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Reply #23: I am certain [View All]

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MuseRider Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-21-07 07:59 PM
Response to Reply #20
23. I am certain
all of us from Kansas would be more than happy to help and you can practice your skills on us too. It would blow BillO's mind. :)
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  -Watch O'Reilly tonight for an appearance by a DUer! proud2Blib  Jun-20-07 05:22 PM   #0 
  - I just can't watch that asshole. Perhaps someone will put the clip on YouTube. nt  MADem   Jun-20-07 05:23 PM   #1 
  - Who are you calling an asshole?  evlbstrd   Jun-20-07 10:48 PM   #10 
  - The asshole with the show on Faux. Of course.  MADem   Jun-22-07 02:32 PM   #31 
  - I watched him once on Youtube, enough for me.  uppityperson   Jun-20-07 10:52 PM   #12 
     - I despise the guy.  evlbstrd   Jun-21-07 07:05 PM   #22 
  - Good for him.  Maestro   Jun-20-07 05:25 PM   #2 
  - Yes I love that picture  proud2Blib   Jun-20-07 05:45 PM   #5 
  - Cool! Let us know,  zidzi   Jun-20-07 05:27 PM   #3 
  - I will be watching Count Down with KO, Clark is on tonight  Tom Rinaldo   Jun-20-07 05:37 PM   #4 
  - I wouldn't watch that asshole if Buddha was on.  tmfun   Jun-20-07 08:08 PM   #6 
  - Buddha was on a smoke break.  evlbstrd   Jun-20-07 10:50 PM   #11 
  - I think I met evlbstrd when I was in DC  ikojo   Jun-20-07 08:33 PM   #7 
  - Naw.  evlbstrd   Jun-20-07 10:59 PM   #15 
     - At the Hawk and Dove nt  ikojo   Jun-21-07 06:14 AM   #18 
        - I knew it was one of the two.  evlbstrd   Jun-21-07 07:04 PM   #21 
  - I hope hes on the show  brettdale   Jun-20-07 08:54 PM   #8 
  - kick  brettdale   Jun-20-07 08:54 PM   #9 
  - so what happened with this?  Superman Returns   Jun-20-07 10:52 PM   #13 
  - He only showed clips of Famous Dems ducking the camera.  evlbstrd   Jun-20-07 10:53 PM   #14 
  - Were you in the Politico clip?  IChing   Jun-20-07 11:00 PM   #16 
  - No. Sorry.  evlbstrd   Jun-20-07 11:18 PM   #17 
  - You could have resurrected Seabag!  MuseRider   Jun-21-07 08:23 AM   #19 
     - Great idea!  evlbstrd   Jun-21-07 07:03 PM   #20 
        - I am certain  MuseRider   Jun-21-07 07:59 PM   #23 
           - Billo the Clown!  evlbstrd   Jun-21-07 08:57 PM   #24 
              - Yeah he's already got a built in red nose!  classicfilmfan   Jun-21-07 09:11 PM   #26 
              - It's just too easy, isn't it?  evlbstrd   Jun-21-07 09:18 PM   #27 
              - Seabag can kick his ass. n/t  MuseRider   Jun-21-07 11:32 PM   #28 
                 - Damn right.  evlbstrd   Jun-21-07 11:39 PM   #29 
                    - I would guess that old Bill  MuseRider   Jun-21-07 11:44 PM   #30 
  - I can't do it, not even for evl. Maybe someone will be good enough  sfexpat2000   Jun-21-07 09:00 PM   #25 

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