are unavailable to us mere humans.

I have seen these mythical creatures. They wear grey or black exclusively, they are transported in long black carriages and seem to breathe through cylindrical shaped brown paper oral protuberances that emit smoke.

Every four years, they gather in frightening numbers at a tribal ritual where they celebrate these magical papers, acquire unfortunate women while their wives change these magical papers into costumes marked with St. John, Ferragamo, and "LV".

Beware if this tribal ritual comes to your locale. Many locales eagerly anticipate this ritual, the evil of it clouded by those magical papers.

It is known as the Republican National Convention, and it is a horror to be witmessed...

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  -Economy Growth Is Best in a Year MiniMe  Jul-27-07 08:36 AM   #0 
  - Need to read this too  Gman   Jul-27-07 08:40 AM   #1 
  - Thanks, that explains a lot  MiniMe   Jul-27-07 08:44 AM   #3 
     - Prolly not  vpilot   Jul-27-07 10:16 AM   #16 
  - "A revival in business spending was a main force behind the energized performance"  MetaTrope   Jul-27-07 08:41 AM   #2 
  - A Few Problems  ProfessorGAC   Jul-27-07 08:49 AM   #4 
  - Thanks for the lesson..  Gman   Jul-27-07 09:10 AM   #9 
     - A Few Weird Things There  ProfessorGAC   Jul-27-07 10:09 AM   #15 
        - No, it's the "bleaker picture"  Gman   Jul-27-07 11:05 AM   #18 
           - I Get It  ProfessorGAC   Jul-27-07 11:27 AM   #20 
  - "Inflation _ outside a burst in energy and food prices_ moderated."  blondeatlast   Jul-27-07 08:49 AM   #5 
  - Thank You. I know the economy looks like crap from where I stand  MiniMe   Jul-27-07 08:52 AM   #6 
  - Yes. They are called "major stockholders."  blondeatlast   Jul-27-07 09:42 AM   #13 
     - ROFL  MiniMe   Jul-27-07 09:44 AM   #14 
  - Also, Simply Untrue  ProfessorGAC   Jul-27-07 10:17 AM   #17 
     - And in the meantime, Chevron's 2nd quarter progits increase by TWENTY-FOUR percent...  blondeatlast   Jul-27-07 11:23 AM   #19 
  - My daughter the waitress  LiberalEsto   Jul-27-07 09:00 AM   #7 
  - Or the people were cheap. I can't imagine only leaving a $5 on a $90 tab  MiniMe   Jul-27-07 09:02 AM   #8 
     - Ruby Tuesday  LiberalEsto   Jul-27-07 09:20 AM   #11 
        - I go there all the time  MiniMe   Jul-27-07 09:40 AM   #12 
           - Gaithersburg  LiberalEsto   Jul-27-07 12:59 PM   #21 
  - it's true  shireen   Jul-27-07 09:16 AM   #10 

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