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Reply #57: Attacks here would completely blow their "fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here" [View All]

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dflprincess Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-01-07 08:20 PM
Response to Reply #45
57. Attacks here would completely blow their "fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here"
rational for Iraq. Bushco maybe delusional enough (no one has ever said they're in touch with reality) to think a few attacks in England & Scotland might change attitudes toward the war.

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  -So, the Glasgow incident turned out to really be terrorism? Viva_La_Revolution  Jun-30-07 09:04 PM   #0 
  - Yes  Breeze54   Jun-30-07 09:09 PM   #1 
  - Well, that has turned out to be the case the last several times we have gotten the Terra memo...  Viva_La_Revolution   Jun-30-07 09:25 PM   #8 
  - There Was No Explosive Device According To What I Have  lligrd   Jul-01-07 07:37 PM   #55 
  - thank you Breeze54  mediawatch   Jul-01-07 07:49 AM   #46 
  - Its only terrorism if you are terrified by it. Are you?  ThomWV   Jun-30-07 09:09 PM   #2 
  - I guess the feelings of those directly affected don't count  spoony   Jul-01-07 01:24 AM   #29 
  - a bomb is a bomb, but what is "terrorism"? Define it please.  uppityperson   Jul-01-07 01:28 AM   #30 
     - see my #31  spoony   Jul-01-07 01:35 AM   #32 
     - What if an ex leaves a bomb at work and kills a bunch of people? Guess that's personal also.  uppityperson   Jul-01-07 01:41 AM   #33 
        - Well the crying wolf thing I totally understand  spoony   Jul-01-07 01:49 AM   #34 
        - yeah, the waiting thing is hard. Sometimes the internets have made problems  uppityperson   Jul-01-07 01:55 AM   #36 
        - would you take credit  mediawatch   Jul-01-07 07:53 AM   #47 
        - The IRA always claimed responsibility  KiraBS   Jul-01-07 09:32 AM   #49 
           - Yes, like the IRA.  uppityperson   Jul-01-07 06:19 PM   #53 
     - Terrorism is an act of violence deliberately targeting random innocent civilians  Flatulo   Jul-01-07 06:38 AM   #44 
        - It's also to create an atmosphere of fear  leftynyc   Jul-01-07 08:09 AM   #48 
  - And gosh, good old law enforcement stopped some of the attacks  merh   Jul-01-07 06:23 PM   #54 
  - Yep, Cheney is trying to scare Brown into assuming the position on Bush's lap  HereSince1628   Jun-30-07 09:10 PM   #3 
  - In response to something I posted regarding this happening just two days after Brown took over  dflprincess   Jun-30-07 09:35 PM   #14 
     - Um, if your premise (which I assume is that Cheney is causing  Flatulo   Jul-01-07 07:07 AM   #45 
     - Attacks here would completely blow their "fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here"  dflprincess   Jul-01-07 08:20 PM   #57 
        - But we're not fighting them in the UK.  Flatulo   Jul-02-07 01:42 PM   #58 
     - Yes because that will get Brown's support.....  KiraBS   Jul-01-07 09:59 AM   #51 
        - SO then you think Cheney ordered this?  Flatulo   Jul-01-07 01:24 PM   #52 
  - so it has been said...  bridgit   Jun-30-07 09:11 PM   #4 
  - Sounds lame to me  starmaker   Jun-30-07 09:12 PM   #5 
  - Terrorism by the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight  notsodumbhillbilly   Jul-02-07 03:26 PM   #60 
  - Sadly, just because the Bush Terror Regime lies  genie_weenie   Jun-30-07 09:13 PM   #6 
  - I know that they are really out there,  Viva_La_Revolution   Jun-30-07 09:29 PM   #10 
     - The disgusting Warmongers  genie_weenie   Jun-30-07 10:03 PM   #20 
  - Why wouldn't it just be a crime, like in the old days?  WinkyDink   Jun-30-07 09:22 PM   #7 
  - motive.  Breeze54   Jun-30-07 09:28 PM   #9 
  - Motive these days doesn't even have to make sense. McVeigh obviously had one  karlrschneider   Jun-30-07 09:32 PM   #12 
  - I think there are people in high places  Tulum_Moon   Jun-30-07 09:41 PM   #16 
     - McVeigh's motives was that he hated what the Bush Crime family did to Iraq the first time  ClassWarfare2008   Jul-01-07 01:50 AM   #35 
  - A truck full of explosives  Tulum_Moon   Jun-30-07 09:32 PM   #13 
  - didn't you get the memo?  Viva_La_Revolution   Jun-30-07 09:31 PM   #11 
  - This was not from the USA, it was from the UK.  Breeze54   Jun-30-07 09:35 PM   #15 
     - It has spread...  Viva_La_Revolution   Jun-30-07 09:43 PM   #17 
        - Ah, yeah.  Breeze54   Jun-30-07 09:45 PM   #18 
           - not on DU...  Viva_La_Revolution   Jun-30-07 09:56 PM   #19 
  - For much the same reason hate crimes should not treated like  spoony   Jul-01-07 01:31 AM   #31 
     - We---meaning people, not necessarily Americans---have caught previous terrorists using POLICE WORK.  WinkyDink   Jul-01-07 07:43 PM   #56 
  - Yes, it was, but fortunately we have found a source of energy  IChing   Jun-30-07 10:11 PM   #21 
  - In the late 60's and 70's  frogcycle   Jun-30-07 10:14 PM   #22 
  - you speak wisdom.  Viva_La_Revolution   Jun-30-07 10:16 PM   #23 
  - Perspective is a good thing,...particularly when an information war is being waged by,...  sicksicksick_N_tired   Jun-30-07 10:39 PM   #25 
  - There are some differences...  Flatulo   Jun-30-07 10:46 PM   #27 
  - yes, there is a distinction  frogcycle   Jul-01-07 09:41 AM   #50 
  - I don't see any real proof of that anywhere  treestar   Jul-02-07 03:37 PM   #64 
     - Have you read a newspaper in the last 30 years?  Flatulo   Jul-02-07 04:15 PM   #66 
  - Correction re: SLA  goodgd_yall   Jul-02-07 03:23 PM   #59 
  - I though it was odd they said the suspects were asian.  napi21   Jun-30-07 10:31 PM   #24 
  - That may be  H2O Man   Jul-01-07 06:21 AM   #43 
  - South Asian  goodgd_yall   Jul-02-07 03:29 PM   #62 
  - Oh but they made that up! Or, they planted the belt and propane.  AZBlue   Jun-30-07 10:43 PM   #26 
  - More Terrorist wanna be. bunglers.  Disturbed   Jun-30-07 11:17 PM   #28 
  - terrorism or not  MichaelHarris   Jul-01-07 01:59 AM   #37 
  - Define terrorism, and WHO is behind it?  48percenter   Jul-01-07 02:24 AM   #38 
  - Latest on the BBC  daleo   Jul-01-07 03:54 AM   #39 
  - You may need to put that in bold  malaise   Jul-01-07 05:55 AM   #42 
  - Any Bombing Is Terror  KharmaTrain   Jul-01-07 03:57 AM   #40 
  - Jeff Albertson says ..............  gbrooks   Jul-01-07 05:46 AM   #41 
  - Premature posting?  goodgd_yall   Jul-02-07 03:27 PM   #61 
  - No, it is fully accepted the Glasgow incident was terrorism  muriel_volestrangler   Jul-02-07 03:36 PM   #63 
  - Terrorism? yes. Competent? no.  dmesg   Jul-02-07 03:41 PM   #65 

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