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Reply #8: their place is beautiful [View All]

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mediawatch Donating Member (224 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-29-07 02:42 PM
Response to Original message
8. their place is beautiful
I have seen it from a distance. Yes it is great to be a fortunate one
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  -Yeeeeeh HAW! George Is Having a HIGH Old Time ---pix--->>> Stephanie  Jun-29-07 02:31 PM   #0 
  - is it cold???  greenbriar   Jun-29-07 02:35 PM   #1 
  - Ah yes...  johnnie   Jun-29-07 02:36 PM   #2 
  - You can see all the neighbors' estates in the first photo.  Stephanie   Jun-29-07 02:37 PM   #3 
  - I'm gonna guess...  johnnie   Jun-29-07 02:42 PM   #7 
     - No! None of them pictured!  lse7581011   Jun-29-07 02:44 PM   #13 
  - "republicons are 'special'" - Commander AWOL  SpiralHawk   Jun-30-07 12:44 PM   #37 
  - Jethro!  Hubert Flottz   Jun-29-07 02:38 PM   #4 
  - Is Alberto Gonzales still employed? n/t  cat_girl25   Jun-29-07 02:40 PM   #5 
  - Get out of my state you fucking asswipe traitormonkey of an unelected president.  mainegreen   Jun-29-07 02:40 PM   #6 
  - I know that CT is responsible for this asshat, but don't foist him on us.  samq79   Jun-29-07 02:43 PM   #11 
     - We don't want 'im. (Cue Natalie Maines...)  Decruiter   Jun-30-07 11:14 AM   #31 
  - their place is beautiful  mediawatch   Jun-29-07 02:42 PM   #8 
  - Here's the house  kskiska   Jun-29-07 03:17 PM   #22 
     - Global warming should take care of that excessive show of greed, for the bu$hes.  Blue State Native   Jun-29-07 03:32 PM   #26 
     - built from Grandaddy's profits from his deals with the Nazis  Stephanie   Jun-30-07 10:44 AM   #28 
  - Stay tuned for *Lifestyles of the Rich and Nauseous.* ............ n/t  lpbk2713   Jun-29-07 02:42 PM   #9 
  - *Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous.*  Blue State Native   Jun-30-07 11:29 AM   #33 
  - Where's an iceberg when you need one?  Nightjock   Jun-29-07 02:43 PM   #10 
  - This visit would be an excellent opportunity for Poppy to convince  monmouth   Jun-29-07 02:44 PM   #12 
  - That ain't George, it's AHHHNOLD, look at pix #2  48percenter   Jun-29-07 02:44 PM   #14 
  - I thought that was Arnold also. n/t  onecent   Jun-30-07 11:52 AM   #35 
  - Aren't people drowning in Texas right now?  IanDB1   Jun-29-07 02:46 PM   #15 
  - Yes, and California is on fire  piesRsquare   Jun-29-07 03:28 PM   #25 
     - Yes, but Der Gropenfuhrer is on top of that...  IanDB1   Jun-29-07 03:33 PM   #27 
  - Rome burns as the fascists go boatin' and fishin'!  HughBeaumont   Jun-29-07 02:48 PM   #16 
  - They have their own peninsula estate. Photo:  WinkyDink   Jun-29-07 02:51 PM   #17 
  - And the good news is...  NV Whino   Jun-29-07 03:20 PM   #23 
  - "Too bad about YOUR dead kids in uniform" - Commander AWOL  SpiralHawk   Jun-29-07 02:52 PM   #18 
  - "Fidelity III" - LOL. The * crime family lies even when naming their boats.  davidwparker   Jun-29-07 03:08 PM   #19 
  - At least they're made here.  mahatmakanejeeves   Jun-29-07 03:13 PM   #20 
  - How many of our soldiers in Iraq would just love to take off and go fishing?  tandot   Jun-29-07 03:16 PM   #21 
  - I agree--havin' a good ole time!  janetle   Jun-30-07 11:25 AM   #32 
  - daddy won`t let him drive the big bad boat?  madrchsod   Jun-29-07 03:21 PM   #24 
  - Too bad there's not any of those big damn jump'n fish around when you need 'em.  lonestarnot   Jun-30-07 11:06 AM   #29 
  - lol  unsavedtrash   Jun-30-07 11:11 AM   #30 
  - No one suffers more than Georgie.  No Surrender   Jun-30-07 11:31 AM   #34 
  - Reminicent of GHWB 88-92  otohara   Jun-30-07 12:06 PM   #36 

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